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Exeron Fighters - Season 2

Exeron Fighters Hits Season 2... After Defeating Rell... The Heroes Are Resurrection And Returning Home At Keep Safe. Somewhere In Gateway City.... The New Enemy Resse Copper (Voiced By Ogie Banks) Is The Crime Lord Of In A Large Tower Called "Gravity Escort", He Murdered Morty Saunders (Jacob Two-Two's Father) With The Help Of Quibble Pants, He Made A Deal With Copper, And Starting A Exeron Tournament. First, Justin Malone (Justin Time) An Action Boy With The Aura Power Of The White Diamondback. Second, Buford Orville Gaylord Pugh, A Misfit Friend Of Jacob Two-Two And Animal Friends, His lack of anxiety and worries aren't due to a lack of intelligence, And His Grey Aura Power Of The Racoon. Third, Umbrella Renoir, Older Sister Of Parasoul (Skullgirls). Their mother was the Skullgirls Ten years ago. Umbrella is drawn into the current conflict by a familiar presence. She has grown up sheltered from the full circumstances surrounding her mother's death. What effect will the truth have on her? One strange detail about Umbrella is that some say she bears a resemblance to Peacock. Marie said "she reminds me of an old friend" in Parasoul's story. It is possible that she may have been referring to someone else, but Peacock is the only one who has been shown to have a history with Marie. Umbrella's Aura Power Is The Yellow Squid (Like Her An umbrella-shaped Living Weapon, Krieg.) Fourthly, Girl Jordan, A Friend Of Lincoln Loud, She Has Jealous Of Lincoln's Close Fiend, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Who Start Fighting, But She Befriended With Her, Her Aura Power Is The Lemon Rooster. Fifthly, Gabriela Cordova, Friend Of Sid Marlin, Was Find Quibble Pants Who Attacked Her Mother (Dr. Rosalinda Cordova), And Rainbow Dash Helps With Her, And Her Aura Power Is The Gleamy Pink Flamingo. And Sixth And Final, Jade Chan, a Student-Turned-Section 13 Agent, Like Jackie Chan, She almost always disobeyed his uncle's 's advice to remain in safety since she prefers to accompany him to see him fight; thus she gets into — or even causes — a lot of mischief. Just as often, however, her impulsiveness, quick mind and flexible thinking helps save the day in situations where Jackie’s moderate thinking and sometimes exaggerated caution prove to be a definite hindrance. Jade's most prominent trait is her desire for adventures. Although Jackie is more than glad to have issues with the world's safety done with and stay involved from magic and dangers, Jade constantly seeks excitement through various means. And Her Aura Is The Trinidad (Orange) Dragon. Jacob Two-Two Alongs With His Twins, Shapiro And O'Toole Must Gets Revenge On Reese For Their Dad. Plus... The Consultant Continues Between Johnny Test And Norman Babcock. With New Characters: Brandon Kelps, Ban Man Cask, Derrick Strickerottom, Rage-Daru Kanata, And Sophie Moone. Exeron Fighters Season 2 Is Coming To Mondo Media... Summer 2019. @Charlee817

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