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Petition to Philip Soneye - The Initiator, Olushoga Shofolahan, Mohammed Rufai, Ahmad Bello, Yinka Ogunlana (Rep)

End Division in Nigeria Scouting - One Scout, One NSO, One Nigeria

Love and scouting, a brotherhood of unity, leadership We decided to join Scouting for a reason, we were not forced. We were all excited we belong to a noble and friendship brotherhood. After all, we were getting together, happy with ourselves for a long time. We always see ourselves as one family, we care about each other, helping ourselves and other organisations envy us for that. We have promoted peace worldwide and locally, we promotes true scouting and its values until one day....., We missed a step and it led to division. Then, all of a sudden, right before our very eyes, before we knew it, it blew up into a horrible argument and escalated day in day out. Angry words flew between the leadership and before we could do anything to stop it, the friendship was divided, people stormed out of the venue, vowing to never talk to each other ever again! If scouting is truly for boys, a voluntary organisation with no secret financial gains, then we are appealing to you to end this division and let us move forward as one NSO, one family, one scout. We don't care who was wrong or right but we care to move forward as brothers and sisters. We all know people who may not be openly fighting and arguing, yet we know that there is definitely some kind of either hostility or even some kind of misunderstanding amongst themselves but let us forget the past and concentrate on the future. There’s nothing like the bond between brothers. And ‘brothers’ doesn’t only refer to people born to the same parents. A brother is anyone you can depend on, who you will do anything for. Brotherhood as a larger concept entails uniting all of the humanity. It is about finding it in your heart to truly care about your fellow human beings and build them up while allowing them to lift you up too when you need it. Even though there have been many times when we’ve taken you for granted, we want you to know that a brother like you is what we’ve always wanted. Come back home, brotherDon't leave us alone in this voluntary job.We're related by blood and in one spirit,Brothers and Best friends forever.Don't break that bond,Come back home to us. Spending our life with you has made us realise that brothers are the only people in the world who will help you succeed in life. Come back home and let us do it together, with love and smile, you will be welcomed. Please sign this petition if you support the move for PEACE and UNITY.Please sign this petition you want our brothers to come back.Please sign this petition if you are a brother willing to come back home. We only need 100 scouts or more to sign this and add their recommendation; we promise to forward it to all relevant quarter. Let us encourage other scouts to get involved. We can be reached via Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Philip Soneye
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Petition to Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, President Muhammadu Buhari, Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Mr Kazeem Bello, Laolu Akande, The Editor

Say No to Western Union, Moneygram and Ria monopoly in Nigeria

Mr. Godwin Emefiele The Governor Central Bank of Nigeria Abuja Nigeria.  Copy: The President Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, and The Vice President Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Your Excellency,  Effects of the CBN Directives limiting the number of Remittance company into Nigeria.   The Preamble: Thank you for the privilege to brief and express the opinion of millions of Nigerians in the Diaspora as regarding the recent directives of the Central Bank of Nigeria limiting the number of Money Remitting Operators into Nigeria.   Whereas it is not news that the strength of Nigeria as a nation can be found in the love, bond and support between family members, where the family pulls together to help shoulder the burden of each other. Nigerians in the Diaspora have been remitting money back home for years through various means to carry out this moral obligation.   The monopoly of foreign MTOs like Western Union, Moneygram, Ria etc have attempted to provide transfer service which initially was helpful but have since been plagued with problems such as 1.       arbitrary and very high transfer fees, 2.       ridiculously low rate, 3.        the beneficiary not receiving the money at all or are short paid 4.       Collusion between payers and unscrupulous characters to defraud beneficiaries. 5.       the method of transfer poses a great risk of theft or danger to the life of the beneficiary.     The bad service and inefficiency of these MTOs Western Union, Moneygram, Ria  etc and their inability to meet the yearning aspirations of Diaspora has led to frustration and untold hardship. These problems paved the way for Nigerians to look inwards and create better platforms and methods to meet the needs of Nigerians both home and abroad.   Your Excellency, the advent of new and indigenous MTOs have provided healthy competition and variety of choices which has led to 1.       Lower transfer fees 2.       Excellent and very competitive rate 3.       Fast and prompt delivery to the beneficiary 4.       A method of transfer that poses no theft or risk to life of the beneficiary. The funds are transferred directly into the account of the beneficiary. 5.       Trustworthy and excellent customer service   Nigerians in the Diaspora are thrilled to discover that the new and indigenous MTOs can provide such excellent service and as such have moved away from using the foreign MTOs. 1.       They have embraced the new and indigenous MTOs and have come to rely on them on a regular basis. 2.       This has also created jobs and opportunities overseas for Nigerians to act as agents and point of sale 3.       This has enabled them meet family emergencies and obligations efficiently and promptly.   The current policy of the CBN is a step back into darkness. It is completely counterproductive. It has left the market in the hands of the foreign ineffective MTOs who has fleeced Nigerians for years and has shattered the trust of the Diaspora. 1.       This policy has lead to untold hardship among Nigerians at home who rely on a regular and consistent basis remittance of money home. 2.       There is anger, utter disbelief and frustration among the people who remit money home to support families, finance projects, and invest in new and existing ventures. 3.       This will starve the economy of needed foreign exchange as Nigerians in the Diaspora are not prepare to be short paid, overcharged for bad service and rates by foreign MTOs  We therefore ask for your immediate intervention to reverse this policy and have the CBN and provide license to indigenous trusted MTOs who over the past few years provided excellent money transfer service to the Diaspora. Warm regards and thank you sir   Akinbode Akinyemi  

Akinbode Akinyemi
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Petition to Justice & Empowerment Initiatives

Express Support for 17 Communities Threatened with Forced Eviction

Less than two weeks after the forced eviction of thousands of hard-working urban poor living in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, on July 15, 2016 the Rivers State Government announced by radio alone that 17 more Port Harcourt Waterfront communities in Port Harcourt will be forcefully evicted and demolished in 7 days.  Rivers State Governor Wike has cited the Rivers State Anti-Kidnapping Law to justify the recent spate of demolitions and threatened evictions. Yet, the reality is that the demolitions being carried out are not targeted at actual kidnappers; instead, they are a pretext for evicting thousands of children, women, men, and elderly persons who call these informal settlements home because of the lack of affordable housing in the formal sector. Like other citizens, these community members make positive contributions every day to the city’s economy through local business, participate in local government, and send children and youth to school and university. Further, the Anti-Kidnapping law does not authorize mass evictions or envision whole communities as 'kidnappers', nor does it allow the demolition of properties before the persons accused of kidnapping offenses under the law are arrested, prosecuted, and found guilty in line with the right to fair hearing protected by Section 36 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Any person who has witnessed the horrors of forced eviction, where persons are thrown out of their homes and have had their livelihoods and communities destroyed overnight, cannot believe this is the path to security and development. Studies have shown the terrible long-term impacts of forced evictions on the incomes, health, and education of evictees. Should the Rivers State Government proceed with its threats, an estimated 60,000 persons will be rendered homeless and driven into poverty by loss of livelihoods and other hardships associated with homelessness and displacement. We, the undersigned, are part of a global community who stand in solidarity with the threatened communities of Port Harcourt, the Nigerian Slum/Informal Settlement Federation, and all the people fighting the forceful eviction of tens of thousands of people from their community and the demolition of their homes. To the 17 Threatened Port Harcourt Waterfront Communities we say: We see that your homes and livelihoods are under threat of forceful eviction and demolition by Governor Ezenwo Wike of Rivers State, and we see your protests and your actions and say: WE STAND WITH YOU! We understand you are being unfairly labeled as kidnappers and criminals simply for the area in which you live, and we respect your legal and social rights and say:  WE STAND WITH YOU! We know you have called for and continue to work towards community upgrading and development, even in the face of constant government harassment and threats, and we respect your right to develop and grow your communities and say: WE STAND WITH YOU! We see that your communities’ house businesses, schools, clinics, and community structures, that your communities’ house families, students, business people, and government employees, and we honor what you have built and say:  WE STAND WITH YOU!  We are watching you make your voices heard, and support your movement. The signatures from this petition will be shared with the community members and their allies as they continue to march and protest against the threatened evictions to show that their efforts are being seen, that the world is watching, and cheering them on as they demand their rights.

Justice & Empowerment Initiatives
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Petition to U.S. Senate, President of the United States, New York State Senate, California State Senate, Florida State Senate, Nevada State Senate, Council of the European Union, European Commission, Delaware State Senate

Stop corrupt funds coming from Nigeria!

Credible reports have established that over $500BB have been illegally exported out of Nigeria since 1960 by corrupt government officials, $400BB having been illegally exported in the last 17 years. Those monies have shown up on the balance sheets of OECD countries including the United States of America. As such, the United States of America has facilitated the avoidable destruction of Nigeria and genocide within living populations and generations yet unborn. Something can and must be done about this. In line with the intent of the United States Constitution and the moral and ethical values of its people, we petition that: The Senate and Congress of the United States of America--and those of all its states and municipalities--should pass laws that outlaw future facilitation of the transfer of corrupt funds and assets by any institution or individual doing business in mainland or territorial United States. The Senate and Congress of the United States of America--and those of all its states and municipalities--should pass laws that charge those responsible for previous or future facilitation of the transfer of corrupt funds and assets from Nigeria as having committed Crimes Against Humanity and should file such a charge with the International Criminal Courts (ICC), the African Union (AU), and the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The Senate and Congress of the United States of America--and those of all its states and municipalities--should pass laws that affect the future-value compensation of Nigeria for previous facilitation of the transfer of corrupt funds and assets by any institution or individual doing business in mainland or territorial United States.

Nam Mokwunye
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