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Eating Disorders are not just about weight #dumpthescales

Having being hospitalised and on the brink of death from anorexia once before, when I relapsed in 2016 I was terrified of ending up in hospital again. Getting to that point where I would lose control. That relentless anorexic voice nagging at me day in and day out.After four months of battling with that voice in my head I decided it was time I reached out for help. I referred myself and got an appointment at an Eating Disorder Unit in London only to be told “I wasn’t thin enough for support”.I left the appointment not sure what to do, all I had wanted was someone to talk to, someone to take my relapse seriously and to give me some help. I felt like a fake. A hypocrite.   The month that followed was a mess. I couldn’t shake that anorexic voice that was slowly destroying me again, making me feel suicidal, taking over my every waking moment. One evening I sat at the train station for hours and just wanted to give up on life altogether. I remember thinking about how much better life would be for everyone if I wasn’t here. Something stopped me that evening ending my life altogether and I had this realisation that if I wasn’t thin enough for treatment I would have to manage this on my own.    My story isn’t unique but a daily occurrence for people with all eating disorders who are seeking treatment. When asked to imagine someone suffering with an eating disorder, most will imagine a stick thin, gaunt looking girl. But this is not the reality of eating disorders. People with eating disorders are currently not getting a fair deal in society. Despite the guidance too often individuals are turned away from receiving essential support because they aren’t skinny enough to be considered at risk. This leaves the individual feeling like they aren’t worth getting that support, feeling like a “fake”, potentially losing more weight to hit that target and in some cases feeling suicidal. This is why I’m calling on the government to review the eating disorder guidance delivered by clinicians.  We know that early diagnosis is a critical element in the success of treatment for eating disorders and by the time 'obvious' signs of eating disorders have manifested, it is likely that the illness will have become ingrained in the individual, and therefore much more difficult to treat. If we want to prevent people getting more unwell, save the NHS money, prevent hospital admission and save lives we need to have this review and ensure that we get full implementation of the clinical guidance around diagnosis.  The guidelines are right but these are not being uniformly implemented across the nation to the detriment of thousands of people daily. It is time we stopped waiting for people to hit crisis point before offering them support.  We need to be able to make sure that people with eating disorders are getting the right support in a timely manner. With 1.25 million people in the UK living with an eating disorder we can’t afford to wait any longer the time to act is now.  #DumpTheScales  

Hope Virgo
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Petition to Producers, BBC

Help our mental health podcast get made (celebrate our nurses!)

Mental illness is still robbing us of everything from physical health, to quality of life and time with our loved ones. Together, organisations, nurses, doctors, and volunteers continue the fight to end stigma, and they are succeeding. But we must find new ways to talk about these important issues, because they affect us all regardless of gender, race, or age. ​Introducing... ​Dead On Your Feet —​ a fiction podcast about life, death, and mental health ​Imagine a fiction podcast that's part ​Call the Midwife, ​part good-old English road trip. That's ​Dead On Your Feet​, a new 10-part story written to explore common mental illnesses, through the adventures of two quite special nurses.  ​Podcast summary  ​Making their way to the afterlife in a tan-coloured VW Beetle via the Eddystone lighthouse in 1961, two nurses, Tamsin and Katherine, meet a series of people living with mental illness. Along the way the pair examine their lives, come to terms with death, and do what they can to help those in desperate need, before they're gone for good themselves.​ ​​Dead On Your Feet ​is an uplifting exploration of loss, life, death, and mental health, with a few surprises thrown in along the way.  ​Why we need YOUR help  ​Making fiction podcasts with real-life voice actors is hard and time-consuming. We're looking for production support to really make this thing as great as we know it can be.  But for that, ​we need your signature. ​We need to prove to those with the resources that there's an audience for this story ​—​ ​that you want it to happen​! Without your support, we're going nowhere, and that's not how this community works. ​About the author  ​My name is Graeme Keeton, and I'm a writer based in London. Like most writers, I put a lot of time into my projects, often months before sharing them with anybody. Before moving to London, I worked at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, writing for a cohort of ​over 3,000 nurses.  These nurses changed my perspective on life like no other people I've met before or since. This podcast is my way of giving back to them, ​but I need your support​. ​What makes this podcast different?  ​It's important that we get this right, that we talk about these mental illnesses in a way that's accurate and constructive. It's why we've consulted with some of the best creative and clinical minds around, including the wonderful people at London Arts in Health Forum, and Mental Health Specialist Nurse (and Skellern 2020 coordinator) Dr Joy Bray. ​Want to read some scripts?  ​Want to know what you're supporting? I've made the scripts for episodes 1-3 available to read online at Ten Minute Screenplays.  ​THANK YOU ​so much for your support. Your signature means a lot. You can contact me on Twitter @GKCopywriter, if you have any questions. LET'S GET THIS PODCAST MADE!

Graeme Keeton
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Petition to Human Rights Campaign, Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn, Birmingham City Council

Let my son be with his family

Where to begin. First and foremost Birmingham Children's Services have themselves stated my son has NEVER come to ANY harm in the care of his mother/myself. My son was placed on a child protection register at birth due to me having convictions for violence 4 years previous, he was kept on child protection aged 3 months due to the fact he was "a very advanced baby" and this "may have led his mother to expect to much of him which might cause significant emotional harm". From July 2014-September 2014 my son , his mother and myself lived a happy peaceful life the days were spent loving,nurturing and enjoying our cheery,happy perfect baby ,however we made the grave error of reporting the fact social worker NADINE REDSHAW was turning up clearly intoxicated and had pictures on her Facebook of her friends babies drinking cans of carling, after that Children's Services embarked upon a smear campaign with the aim of stealing our son for adoption. We were branded "bizarre and paranoid" for refusing to strip our son naked in front of a room full of 10/12 strangers, his mother was labelled as "having a learning difficulty she struggled with" - she has genius level IQ (Children's services declined her offer to take an IQ test), we were branded "tremendously defiant" for refusing to sign our son over to my abusive mother , his mother simply asking for the law to be adhered to meant she had "personality difficulties" and quiet unbelievably our next door neighbours were asked to sign a statement "telling a little white lie" - the "little white lie" being that my son's mother had gone out and left our son in the house unsupervised. Back in December 2014 my son was illegally and viciously seperated from his mother by Birmingham Children's Services and my own mother who has a history of abusing children. 2 days before Christmas his mother went to collect him only to have my own mother refuse to hand him over whilst screaming PPO (police protection order) at my son's mother so his mother rung the police to retrieve our son only for the social worker SYEDA TAHERAH AHMED to lie to the police and claim my mother had custody. The reason Social Services gave for so brazenly breaking the law was "the child may be harmed" due to the fact that his mother and myself had had a verbal disagreement when our son wasnt in our care. His mother wanted to take our son to her fathers home in a different city without me. She kept trying to get our son back for the same thing to keep happening until we were taken to court. My mother made up a pack of lies to try and keep our son for herself. Social Services advocated for her relentlessly and the courts put our son in the care of this woman despite the fact at the time she was under police investigation for serious child abuse allegations perpetrated against her own children (me). Thankfully an independent social worker highlighted what a danger this woman was and my son was removed. Me and his mother PASSED a parenting assessment, we proved all allegations against us to be lies and his mother offered to take our son upon him being returned to her care to live at her fathers home away from myself (the "problem"). However Children's services decided to press for adoption due to facts we are still unsure of. At the Final Hearing the social worker was proven to have lied repeatedly about his mother and so had the guardian ELAINE BENNETT. After a 5 day hearing and a 2 week wait we were told our son would be placed for adoption due to the fact his mother had "drawn a malicious picture" of the social worker and because his mother had asked the social worker SYEDA TAHERAH AHMED and manager RUTH EVELYN HILL to apologise for the fact she had been told she could not care for him as a vunerable single parent. Barbara Carter of Barbara Carter Solicitors was the judge behind this scandalous decision she made findings on things his mother was not even questioned about,falsely claimed my sons mother accepted threshold and felt it appropriate to describe him as 'a very attractive baby to adopters' (one of the reasons the order was given according to Barbara Carter). Legal Aid solicitors CARTWRIGHT KING and BLAIR ALLISON colluded with BCS to remove our son for 'potential risk of emotional harm'. My son has until March to be rescued from the clutches of strangers, strangers who follow a completely different religion to him, strangers who are ripping a child from a loving mother to help fill a void in there own lives. My son is not your baby to have, He has a family who love and want him, he is the centre of the whole family and without him it is pointless. His mother says her home feels like someone has died without him in it. He doesn't deserve to be punished for my actions, his mother doesn't deserve to be punished because of my actions and he definitely doesn't need ripping from his family until he is 18 for things his mother "may or may not do" based on MY past. His mother due to Birmingham Family Courts decision to refuse to process her appeals for some unknown reason now has to wait to oppose the adoption order. Enough signatures will get my son's voice heard and just maybe if his voice is heard loud enough he might just might be returned to where he belongs and the courts might stop ignoring applications put before them and see justice done. If the family courts weren't secret he would have NEVER been removed. I quote Paul Pennington-Wilson (independent social worker) : "The parents present as loving parents who's lives revolve around their son" and finally i quote judge Barbara Carter "the mother is clearly a very bright,intelligent,engaging and fiesty young woman with much to offer those around her including her son." Tom Latimer

Tom Latimer Snr
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