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Expedite Regulation of Physician Associates

Physician Associates are healthcare professionals educated and trained to the medical model. They work alongside doctors to diagnose, formulate treatment and management plans, and treat patients in a variety of settings throughout primary and secondary care. They are science graduates whom undertake 2 years intensive postgraduate study & clinical training and possess a broad skill set. They compliment the multidisciplinary team, and studies have shown the role to have a positive impact on patient care, turnaround times, physician burnout and junior doctor training.  Although there is a managed voluntary register run by the Faculty of Physician Associates at the Royal College of Physicians, currently there is no legal requirement for regulation of the profession. As a result, physician associates are unable to meet their full potential and cannot undertake non-medical prescribers training or request ionising radiation, despite being educated to the required level.  The role is rapidly growing with more universities offering the course, and large numbers of PAs qualifying each year. Therefore, regulation is imperative to ensure patient safety, and to enable physician associates’ skills can be utilised to their full potential. Progression of the proposed Physician Associates (Regulation) Bill 2017-19 through parliament has stalled, but this should be considered high priority in the interests of safe and efficient patient care. 

Dominie Guest
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