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Save Murray Hill: Stop the MTA's Park Avenue Ventilation Project

Petition to Governor Andrew Cuomo, MTA President Veronique Hakim, State Senator Liz Krueger, NYC Council Member Daniel Garodnick, NYS Assembly Member Richard Gottfried, NYS Assembly Member Dan Quart, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Mayor Bill deBlasio, and Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer November 30, 2016:  For anyone who cares about working, living or visiting in New York City, this is a pressing issue. If the MTA’s proposal to excavate Murray Hill NYC goes through, residents will face illness, businesses will be hurt and there will be years of ceaseless noise, fumes and rodents. And according to MTA officials, they are doing this because “the money needs to be spent.”  We are a group of concerned NYC residents and businesses who love this historic neighborhood and want to see it survive.  Read more: The MTA’s proposed “emergency” ventilation plant for the Lexington Avenue IRT line along Park Avenue in Murray Hill, will negatively impact all residents and businesses from 34th to 39th Street. The consequences of this project to our community would be devastating: years of noise pollution from jackhammers tearing up the street and sidewalks environmental and air quality dangers (already demonstrated with MTA’s East Side Access Project at Park Avenue and 37th Street) The likelihood of damage to historic buildings from blasting Unmanageable pedestrian and vehicular traffic via one open northbound lane, particularly for ambulances and fire trucks These would be the consequences for a historic residential neighborhood that has already endured eight years - and still ongoing -  of the East Side Access construction. This ill-conceived project is based on an obsolete 22-year-old study.  Representatives of MTA have stated that the proposed plant is discretionary, and have demonstrated bias by stating: “We have to build something…in Manhattan.” From a Freedom of Information report, we know that in the past 20 years, there has not been a single fire/smoke incident where subway riders were in any danger or even inconvenienced. Given the $34+ billion debt of the MTA and the impending fare increase, there is simply no justification for undertaking another discretionary project for which there is no demonstrated need. Furthermore, there are alternatives that make much more sense, with much less cost and disruption to the community, particularly the recently announced Metro North Clean Sweep Program employing newly-acquired vacuum cars patrolling the tracks regularly in order to evacuate the debris that causes track fires.   Please join us by signing this petition and calling on our elected officials to stop this unwarranted project from moving forward.
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Petition to NYC MTA, MTA Paratransit Division

Urge the NYC MTA to add a Pregnancy and Family Representative to their Accessibility Board

People interact with one another in public spaces in New York City more than anywhere else in the United States. The majority of New Yorkers are using public transportation daily and ridership is breaking records, and the majority of people living in New York City are also women. And many of them are pregnant or parents. In fact, there is a birth in New York City every 4.4 minutes. Pregnant women experience significant physical changes during pregnancy. These symptoms, even without more serious complications that many women experience, can make public transportation unsafe while standing, especially since the average commute for New Yorkers is just over 40 minutes. That is why maternal and fetal health is a safety issue that needs to be addressed by the MTA. As we’ve seen in the news, even when women are noticeably pregnant, they don’t always get the accommodations they need for a safe ride. The first step toward systemic change is securing a Pregnancy and Family Representative on the MTA’s Accessibility Board. The MTA currently has 15 Accessibility Board members, representing elderly or disabled/differently-abled riders, or both. It is imperative that more be done on a systemic level to protect the health and safety of pregnant women and families in public spaces through increased awareness and accommodations. Our main mode of transportation -- the subway system -- needs to be safe and accessible. UP-STAND is advocating for these changes so that accessibility does not depend on individuals. But we need your help. Join us by signing this petition and calling on the MTA to add a Pregnancy and Family Representative now. Christine Serdjenian YearwoodCEO & Founder, UP-STAND

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Petition to Andrew Cuomo, Mary Bassett, Howard Zucker

Tell Governor Cuomo: Allowing 2x the Level of Lead in Children is Unacceptable!

PROBLEM: New York allows 2x the amount of lead in child blood testing compared to federal guidelines.  This petition aims to correct this. FACTS: Many New York City school water fountains have been found to have higher Lead levels than Flint, Michigan following statewide testing performed December 2016. New York has found over 33,000 school water fountains and faucets that have tested positive for Lead since December 2016. As of March 2017, All NYC Borough Presidents have called on DOE to provide free bottled water and child blood lead tests. Minimal Lead exposure in children has been proven to lower their intelligence quotient (IQ), cause Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), increase aggression, enhance delinquency, decrease rates of childhood growth, cause hearing impairments, and cause infertility. Current New York Childhood testing standards are outdated by more than 5 years - this means what the New York State Department of Health considers "elevated levels" of Lead found in a child's blood is literally 2x higher than the current standard set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  When New York children have 2x the amount of Lead in their blood as is safe, high school graduation rate decreases, and the delinquency rate increases. Both scenarios have proven associations with Lead exposure.  Both scenarios hurt our economy.  We can do better. The CDC considers 5ug/dL of Lead in a child's blood to be considers "elevated." New York State considers 10ug/dL to be "elevated."  The CDC  their standard in January 2012, following the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).  A study by the National Institute of Health projects national savings of $1.2 trillion from costs associated with the proven effects of early childhood Lead exposure on high school graduation rates and on crime.  GOAL: New York’s Childhood Health standards MUST be updated immediately.  Specifically, The New York State Department of Health standard of "elevated levels" of Childhood Blood Lead needs to be updated to match the current standard as defined by the CDC (5ug/dL). Governor Andrew Cuomo must recognize that the voting population of New York is aware and concerned about the Lead exposure situation our children currently face and he must take appropriate action to mitigate these risks. Governor Andrew Cuomo should strongly urge his appointee Howard Zucker, the Commissioner of Health for New York State, as well as Mary Travis Bassett, the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, to prioritize this matter.  The necessary policy changes include the following: Update New York State NYS Public Health Law, Title 10 of Article 13 Section § 1370 so that the definition of "elevated levels" of Childhood Blood Lead lower from 10ug/dL down to 5ug/dL, following the current CDC standards by the end of the calendar school year - June 28, 2017.  Update Pediatrician testing standards and follow up care regarding childhood Lead exposure. Specifically that the New York State protocol set for "elevated levels" of Childhood Blood Lead follows the NHANES updated, lower level of "5ug/dL" and adheres to legal protocol 24 CFR 35.1130 as set to current CDC standards, in compliance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, by June 28, 2017. Develop and send a Public Service Announcement to schools, independent educators, and pediatricians in order to require them to contact parents of all New York residing children who have had positive blood lead test results between 5ug/dL and 9.9ug/dL since 2012, by June 28, 2017.  This enables parents to independently pursue follow-up testing and develop an action plan, if necessary. Develop and send a Public Service Announcement to schools, independent educators, and pediatricians in order to require them to inform all New York residing parents of the updated New York State Elevated Childhood Blood Lead Level definition of "elevated" as 5ug/dL, as initially set by the CDC in 2012. Join us in our Cause! Help to protect our youth and provide them with the promise of a better, safer, and healthier future! If you live in the boroughs of New York City, you can order a free lead test kit to test the water in your home. Click the link below: If your child attends a school in the boroughs of New York City, you can check current available lead test results. Click the link below: Thank You for Your Support! #LeadFreeNYC    @C4AC_NYC   @HealthNYGov

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Petition to Melissa Mark-Viverito

Support HDFC Cooperative Ownership in NYC

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), is proposing a regulatory agreement for Housing Development Fund Corporations (HDFC's), a class of NYC Housing Cooperatives, that will effectively take away much of their autonomy. HDFC's are buildings that were abandoned by landlords, sustained by tenants and converted into cooperatives. There are more than 1,000 HDFC buildings and over 30,000 homeowners in NYC. The residents of these buildings have played a vital role in the stabilization and revitalization of neighborhoods throughout NYC. HPD has proposed a draconian plan to revoke an existing partial tax exemption, set sale price limits and impose other constraints on HDFC's. We urge the NYC Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito and NYC Council Members to reject the proposed regulatory agreement and the premature sunset of the partial tax exemption. Please help stop this proposal which was created without shareholder input. We don't want to lose our autonomy, our equity or our affordability. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AGAINST THE HPD PROPOSAL!!! For more information, please go to the HDFC Coalition website:  Please consider joining the HDFC Coalition.  Joining is free for you and your fellow HDFC shareholders, and allows us to send you updates on the latest developments including meetings in your area. you can do so simply by signing up on our website or simply send an email to OUR STRENGTH IS IN OUR NUMBERS.

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