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Petition to NFL

Remove Cardi B performance at SuperBowl Or #BoycottNFL

Petition to remove and/or replace: Belcaris Almanzar aka Cardi B's performance during HalfTime due to the Gang Violence and Activity she promotes and brags about. She has physically attacked women on mulitple ocassions, one while pregnant and the other with a weapon, her shoe. Her entourage or security also injured a man asking for an autograph, not to mention two women were also attacked at work by her and her gang members. She also promotes unsafe sex, bragging about not using condoms, being a "Hoe" or stripping and Prostitution. She posted a disturbing video of her and her husband "playing with her kitty" and making out.Her and her Husband have also threatened people both in person and online through Social Media. This is only going to promote more inappropriate behavior because it seems like the more she gets in trouble, the more famous she gets. Rewarding bad behavior. If she already has a contract, make sure security is doubled and search for weapons. I wouldn't feel safe with a bunch of her gang members there also, if you even look at her wrong you might get assaulted.By then I would say just #boycottnfl between players trying to speak up against violence and the whole kneeling dilemma, how did they decide organizing a women who promotes illegal activities, violence, disrespected our President Trump and Country online through text and video, has said she wouldn't perform until Kap was rehired and is just vulgur. How hypocritical people kneeling for violence but will have a violent gangster turned "actor rapper/entertainer" during their halftime show, how low they have decided to go to get some seats filled.

Stop Violence
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Petition to Mayor E. Ben Zahn, III

Petition To Stop City Of Kenner Nike Ban

Thomas United Methodist Church has been an anchor in the Kenner community for 135 years. We have seen firsthand, a young Black man wrongfully and brutally killed at the hands of Kenner police right in front of our faith community just last year.  We are deeply saddened to learn of your efforts to use government to boycott Nike for supporting Colin Kaepernick for raising awareness around police brutality, racial inequality and social injustice. Your position negates the hurt and pain experienced from the life that has been lost at the hands of police officers right here in our community. Let us remember that our commandment is to love God and love people.  Our love for God should challenge us to love people who do not look like us, who do not share our experiences and who may have different beliefs.  We have seen that love extended to over 11 million people who embark on the City of Kenner every year through the Louis Armstrong International Airport.  As ambassadors to the world, it is our responsibility to also be an example of compassion, empathy and to seek understanding from the unheard and disenfranchised. We stand with Nike, Colin Kaepernick and any organization who strives to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly” with God’s people and reject your plans to force personal beliefs on public institutions that exist to serve all of its citizens regardless of their race, economic status or their political beliefs.  We implore you to reverse your policy to ban Nike from the Department of Recreation and all public entities. Show the world that the City of Kenner believes in love, not hate. Thomas United Methodist Church invites the Greater Kenner Community to show we are stronger together. Our unity will demand that elected officials not use public office as a tool to divide its citizens. Support the petition to reverse the Nike ban and keep Kenner united!

Thomas United Methodist Church
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