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The Las Vegas Review-Journal should be honest about marijuana policy

One of the cherished parts of America is the free press that exists to inform and educate the citizens of this great nation. But at times even the free press isn’t really free. That seems to be the case today with Nevada's largest newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In 2014, the Review-Journal published an editorial in support of a proposed statewide ballot measure to end marijuana prohibition. The editorial read in part: “Taxpayers finally seem to understand that spending vast sums of money at the local, state and federal levels on police, prosecutors, public defenders, judges and jails to lock up nonviolent offenders and enable the enrichment of gangs and thugs has done nothing to diminish demand for marijuana. … Bringing all this commerce into the sunshine, and turning all the people who grow, process and sell marijuana into taxpayers, is a far more practical course.” But the Review-Journal was recently purchased by a very wealthy individual who is opposed to making marijuana legal for all adults. He has used his power to force the editorial board to change its position and oppose the ballot measure that the paper endorsed just two years ago. In an embarrassingly outdated editorial published this week, the paper employed Reefer Madness-type hysteria in an attempt to scare Nevada voters. It is wrong for one person to force his will upon a previously independent publication. Help us turn this around by signing this petition to demand that the Review-Journal editorial board be allowed to publish an honest editorial about marijuana.  

Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Nevada – Yes on 2
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