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Petition to NYS Senate; NYS Assembly

Reject Regional Government in New York State

WE, THE PEOPLE, REJECT REGIONAL GOVERNMENT IN NEW YORK STATE: The Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) were unilaterally established by Governor Cuomo in 2011 without any authority to do so. In addition, and more importantly, the REDCs were created without any input, knowledge or consent of the citizens of New York State. Regional Government erases local sovereignty and local control. Voices of citizens are silenced and power is transferred to unelected bureaucrats. The REDCs do not have the same scrutiny as elected officials; nor are they subject to the same transparency as elected officials. Since 2011, the Governor has had the unauthorized and unrestricted ability to appoint individuals, who report to the Governor, and are not accountable to the citizens of New York State. These appointees are not subject to the financial disclosure requirements of the Public Officers Law. There is no means of ensuring that these individuals are serving the best interests of the State, and not engaging in self-serving activities. Members of the REDC are not subject to the Code of Ethics, nor is there a way to ascertain that they are acting in the best interest of the State and citizens. Members of the REDC have been awarded money from the REDC, without any public scrutiny, which we believe is a conflict of interest. From 2011-2015 alone, the Governor appropriated nearly $3 billion dollars of our tax money to these REDCs. The public cannot trust that their tax dollars are being allocated in a manner that best serves the public interest. We believe that the REDC is an unconstitutional form of government. We, the signers of this Petition, reject regional government and request that the REDCs be completely disbanded from operating in New York State and that power be restored to the proper elected officials and to the people of the State of New York. Governor Cuomo Announces $1 Billion in Economic Development Funding Through Consolidated Application This petition will be delivered to the NYS Senate & Assembly  The People of NY reject this bill that directs the governor to establish 10 regional economic development councils.

New Yorkers Against Regional Government
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Petition to Joseph Saladino, Joseph Muscarella, Anthony D. Macagnone, Rebecca Alesia, Louis B. Imbroto, Thomas P. Hand, Michele M. Johnson

Stop Crown Castle & others, from installing Mini Cell Towers in residential neighborhoods.

Stop the installation of Mini Cell Phone Towers in the Town of Oyster Bay Now! Verizon has contracted with a company called Crown Castle to install mini cell towers in Syosset/Woodbury in 2016/7 but your town is next. What we know now is that permits were issued for 29 projects and at least 22+ Towers have already been installed without public hearing or homeowner notification of any kind. Health risks, radiation concerns and public safety were not considered or brought to anyone’s attention prior to these towers going up. Some studies have shown that radiation can cause health risks ranging from headaches, sleep disturbances, leukemia, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue and diabetes.  Cell towers can create an eye sores and litter our streets with utility poles (even those areas with underground service) as well as decrease property values from 4%-10% immediately based on prior real estate resale studies. We must protect our families and property values NOW!  The looks and feel of our neighborhoods are at risk!  Mini Cell phone towers are appearing at an alarming rate in front of homes and schools such as Berry Hill, Walt Whitman and South Woods Middle School. These so called "mini cell towers" are anything but mini. They are 35 to 65 feet tall and over 1.5 feet wide, you can stand inside them. They will install these towers on your front lawn if you don't act now. Tell the Town of Oyster Bay to remove or relocate the existing cell towers NOW!  Take a look at this 35-foot tower already installed next to this home on Renee Road and across from Berry Hill elementary school: We need stricter rules, which govern how, where, and when these towers may be erected. Sign this petition to let the TOB know you don't want cell phone towers installed outside your bedroom window. Failure to do so may mean health risks to you and your family and lower property values for you. North Hempstead recently rewrote their ordinances to effectively stop residential deployments of cell towers without outright banning them. All cell towers must be located 1500 feet from any school or residence. Tell the Town of Oyster Bay to put an immediate 6-month moratorium on all cell tower deployments thus buying us time to correct our ordinances. Tell the Town of Oyster Bay to increase funding to the law firm hired to fight this scourge of cell towers on our community to make sure we are protected to the fullest extent of the law.  Tell the Town of Oyster Bay to Act NOW! Go to Concerned Residents of Syosset School District for more discussion and updates.  

Concerned Residents of the Syosset School District
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