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Petition to Thunderbird Entertainment, Dan Signer, Netflix

Some Assembly Required Reunion

The YTV/Netflix original TV show Some Assembly Required was an enormous show for me to watch on my streaming console since I've started during the summer of 2017. Then, I've learned from the show's production company Thunderbird that they’re no longer doing production ‘cuz it was done after three seasons on the air in Canada and I was thinking of helping them with 1 episode, but it was too late. I know how it felt for them to end a show after a long run, but things had to change. Here’s a reason why one episode could’ve been made for the show. I've wondered months later if they’d do an episode with a spoof or twist on The Wizard of Oz and the SAR cast as corresponding characters from the movie like:  Geneva Hayes (Sydney Scotia): Dorothy Jarvis Raines (Kolton Stewart): Scarecrow Bowie Sherman (Harrison Houde): Tin Man Aster Vanderburg (Travis Turner): Cowardly Lion Piper Gray (Charlie Storwick): Good Witch Malcolm “Knox” Knoxford (Dylan Playfair): Emerald City Guard Candace Wheeler (Ellie Harvie): Wicked Witch of the West P. Everett Knickknack (Russell Roberts): The Great & Powerful Oz Think about it. If this would involve a reunion movie, I want to help bring this plot to it and would be enjoyable for all fans to watch. If you'd concur, we'd ask Netflix & Thunderbird Entertainment to make this possible with the right amount of signatures around this petition. If you've really enjoyed the show nationwide, please support this and don't worry about what they're about to say once it's passed on. It would be great to see the cast from the show back together in a movie full of adventure, laughs and friendship. So, let's make this work with your voices heard for any fan who enjoys Some Assembly on Netflix or YTV. We can do it! Sign, share & support! #SomeAssemblyOz #SomeAssemblyReunion

Alex Dillard
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Petition to Netflix, Nickelodeon

Prevent Netflix and Nickelodeon from Creating Squidward Spinoff Show

It has been almost two decades since the golden era of Spongebob aired on Nickelodeon. The first three seasons embodied the pinnacle of animated entertainment: material suitable for children, but wholesomely enjoyable for all ages. Spongebob, the doe-eyed, jubilant fry-cook was who we related to as kids. Squidward however, was who we related to as adults. Irritable, tired, and burdened with failure with most things he attempted. Spongebob's optimism and Squidward's pessimism created the chaotic and wildly enjoyable dichotomy we all loved. Surely, most Spongebob fans would love more content with Squidward, but after 9 Spongebob seasons that have essentially all decreased in quality, Nickelodeon cannot continue relying on Spongebob and friends to keep the channel profitable.  Long before the unfortunate passing of creator Stephen Hillenburg in late 2018, Hillenburg adamantly stated his aversion to Spongebob spinoffs. He claimed that "the show is about SpongeBob, he’s the core element, and it’s about how he relates to the other characters." As fans, we love all the characters, but Spongebob truly is the player who ties everything together. It stands as a complete act of disrespect to greenlight a spinoff show after waiting for the person who made Spongebob as successful as it is to die so Netflix and Nickelodeon can propagate lazy content.  Spongebob stood for many as an icon of the golden age of Nickelodeon cartoons. We've seen all the classics, and despite the decline of seasons over time, we refuse to allow corporations to further generate content against the wishes of those who made the show what it was in the first place. Let the nostalgic, great memories of  Spongebob (and Squidward!) live on by cancelling Netflix and Nickelodeon's unimaginative and unoriginal Squidward spinoff. 

Jack Stevens
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Petition to Foxtel, Ashley , Jo Porter, Netflix

Attention Compound: Foxtel-Dont Slot Wentworth!!

Attention Compound-Foxtel: Please do not Slot Wentworth!!!! Netflix, Screen Australia, Fremantle,  please help out Wentworth!! Wentworth has just won another Logie Award at the 61st Logie Awards for a consecutive 2 years in a row. Which makes it a total of 6! It was also nominated 18 times. The show has also won an award for Best Outstanding Drama and Most Popular Drama series. As well as awards from the AACTA, ASTRA Award, and also awards from the Monte Carlo TV Festival. This show is PHENOMENAL beyond measure! From the cast members, who are out-of-this-world amazing at what they do, to EVERYTHING & everyone who is all involved to create such a Masterpiece of a show! There is no other show, that captivates you in the way that Wentworth does! It’s a “TV Global Phenomenon! Wentworth is history in the making. It’s main focus is also about women. And how powerful they are what measures they have to take in order to survive in prison. I’m speaking for ALL Wentworth fans all over the world, that WE, Wentworth fanatics, do not what this show to come to an End...just yet! There are still many many more storylines that can be done! It would be CRAZY to end a #1 Hit Drama TV Series that is a Global Phenomenon!! It’s gritty, nail-biting, adrenaline-pumping, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. With its shocking twists & storylines! NO SHOW has EVER done that! Look how many seasons Prisoner had..they had 692 episodes!! That’s what we want to see done with Wentworth or more! I know it can happen. And I know it’s possible! Wentworth is an addictive show! Like literally! You can’t stop watching it! I for one, have rewatched it so many times, it’s the only thing I watch! There’s nothing else on TV that’s worth watching after you see Wentworth! You get so into it, that it makes you feel like your in prison with them and have a bond with them. No show has ever done that! I hope we get LOTS & LOTS &LOTS of supporters to make this happen, and hope we are able to get this reached out to Foxtel, Fremantle, Screen Australia, Netflix, SoHo, Showcase, ABC, 9Network. So to ALL Wentworth fans(worldwide) PLEASE sign & share this petition to keep Wentworth on for more years to come. There’s so much more that can be done! This is the kind of show we have been yearning for! We also need to stand behind for the cast, crew, and everyone else who works hard that continues to make Wentworth the Brilliant show that it is! So please sign & share this petition on ALL social media accounts! And also contact Foxtel via phone or email. enquiries@foxtelcom.auWe need at least 5,000 signatures to get this on Media news outlets! We CAN do this! There’s no better fans then Wentworth fans!! #DontSlotWentWorth #TheresSoMuchMoreThatCanBeDone #FoxtelPleaseKeepWentworthGoing #WeLoveOurWentWorth #MOSTAMAZINGSHOWEVER #1HitTVDramaSeriesPhenomenonGlobally #WeLoveYou #ThankYouForYourSupportWithThisPetition #LetsGet2000OrMoreSignatures #WeCanDoThis #LetsDoThisToKeepWentWorthOnTheAirForMore#YearsToCome #WentworthFansAreTheBest            

Ashley Banks
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