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Petition to Aldi and our community, aldi


Lima, NY, the cross roads of Western NY. Located on 5&20, just 30 mins north of Geneseo, 35 mins west of Canadaguia and 30 mins south of Henrietta.  Lima just lost their local grocery store, again. Not many of us were thrilled with our local store, poorly run, maintained and the products were subpar. But, it beat driving 30 mins away or having to shop at our overpriced counterpart 5- 10 mins away. Which leads me to another issue, the cost. The cost was key, the lower price made it easier for lower income families or the ones just looking to save a few dollars. Convenience,  who doesn't love that. The local restaurants could leave their business for a few short moments to grab a head of lettuce, gallon of milk, etc. the large parking lot shared with a family run restaurant and salon, as well as our postal service, that very same parking lot, empty at times and unappealing.  Our town NEEDS a grocery store, not only for the residents but for our local businesses and for the hundreds if not thousands of travelers rolling through town.  I personally shop at Aldi once a week and have to travel 30 mins. I stopped shopping at Save A Lot because of the poor quality of produce and lack of nutrition their products provided . Aldi is an organic, family oriented store that provides quality food at more then reasonable prices! They have really come around to actually be a fantastic store!   Especially for families who enjoy gluten free products and even more worldly goods. If you are interested in seeing this store consider our town and fill our empty lot as well as help make our town thrive like it has for so many others in a positive way please sign this petition and ask others to do the same! This isn't just for Lima and Honeoye Falls other towns such as  Avon, Bloomfield, Rush, Mendon, Victor, Honeoye, springwater, Hemlock Wayland and parts of Livonia etc. would also benefit and what would that do for local businesses?!?!  New attractions bring NEW PEOPLE!!!

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Petition to Robert Rodriguez, Catherine Nolan, Carl Heastie, Joseph Addabbo, Jesse Hamilton

Empower New York students with culturally responsive teachers!

Our goal is 1,000 signatures. Share this petition with as many people as you can to get us there! We live in one of the most diverse states in the world, but this diversity is not reflected in school curricula. Every year, thousands of teachers enter their classrooms unprepared to respond to the diverse experiences and cultural backgrounds of their students. In the end, many students do not have a culturally responsive education. This gap is where we believe students need culturally responsive teaching (CRT). Culturally responsive teachers affirm and engage with their students' multi-dimensional identities. Culturally responsive teachers incorporate the diverse experiences and backgrounds of their students into their lessons, promote critical thinking, and empower students to lead the changes they aspire to see in their communities. CRT is important because... Students are provided with the skills necessary to think critically about society and activated to seek civic ways to make changes in their community. Students' identities and experiences are incorporated through all aspects of their education. Teachers are able to build meaningful relationships with students and parents because they understand, honor and respect the diverse experiences and identities of their students and parents. All students have an opportunity to learn about the accomplishments of people from various backgrounds. To open the door for New York students to have culturally responsive teachers, the New York State Legislature needs to pass State Assembly Bill Number A4710 sponsored by Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez (D). This bill mandates the Department of Education to: Offer professional development in culturally responsive teaching four times a year. This development includes teacher training on understanding and responding to the different experiences of students & parents, developing culturally responsive lesson plans & undoing implicit bias Put these professional development opportunities on its website We believe the following Priority Supporters can make this bill a reality: Robert Rodriguez, Bill Assembly Sponsor Carl Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly Cathy Nolan, Assembly Member & Ed. Chair Joseph Addabo, Senator on Ed. Committee Jesse Hamilton, Senator on Ed. Committee

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