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Petition to Roger Goodell

NFL Should Allow A "No Call" To Be Challenged By Coaches

The NFL owes it to their fans to provide them with fairly officiated football games.  Too often outcomes of games are decided by "Missed" or "No Calls" that clearly should have been called.  Why even have such a sophisticated Replay System to not be able to use it to make sure calls that need to be made are?  As lovers of the sport of football, we ask that you, Mr. Goodell, implement a rule where an NFL Head Coach would be allowed to challenge a missed or no-call on a "Helmet to Helmet" hit or a blatant "Pass Interference" and if the challenge is won, an appropriate penalty is rendered, thus correcting an outcome determining factor in realtime.  A prime example is the 2019 Championship Game in New Orleans where a New Orleans Saints player received a helmet to helmet hit, with a referee looking on, but no penalty was called, thus directly impacting the results and costing a team a shot in the Super Bowl.  In addition, allowing the opposing player to get away with a hit that could be life threatening to another player in a worse case scenario.  Occurances like this are an utter disrespect to the sport, and most of all to the fans who spend billions of dollars in support of our beloved teams.  There needs to be realtime checks and balances on referees, as they are running checks and balances in realtime on the game in progress.  Another option would be to have a referee off-field specifically using replay technology to oversee the calls and with the authority to relay a missed call to the refs on the ground who might not have caught it.  Mr. Goodell, please consider these changes.  The players and fans deserve it.

Latonya Williams
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Petition to NFL, United States Supreme Court

Boycott the super bowl saints were robbed by the Refs. REPLAY all the championship games

  Dear NFL commissioner and president of NFL , United states supreme court * I am requesting that my name or my email address or my identity remain anonymous I am watching the saints vs rams game And their was a helmet to helmet hit #23 of the rams hit #11  on the saints  on* purpose when trying to catch a ball from drew brees. The saints got robbed by the refs. And because of the non call. I'm boycotting the superbowl and the rams need to be suspended and banned * from the super bowl period no matter what including next years playoffs for life! No rams fans can say anything regarding this petition they cannot repeal this petition or sue the petitioner or  any higher court . They cannot sue for harrassment poor sport or * deflamation of character. They cannot go through the national  league players association of the nfl.* they need to be forced to move from LA and share cheater Patriots in Boston. They cannot come back to LA to live or play. The saints were robbed. Fire these refs and fine them big time NFL. They have to replay the game too. NFL commissioner you need to be* at the replay game in Orleans. You get to make the calls.. *bounty gate rams team ,Patriots  team they need to be banned from the playoffs and super bowl games for life.* - I suppose the saints player! Here is  a update: the evidence he did hit #11of the saints on purpose! More evidence part 2 ->>> Part 1 above  

anonymous Chick
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