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Petition to Netflix

Tell Netflix to Stop Renting Monkeys for its TV Shows

Netflix’s hit tween show, Alexa and Katie, features a monkey in Season 2, Episode 2. The monkey, named Madison, is shown wearing a cute pink outfit, running around, and playing ball. While this seems harmless, the repercussions of using primate actors are much greater than they may seem. Research shows that when humans and primates are seen together in TV, people are more likely to think of primates as “good pets”. Primates, however, can spread potentially fatal diseases to humans. The Rhesus macaque, a primate that is becoming a more popular exotic pet, is a prime example. A simple scratch could easily spread herpes B, as even captive macaques are likely to have it. Primates frequently suffer grave psychological harms when used for TV. All-too-often, the vital bond between mother and infant is broken when they are taken away for human use. From these traumatic childhoods, primates don’t learn to cope with the burdensome stress of captivity. Instead, they often resort to painful self harm to manage their emotions, such as biting themselves, pulling their own hair, and eating their own feces. Approximately 60% of primate species are endangered. Unfortunately, recent scientific research reveals that simply seeing a primate and a human near each other in the media make people think that these species aren’t endangered. If TV shows continue to show primates interacting with humans, then more people will believe these animals are not in need of our protection. It’s crucial that Netflix stops using primates and weakening conservation efforts. By signing this petition, you can help raise awareness for protecting ourselves, and our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, by encouraging Netflix to cease using primates in their original series.  

Ava Gonzalez
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Petition to Netflix, Reed Hastings

For the Dedicated Viewers of Santa Clarita Diet to Have the Show Renewed by Netflix

Netflix: and also Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix: I, like many others, was intrigued by the show, Santa Clarita Diet.  It was a Netflix original, with a great cast and dynamic, intriguing storyline, action, adventure, love, dark comedy, an element of sci-fi, and made “zombie” culture more fun and entertaining.   The show developed a great following of dedicated viewers, myself included; however, despite the large audience, you have suddenly canceled the show, and on a major cliffhanger at that, which is very unprofessional.  That is no way to do your dedicated viewers, and has scared myself and many others away from starting any other Netflix original series, for fear of their sudden cancelations as well.   We request that you return Santa Clarita Diet, with its original cast, comedic dynamic, wonderful plot line, and at least give it a fourth season to tie up loose ends, and say goodbye in a more appropriate manner, rather than you forcing a sudden cancelation down viewers’/subscribers’ throats.  As dedicated subscribers of your streaming service, you owe your customers, the people, that gratitude.   This also seems to be a poor business decision and judgment upon your part, to cancel something so popular and widely-known, so suddenly.  It has made several people check into other streaming services, where they may be able to acclimate to new stories and characters, without fear of suddenly losing them, or leaving them on cliffhangers.  As a business-minded individual myself, who knows that “the customer is always right,” and as a dedicated fan of this show, which has a large following, we all request that you please renew the show as soon as possible. Sincerely, A Concerned Santa Clarita Diet Enthusiast

Stephanie Goins
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