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Petition to Roger Goodell, All 37 NFL Sponsors

#NoKaepernickNoNFL - Boycott NFL Games If Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Play This Season

Note: This petition is STILL ongoing... On August 26, 2016, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down during the National Anthem before the 3rd preseason game of the upcoming 2016 NFL season. Right after the game, he told NFL Media why he sat during the anthem, prompting his now-famous statement: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder." Never before, since the great Muhammad Ali's refusal to serve in Vietnam in 1967, has an athlete taken such a direct stance highlighting the injustices of people of color -- and just like Ali, the reaction to Kaepernick's stance has been met with passionate responses, often times divided by the color line. Since that statement, Kaepernick "upgraded" his protest to a knee, announced a plan to donate $1 million to the charities that focused on racial issues (which he followed through), had great support from some of his teammates, NFL colleagues, athletes from all sports levels (starting from junior high), and fans by taking a knee during anthems. Best of all, Kaepernick's protest made the conversation about "racial/police brutality" front-page for the large part of the NFL season, a feat never done before in its history. Because he needed to start, Kaepernick also restructured his contract during the 2016 season, taking away the final 4 years and reworking it into a 2-year deal (with a 1-year player option) -- allowing him to leave after the season if he chooses, which he did. Since then, no one has offered Colin Kaepernick, a Super Bowl QB just a few years ago, a NFL job despite cries from NFL Players and analysts, both black and white. He also has a better Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) than half the backup quarterbacks signed right now. This shows that the NFL Owners are not willing to bring Kaepernick into their team because -- according to many fans -- he is a "distraction". A man who protested because of injustices towards people of color is pretty much blackballed in a league that is 70% Black. If you are appalled by this, then show your power by boycotting the NFL until Kaepernick gets signed to a team. This means to not watch any games, no social media comments about your favorite team before/during/after the games, don't attend the stadiums, and don't buy any merchandise which represents the league or your favorite team. We understand the NFL is very important to you. We also understand the purpose of Colin Kaepernick's protest is FAR more important than any games you will ever watch. Simply put, if things stay the same for the way America -- where "all men are created equal" -- treats people of color, then your loved ones, friends, and children will eventually be affected as well. Finally, this situation really shines a light on how much the NFL really cares about its Black athletes. It's pretty much: Play for us, entertain us, make us money, and shut up. Here's a video of someone explaining the true meaning of the National Anthem: Click here --------------------- Since we reached our initial goal of 100,000 signatures, here's a pic of the 32 NFL Owners we already mailed.  Our new goal is 1 MILLION signatures by the start of the NFL Regular Season. Afterwards, we will mail every NFL Sponsor (all 37 of them) a letter asking them to reconsider their relationship with the league. NFL Sponsors are listed below (the CEOs) : Gatorade & Pepsi & Quaker - Indra K. Nooyi Anheuser-Busch - João Castro Neves USAA - Stuart Parker Bose - Bob Marseca Marriott - Arne M. Sorenson Xbox & Microsoft - Satya Nadella News America - Martin Garofalo SAP - Bill McDermott McDonalds - Steve Easterbrook New Era - Chris Koch Nike - Mark Parker Extreme Networks - Ed Meyercord Nationwide - Steve Rasmussen TD Ameritrade - Tim Hockey Zebra - Anders Gustafsson Dannon - Emmanuel Faber  Hyundai - Kyung Soo Lee EA Sports - Andrew Wilson VISA - Alfred F. Kelly Jr Campbell’s Soup - Denise M. Morrison FedEx - Frederick W. Smith Frito-Lay - Thomas R. Greco Mars Snackfood - Grant F. Reid Dairy Management, Inc. - Thomas Gallagher SiriusXM - James E. Meyer Under Armour - Kevin Plank Bridgestone - Gordon Knapp Ticketmaster - Michael Rapino Procter & Gamble - David S. Taylor Verizon - Lowell C. McAdam Barclays - Jes Staley Papa John’s - John Schnatter Castrol - Mandhir Singh Ford - James Hackett #NoKaepernickNoNFL  P.S.: If you already have a NFL package (Sunday ticket, etc.)...please cancel / unsubscribe. Also make this your new profile pic.

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Petition to NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell, NFL, NFLPA

"Fairness for all 32 NFL teams"

        " We the lifelong fans of the NFL are fed up with unfairness of biased officiating,bribed officials, and favoritism of certain players\teams. We the fans who make this great AMERICAN sport possible by supporting the NFL with the purchases of season tickets, merchandise, direct tv accounts,etc, to watch these games outside of the areas our teams play, purchasing of flights, hotels,gas to get to the stadiums across America, dining to go and support our teams,WE are the ones who make this sport possible and we are fed up with the unfairness that this sport has turned into.WE spend our hard earned money that benefits this entire league for what ?To have our sport be destroyed before our very eyes? We are fed up as fans and we can boycott the NFL by not supporting you and your high paid salaries. We also do not approve of our sport being farmed out to other countries for more greedy profits! We the fans of this petition nationwide and the NFL are not taking NO for an answer, We are demanding changes to be put into place immediately. WE are not interested in your dream match ups and Superbowls of your choice, get it together league or you will not have any of us left except for the countries you are farming our games out to..The Saints bounty gate with the Vikings, the Saints\Rams game last season, The Lions most recent GB game, The Tom Brady favoritism, Aaron Rodgers favoritism, We do not care about your dream match up in a Superbowl when there are other teams who are playing clean professional football. We know how much money is involved behind the scenes, fantasy football betting, gambling on the Vegas lines, ENOUGH !!! This American game we all love is being trashed because of GREED and we have had it as fans. Patriots win 6 Super Bowls? come on NFL. We see right through your smoke and mirrors and WE all are fully prepared to not support this corruption and greed another game! The NFL is fully in charge and must do something about this unfairness. Commissioner Goodell you get a salary of 32 million a year now do something about this before you are out of a job and the league is no longer. This is a new era and with all of the social media and ways we can all communicate to one another you do not have any options left. WE the lifelong fans of the NFL are "demanding" fairness NOW.

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Petition to Roger Goodell

Fire Al Riveron, Fix The NFL Officiating!

The NFL has been plagued by poor officiating ever since Al Riveron was promoted to Senior Vice President of Officiating before the start of the 2017 season. While we understand that the officials are human and will not be perfect, the questionable calls have become more glaringly obvious and have increased in numbers since Riveron's promotion. Furthermore, after perhaps the worst call in NFL history (from last year's NFC Championship game), it appeared as though steps were finally being made to fix the officiating by allowing pass interference calls to be reviewable... only for it to be clear that Riveron wants no part of it as he refuses to overturn almost all reviewed pass interference challenges, even calls that are obviously incorrect. The NFL must fix its officiating and fast before it starts to seriously damage the quality of the league, and we believe a good start to this process is for Roger Goodell to fire Al Riveron from his position as Senior Vice President of Officiating as soon as possible. NFL officiating has been criticized more than it has ever before since his promotion, and we therefore believe that he is not the right man for the job. Further actions to fix the officiating that could be taken after firing Riveron include punishing referees who have continually made terrible calls, and being more open to suggestions from NFL owners in regards to addressing officiating and replays. Thank you for your time in reading this. If you agree, please sign this petition, and share with all your friends and family who wish to improve NFL officiating. Together we must show that we want change!

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