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Petition to Andrew Lack, Megyn Kelly

Tell NBC to cancel Megyn Kelly interview with Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones

On June 11, just two days before news anchor Megyn Kelly was to host the Sandy Hook Promise fundraising gala, she personally promoted her upcoming in-depth interview with alt-right Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones. We believe it is unacceptable and deeply disrespectful to give a platform to a person whose outrageous lies have led to a cruel campaign of harassment and abuse by his followers directed at the families of the 20 children and six educators killed at Sandy Hook School. While Kelly denounces the views of Alex Jones, that is no excuse to call attention to his dangerous, unfounded conspiracy theories that are traumatizing families who have already suffered beyond belief. Kelly claims she wants to “shine a light” on Jones to understand the respect he receives from “the president of the United States and a growing audience of millions.” To our eyes it looks more sensationalism for ratings than thoughtful journalism. She followed her initial tweet on June 11 with another, “It was a riveting exchange. Promise you that.” News of Kelly’s interview has been met with resounding criticism. In pulling its advertising from NBC, the chief marketing officer of  JP Morgan Chase said she was “repulsed” that Kelly was giving airtime to someone who denies the truth of the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings. Yet NBC News has not changed its position on moving forward with the Sunday airing of the Jones interview—even more reprehensible coming on Father’s Day. Please tell Andrew Lack, chairman of NBC News, that Megyn Kelly’s interview has no place on a reputable news network.

CT Against Gun Violence
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Petition to Senator John McKinney, Senator Martin Looney, Connecticut State House, Connecticut State Senate, Connecticut Governor

Keep Sandy Hook crime scene information private: Urge the CT legislature to pass HB 6424

We are parents and family members who lost children in the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school in December 2012. We're coming together to urge the Connecticut legislature to pass a law that would keep sensitive information, including photos and audio, about this tragic day private and out of the hands of people who'd like to misuse it for political gain. Michael Moore and the hoaxers want to publish this gruesome information. For the sake of the surviving children and families, it's important to keep this information private. Other gruesome scenes have been kept private -- like the scene around Congresswoman Giffords shooting, Vince Foster's suicide, and Dale Earnhardt's automobile accident. This crime has received such international attention, it should be afforded the same treatment. Supported by: Nicole & Ian Hockley (parents of Dylan), Mark & Jackie Barden (parents of Daniel), Jimmy Greene & Nelba Marquez-Greene (parents of Ana), Jeremy Richman & Jennifer Hensel (parents of Avielle), Erica Lafferty (Dawn Hochsprung's daughter), Shannon & Brian Engel (Olivia's parents), Michele & Bob Gay (Josephine's parents), and Tricia & Dean Pinto (Jack's parents)

Nicole & Ian Hockley (parents of Dylan), Mark & Jackie Barden (parents of Daniel), and Jimmy Greene & Nelba Marquez-Greene (parents of Ana)
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