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Petition to The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Stephen Barclay MP

Make Urine Testing Safe for Patients and Save the NHS Millions - Introduce A Protocol

Providing a urine sample may not be everyone’s idea of a conversation topic but it’s a conversation that must be had. Every year over 65 million urine samples - clinically also referred to as specimens - are requested by doctors and healthcare professionals in the UK so that health conditions can be correctly diagnosed and treated.   That’s roughly equivalent to one sample for every member of the UK population.   There are various guidelines around collecting a urine sample, but unlike blood samples,  there is no national protocol that medical professionals have to follow.  This means up to 14.6 million samples are worthless as they will be contaminated before reaching the laboratory. So what does this mean?    It means 1 in 4 of us not receiving right-first-time diagnosis and treatment and millions of pounds being wasted in unnecessary retests, repeat appointments and personnel resources.  It also means the over-scribing of unnecessary antibiotics which is a real concern for public health as antimicrobial resistance is on the rise. Not being diagnosed correctly will have dire and irreversible consequences for some patients. Providing a urine sample should not be a hit and miss opportunity for good health.   The national average for contaminated samples is 22.5%, which is far too high.  But in some places around 70% of urine samples are contaminated.   Clinical evidence shows this can be significantly reduced if a protocol is introduced. MUST – Make Urine Samples Trustworthy – is a national initiative by medical, health and patient organisations led by The Urology Foundation, Bladder Health UK and The MAMA Academy, calling for the national adoption of a “gold standard” for the collection of urine samples. The MUST campaign is essential for the long-term health of the nation – in that it offers better outcomes for patients today, it safeguards the future of tomorrow’s generations and lets the health care sector deliver the services they are committed to do cost effectively and efficiently. Demand Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment - Demand A Protocol For Safer Urine Analysis Sign the MUST Petition Today to save the NHS millions and get better diagnoses for patients. Additional information can be found below and at :  Number of urine samples taken each year:  65m Average unreliable samples:     22.5% Number of failed diagnoses every year:  14.6m Unplanned admissions due to UTI: 184,000 Cost of treating those admissions:  £434m Hospital acquired infections ie Sepsis caused by UTIs:  19.7% Blood infections with urinary source:  47% UTIs resistant to common antibiotics:  21% Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) instances with a urinary source:  50%  

MUST Campaign
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Petition to Jeremy Hunt, Theresa May, Sajid Javid

Legalise cannabis oil for medical use in the UK, through the NHS.

My cousin Oliver, an 11 year old boy with severe epilepsy, was put on cannabis oil 18 months ago by his parents, backed by the hospital who told them where to get it, and that it would be available on the NHS within a year. Results were incredible, he won't ever be seizure free but it was a massive, life changing improvement, for Ollie and for our family. We got to see him looking healthier, and his mum and dad looking hopeful, as his rate of seizures dropped- from up to 20 a day, down to a couple. Doctors now say their hands are tied, and if he continues to take cannabis oil, they can no longer monitor his NHS medication. Ollie's parents have a choice to make - do they accept the inevitable rise in seizures, or do they turn their backs on the NHS? Clearly there is no choice - please, help us change this. Many other families are in the same position. In only 12 weeks on cannabidiol, epileptic seizures drop on average by 54%. 12 year old Billy Caldwell made history when he became the first UK citizen to be prescribed cannabis on the NHS, but his mum could face arrest for bringing the outlawed medicine home from Canada. Alfie Dingley's parents are campaigning for him to be granted a special license for use of medical cannabis, and received widespread support. The support Alfie and Billy’s case show how the public feel about denying treatment to those in desperate need. For parents, brothers, sisters, families, we have to watch our loved ones suffer. Could you watch your child have seizure after seizure, knowing they don't understand why the medicine that helped them has been taken away? This isn't about legalising cannabis for widespread recreational use, it's about getting people the treatment they need. Please, help us campaign for change by signing to save Oliver, and all the other patients whose lives are being impacted by these regressive laws.  

Kate Rothwell
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Petition to Paul Hawkins, Jeane Freeman, Paul Gray, Nicola Sturgeon, Board

Mr. Paul Hawkins Should Be Replaced as CEO of NHS Fife

In 2015 he left Hywel Dda University Health Board in Wales before becoming CEO of Fife. He left it with a deficit of £31.2 million, the highest in Wales. This health board is still in serious financial difficulties. Under his tenure in Fife, According to official statistics, a total of £9,138,735 has been spent by NHS Fife on agency workers in 2017/18 compared to £5,871,837 five years ago - an increase of £3.26 million due to his failures to ensure adequate staffing levels. (Dunfermline press 20/06/18) His COO has had to resign over allegations of misconduct (Sunday Post - 01/07/2018). Out of hours services in NHS Fife have been branded a sham because of things like a lack of GPs that led to the temporary closure of out-of-hours services in St Andrews Community Hospital, Glenrothes Hospital and at Dunfermline’s Queen Margaret Hospital in April. (courier June 23 2018) A staff survey by NHS Fife has found that more than a third of employees have no confidence in him nor trust in his senior management team. (Courier June 1 2018) GP's are reporting staff shortages like Dr Susan Cattanach, who is covering all 3,600 patients at her Fife practice after one colleague resigned and one retired. The normal ratio is The ratio of GPs to patients in Scotland as a whole is one to 1,083. (The times - July 20 2018) NHS Fife were rapped for 'serious failings' after a lung cancer patient was wrong told they had Asthma. (Herald Scotland: 21st February) NHS Scotland is investigating a range of misconduct allegations about the NHS Fife Board. (Sunday Post 25 March 2018) A report in the Dunfermline Press in January revealed NHS Fife has spent £106,000 on taxis for patients at Queen Margaret Hospital in the last three years because of lack of transport. Last years audit Scotland report showed that NHS Fife failed to meet Inpatient/daycase treatment time guarantees (TTG), which is the guarantee of patients beginning treatment within 12 weeks by almost 8% and Cancer referral to treatment targets, (patients beginning treatment within 62 days) by a whopping 15%. In January, NHS FIFE was ordered to apologise after failings in care led to a patient at Victoria Hospital contracting a flesh-eating infection. An enquiry into the treatment of the woman, known as Miss C, upheld a series of complaints including a delay in reaching a diagnosis for the necrotising fasciitis. (Dunfermline Press: 2nd January) On the 11th May 2018, it was reported in the Dunfermline Press that Paul Hawkins and his team could close the minor injuries unit at Queen Margaret and centralise it all to Kirkcaldy. In a Freedom of Information request reported in the Courier on June 5th 2018, it was revealed that there are patients who have been forced to wait nearly two years to begin mental health treatment. On 25 FEB 2018, it was reported in the Dunfermline Press that a mum suffering ectopic pregnancy was 'left without food and water' for FIVE days after an operation delay. These are just some of the things from the last year that has happened within NHS Fife and there is no real way to know how deep the rabbit hole goes. A few years ago, my mother who has M.S was taken into hospital with what was suspected to be the flu. The doctors did not check her properly, instead, they loaded her up with fluids and transferred her to the ward upstairs in the Victoria Hospital where she was not given her medications properly over a number of days. Despite her having dementia, she wasn't fed properly. My father and I had to bring her food from home and make sure she had something to eat. This resulted in a formal complaint. She was subsequently discharged without being checked properly and not long after suffered a pulmonary embolism and in the words of the A&E doctors, the clots had "been there for a long time" not just days. She was administered TPA and we nearly lost her because of it. With my treatment, I fought for a diagnosis of my M.E for nearly 7 years before finally giving up and getting a diagnosis for my illness while on holiday in Moscow with my wife. I was supposed to get surgery with the NHS which could completely rid me of my type 2 diabetes but am being denied it on a technicality which should not apply because of other health factors which the national framework dictates that it should be overridden in such cases. NHS Fife is currently under investigation by the SPSO for discrimination and has been lambasted by local MSP Alex Rowley for failing to deal with the complaint, not adequately, but deal with it at all. This is the man who you entrust the wellbeing of your health and that of your families and friends at NHS Fife and the buck stops with him. He left the NHS board in Wales he runs with the biggest deficit in Wales and now he is running NHS Fife into the ground. Paul Hawkins needs to go! Whether he is pushed by the Scottish Government or whether he resigns of his own accord. He is being paid over £140,000 per year by the taxpayer and is failing at his job. Both him and his board need replaced!  

Martin Keatings
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Petition to Redbridge Council

Don’t allow housing on King George Hospital Land: extend King George Hospital instead

We the undersigned who either live or work in Redbridge note the following: 1 – The December 2010 Health for North East London decision making business case states at page 113: “The parts of the King George Hospital site and buildings that can be decommissioned cleared and sold.” when proposing to close King George A&E 2 – That as a reaction to the acute housing crisis Redbridge Council prepared plans to allow housing on the King George & Goodmayes Hospital Sites using the 2010 plan as a rationale for building on the King George Site 3 – Mike Gapes stated in Parliament on 10.7.17. “…that the population of the north-east London boroughs will increase by 18% over the next 15 years, equivalent to a new city. Normally that level of population increase would require a new hospital” 4 – In a Price Waterhouse Coopers report published November 2017 states. “A new clinical model of emergency care is developed across North East London” and casts doubt on the legality of the original decision to close King George A&E. 5 – At a Council Meeting of December 2017, Cllr Athwal rips up the plan to build on King George land and makes clear as a resident he was against the plan and would review the decision to allow building on King George Hospital land. However, as Redbridge Council remains committed to allowing building on the King George Hospital site, we say no residential building to be built on this site, instead the Council change their position and campaign for the King George Hospital site to be extended as a world class standard of care for the residents of North East London.

andy walker
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