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STOP! L@@K! & LISTEN: Kansas make it against the law to leave a child in the car alone!

Wednesday January 25th 2017 around 7 p.m. Case #: 17C005650  A 3 year old boy was left alone with 2 of his siblings at the Jumpstart 1535 E. Pawnee Wichita Ks. The Father of said child left these 3 children in his vehicle to run inside the gas station to pay for gas. When he did the child climbed over the seat (they had locks on the back doors) to get out of the vehicle to run to his Father. As he was running through the parking lot a woman in an SUV came into the parking lot and accidentally hit the boy not being able to see him. The child died due to his injuries. This has clearly been investigated by the WPD and are declaring it a tragic/terrible accident. I believe that common sense and logic teaches us that if it's preventable it's not an accident. I have thought about this for 3 days now. If he would of taken his kid/s into the store with him this would of not happened. I believe the woman driving would of seen the Father and avoided the whole incident by seeing the Father and stopping the vehicle but she couldn't with him not present for he is taller and the boy was too short to be seen by her view over the hood of her truck. Anyone can say well this could of happened even if  he had taken him in with him, but then  that would have been an accident at least on the Father's end of it. This clearly is not an accident when the dad was negligent by not bringing his child into the store with him. And he knew his son would get out of the vehicle or at least open the doors by the story of them telling the news that they had installed special locks in the back of their mini van because of this behavior. Why not take the child in with him since he knows it's a possibility that the child could/would get out? I think at this point we need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. We need to make it a law that if you leave your child alone in the car at a certain age determined by the State of Kansas legislatures (or have the people of Kansas vote on it) you will be charged with a crime set forth by the State of Kansas Legislatures.  I think it should be part of the Child endangerment laws that are already being enforced in the State of Kansas. Kansas Statute 21-5601 Article 56. - CRIMES AFFECTING FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS AND CHILDREN. I am in no way saying that this man that left his child is a bad person. I just think that anyone that is responsible for a child that is in their care at any said time shouldn't be left alone in a car for any amount of time and left to die in the heat, cold, or to get out and be ran over, kidnapped or any other tragic thing that could happen. That is not an accident and it is preventable. To our Kansas Legislatures please hear our voices and help save our Children in the future from negligence on the part of the parties responsible.    Sincerely, Kimberley Sloan and The People of Kansas

Kimberley Sloan
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald Trump, Florida Governor, Florida State Senate, Florida State House, Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson, Tom Goodson, Dorothy L. Hukill, Rick Scott


TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS FOR ABUSERS!!!!! 09/29/17 ATT: Donald Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate     What is the point in a trespass or an injunction? Calling the cops or having an open case with DCF because you spoke up about abuse? So many woman are feeling this very exact thing right now. As we speak, I’m being served with papers that will change my 3 year old’s life, & unfortunately, if it goes the wrong way, it could end his life in the same instant! There are moms out there who are being arrested for allowing their significant other to abuse their children. However as we speak, there are other mom’s speaking up about the abuse to their children & themselves, & the court system is awarding the abuser some kind of custody. So throwing the abused children back in harm’s way is the answer??? Even if the courts say supervised visits---- Do you really think the abuser is going to mess up & abuse the child when he knows he’s being watched??? Please explain to me how this is better for the child? All you’re doing is creating a false sense of safety for them until the abuser is alone with that child again. Now they harmed this innocent child so bad, they might not have a future, or worse, they are dead! What is that?? A whoops?? Is that all they are?? What happened to “children are the future”??? Why are good parents, looking out for their children, being ignored in the court system??? I knew from the moment my abuser got me pregnant, that I was trapped & forever his prisoner. It was hard to feel joy during my pregnancy, when I felt condemned to a life sentence with my abuser & taking my children with me. My abuser wasn’t aware at the time, but I was still taking birth control before I found out he got me pregnant. After I found out, as much as I didn’t want to, I had my tubes tied because I never wanted him to get me pregnant again! So because of his abuse, he made me choose something so drastic & so permanent, even though I’m a good mom & I deserve to be happy & have more kids if I wanted. It’s no longer an option. The hell that is my life for 2,555 days & counting, & is still going on, even though I left him & he lost some control over me, he is now trying to regain that control by coming after our child! Even though he’s abused ALL my children & has been negligent to all of them daily. Even though he’s made their lives hell  & has traumatized them all in some way---- I’m being told by my domestic abuse advocate that “unfortunately, as much as you don’t want him to because he’s abusive—he’ll probably still get some kind of custody”.  What message is that sending to woman or their children??? I beg you to help these woman & those children in my situation, this very second! How do they stand a chance at a better life if you have the power to keep these abusers out of their lives, but won’t place a law?? If they want to go later in life & confront them when their 18--- more power to them! But I’m told as a mom, who’s trying to protect my child that I’m responsible for my child’s well-being & if the court system sends him back to hell, in an abusive situation---- how am I protecting him???? I’m fighting like hell for Leland! He’s 3 years old & has a loving mother & two older brothers, who is putting their lives at risk to stand up & fight! I’m fighting for my other children too, who also was abused by this monster & abused me in front of them! I need to be heard! My children need to be heard! If I lose this fight to protect their little brother from his abuser father, I’ve failed all of them because my other kids are worried & scared for their little brother too. They’re counting on me as their security & safety, to protect him, so he don’t end up badly hurt or dead! This has become so personal for me. Not just because there’s no law to protect MY child, but no law to protect ALL the children being sent right back to their abusers, being awarded some kind of custody, after traumatizing their child. This is the very same reason woman feel speaking up about their abuser won’t matter any ways. I’m dedicating my situation & even after, to get the system to listen to these woman & myself, as to not feel so “hopeless”, when it comes to defending our children! All the support sites for abuse & all the stories. These woman are me & I am them! The more I hear them feel its “hopeless”, makes me want to fight much harder! You can ignore me & not help my son from his abuser. You can do the same with all these other woman & their children, who have fear in their eyes. It won’t make it go away! This is a problem! Its innocent lives! At the end of the day I won’t stop being a mother, a street advocate & a fighter! If it means going to the news, the paper, social media & getting every woman’s signature who’s been abused or supports children not being told they have to go back to be abused again---I WILL! I’m a mom & I’m being told the court system wants to put my child at risk again, so am I just supposed to sit by & watch???? I am a damn good mom, who just made a bad decision in a male, but my children & I NEVER asked to be abused & I won’t stop fighting for my children! I WON’T BE SILENCED OR FEAR ANY MORE!!!!  TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS FOR THE ABUSER!!!!!!! DEDICATE A LAW TO THE INNOCENT LIVES!!! MY SON, LELAND & OTHER CHILDREN NEED A CALM AFTER THE STORM!!!!   Sincerely, Angie Eldridge -Mother -Street Advocate -Fighter         

Ang Eldridge
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Indiana Governor, Indiana State Senate, Indiana State House, Mike Pence, Joe Donnelly, Todd Young, Luke Messer, Andre Carson, Susan W. Brooks, Peter J. Visclosky, Eric Holcomb, Donald Trump

New School shooting law "Ella's Law"

Due to the numerous school shootings taking place, the current law needs to be changed.  Simply because someone is fortunate enough to survive this horrific crime, the suspect, due to his age, gets less punishment! If someone has enough drive to create such immediate & long term chaos in what is supposed to be a safe place for children & teachers alike, the punishment should fit the crime!  There needs to be harsher laws/punishment for crimes of this nature! This poor girl, Ella Whistler, was shot SEVEN times & suffered numerous consequential injuries including spinal damage, not to mention the mental anguish her & her family will suffer the rest of their lives & the feelings of being safe are forever gone for them & hundreds of other students & teachers that were involved. Ella's teacher, Jason Seaman, was also shot THREE times & was fortunate enough to still tackle this 13 year old whom had TWO GUNS AND A KNIFE!  There is evidence this 13 yr old planned this & has a known history with guns.  Anyone who commits the crime of shooting at any school or any child oriented place of business, needs to be tried as an adult even if the victim/s survive!  The parents of the said suspect should be charged with the same charges as the current law is written for the minor.  Where is the justice for the victims??!!

Misti Ray
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Petition to Jim Wilson

Support Eric's Law, a law that requires people to report life threatening situations.

Eric's Law is a proposed "Duty to Report" law. It is named after Eric Ashby who was abandoned in the Arkansas River in Fremont County, Colorado on June 28, 2017. Ashby was on an excursion with four other people when he was swept away by the fast, class four rapids. His companions saw him desperately clinging to a rock, but they didn't call for help. They got in Eric's car and drove home and did not report the incident until 10 days later. To date (8/25/2017), Eric has not been found. A body was recovered from the river near Florence, CO (about 15 miles downstream from where Eric went in) and DNA/dental results are pending. The people who left him will not face criminal charges because Colorado's existing duty to report law only extends to instances of child abuse/neglect. A few weeks later, a young man from Arizona was discovered by an early morning dog walker, clinging to a life vest (he was not wearing it) in Vallecito Reservoir, La Plata County, screaming for help. The previous night, he and a companion went out on the reservoir in canoes. At some point, the young men capsized both canoes into the cold, deep water. The companion was able to swim to the shore, but the Arizona man was unable. Instead of immediately summoning help, the companion went home and went to bed. The Arizona man was fortuitously found by the dog walker the next morning after spending nine hours in the reservoir. When he was pulled from the water, he was in very critical condition.  Earlier this year, in Alamosa County, a young woman was abandoned after a horrific head-on collision. The driver of the car she was in did not render aid nor call for rescue. She leaves behind two very beautiful children to mourn her aching loss. That is three separate incidents, in three different counties, all within this year. The callousness presented in these cases is more than reprehensible, but we can make a difference and prevent more senseless deaths from occurring. Please support Eric's Law. It is a proposed "Duty to Report" law that requires anyone who witnesses a dangerous situation where someone's life is in danger to immediately, within the best of their ability, call 911. This is NOT a "Duty to Rescue" law that requires an individual to risk their personal safety, this is just a phone call, something pretty much everyone can do, especially in the age of cell phones. Nine other states already have this law, and we feel it is time for Colorado to step up to the plate. There is absolutely no reason someone, a fellow human being, should be left to die when help is so easily accessible. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please sign this petition and share it with your friends and family. Together, we CAN save lives!  

Misty Morris
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