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Petition to Mediatoon Distribution, Jérôme Alby, Netflix, Ellipsanime

Owners of Code Lyoko: Make a License Agreement for a Continuation on Netflix

Code Lyoko is the only cartoon we know that features both 2D and 3D animations, and it's one of the best and underrated childhood shows on television, but since then, it becomes urgent when our declining community fanbase is on now verge of dying. For those of us who remember the time when we first watched our favorite as a child, we noticed that nothing new has happened since it last aired. Even though the show supposedly ended without a cliffhanger, it still has a lot of potential with William helping the Lyoko Warriors and the lore of the series, including Franz Hopper and Project Carthage. When Cartoon Network decided to pull Code Lyoko off from the cable channel while the rest were sent straight to online, we thought that the series would get a continuation, when the MoonScoop Group’s Facebook account has announced that the show would return for the fifth season, due to a large dedicated fanbase. Unfortunately, we were trick into having an incomplete sequel reboot, known as Code Lyoko: Evolution, which replaces 2D cartoon with live-action for the real world, though it would've overshadowed the original show after ending it in an unresolved cliffhanger. We want a proper continuation with future seasons and episodes of the original series with the classic material of 2D and 3D animations that shall be made by the writers and voice actors who watched the show to resolve the lore of the series, as well as giving the existing main (and their family) and supporting characters in needs of development. Here's The Problem: Code Lyoko doesn’t have a channel or platforming service to obtain the rights for the series. So, the studio cannot make new seasons without a broadcaster. We believe Netflix is the best chance to finish the series as a complete overhaul since it is no stranger to continuing television shows that were previously cut off from a traditional broadcaster. Solution (To Make A Continuation): We must have Ellipsanime (production) and Mediatoon (distributor) who are the current owners of the show to make a licensing agreement with Netflix to stream at least new seasons and episodes of the original Code Lyoko series. We will then need the writers and animators of the studio to watch all 97 episodes that are free to watch on YouTube channel to review and evaluate the lore of the series as well as characters in need of development. We also need to bring back the existing voice actors, writers, animators, and directors who have participated in the show and are still active and recruit the new ones to fulfill for the others who are at least inactive or passed away. Benefit To Who? It will most importantly benefit us as viewers who watched the show as a child and are now teenagers and younger adults that we still cared about our favorite show to get the final answers that we deserve as well as for the younger generation to come. Please sign and share this dedicated petition for an effort to bring Code Lyoko back by making a proper continuation, including at least the real fifth season of the original animated series with no live-action, sequels, or reboots/remakes in any way. Friendly Reminder: To request Code Lyoko on Netflix, click the link here to do your part beyond signing the petition:

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Petition to Bronwen O'Keefe, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Netflix

We Want a "House of Anubis" Season 4 & Spinoff on TeenNick or Netflix

We Have Been Waiting for a Very Long Time (Since 2013) & Would Love to Have "House of Anubis" Season 4 (& Spinoff) .. We Had Multiple Petitions that had Over 9,000 Signatures, But Closed the Petitions because they Gave Up, We Will NOT Give Up on "House of Anubis" .. If Nickelodeon / TeenNick Cant Do It, Then Hopefully Netflix Can.  Just Imagine: If There Was a Season 4 &/or Spinoff , This Would be The Cast: Dexter Lloyd (Jake Davis) Erin Blakewood (Kae Alexander) Cassie Tate (Roxy Fitzgerald) Trudy Rehman (Mina Anwar) Mr. Eric Sweet (Paul Antony-Barber)  Plus More New Students Would arrive at Amun Boarding School And Board Anubis House, Isis House, Mut House or Hathor House.   The Return of Sophia Danae (Claudia Jessie). She will some how no longer be a statue & search the grounds for something hidden by the Frobisher-Smythes..  It Would Teach us more about Louisa Frobisher-Smythe, Who was also cursed by Anubis. We Should get Frequent updates on Robert Frobisher-Smythe (John Sackville) in Egypt.  We Should also get an Update on “The Chosen One” Nina Martin (Nathalia Ramos)  Dexter, Erin, & Cassie to Continue Sibuna!  Someone who takes over Victor’s Old Job & lives in Anubis House. The New hire should have some connection with Anubis House.  There Should be a Mystery within all Other Boarding House (Isis, Mut, & Hathor) -@RealSeanSmart

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