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Petition to Pranab Mukherjee, Narendra Modi


Our Honourable Supreme Court has banned serving of liquor in Restaurants and Bars located within 500 mtrs from a national highway. This is done to reduce the accidents caused due to Drinking and Driving. Noble thought. However, as a result of this ruling, at the stroke of the midnight 70% of the FnB industry, which includes Hotels, Restaurants and Bars will not be serving Alcohol, since they all fall under 500 mtrs. For example: All the restaurants at Madhya Marg Chandigarh (close to 25 outlets and 6 upcoming), 116 standalone restaurants with excise licenses close to National Highway 48 (formerly NH8) etc. Together they notch up an annual turnover of Rs 1,200 crore. No matter how noble these intentions are, the truth is the move is not well thought out, and it does absolutely nothing to promote safety and discourage drunk driving. Instead, lakhs of employees will be out of their job and hundreds of crores of investment is washed down the drain. The people who are directly affected from 01 April, 2017: 1. Each outlet has more than 50+ staff working in all the departments 2. Excise revenues, Haryana itself will lose 45% revenue. 3. Vendors like Grocery Stores, Dairy Suppliers, Kitchen Equipment suppliers etc. 4. Owners of the restaurants (losing crores of their legal and hard earned money) The Honorable Supreme Court needs to appreciate that drunk driving needs to be controlled by strict monitoring and stiff penalties/ cancellation of licenses of drunk drivers.  People can get drunk from anywhere, and those wanting a drink will not hesitate to drive 1 minute more to a liquor store.  The need of the hour is to implement strong road safety laws and strict policing and action against drunk driving.  This draconian judgement affects the livelihood of people in the FnB industry and does nothing to prevent and reduce drunk driving.  

ishan Grover
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Petition to Hackney Council, Hackney Council

Revoke the Hackney Council draft licensing policy for 2016 by implementing a support system solution

This petition has been set up to try to enforce measurements to resolve the proposed Hackney Council draft licensing policy for 2016. As a community, it is critically important to address ways to improve nightlife in Hackney, rather than look for direct ways to revoke the council's propositon, which is a reocurring issue. We have the power to formulate and implement a support system that improves the condition of Hackney's nightlife, for now and the future. This would increasingly improve the area for businesses, owners, promoters and any other group of individuals that play a role in such a vibrant and diverse community. Licensing is a significantly grey area in London and is a complicated issue, which is why it is critical to find a new avenue to oppose the motives of the council, such as a support system which would show a unified solution to what has already become a pressing issue for the council. NTIA chairman Allan Miller is in full support of protecting London's most vibrant area, he said: 'we need to be very mindful and remember bars and clubs are stakeholders in the area, as well as consider the mix between businesses, residents and visitors, and the eco system that comes from the nightlife in Hackney.' 'Hopefully everyone can work together to talk about carrying on to improve the area, with a smart 24 hour strategy, and by keep on providing for the borough and London to keep the talent coming. It is not 1950s or 1980s Britian anymore, we need to move forward as a grown up nation.'    

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