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Save Hanazuki: Full of Treasures!

Hasbro's Hanazuki: Full of Treasures was a very unique show that i have ever saw, from when I first watched it around a winter's day back around January 27th and has went on to having comic books, toys and a Short film that premiered with My Little Pony: The Movie back on October 6th, 2017. After about a year of hiatus and its move from YouTube to television, Discovery Family has decided to call it quits to Hanazuki and has removed it from their lineup, replacing it with reruns of Saban's Luna Petunia and Popples.   This will put the entire series' future at risk of being shelved at the hands of Hasbro, It's time for Hasbro to put the series in its future home on Netflix in an effort to continue the adventures of our Moody Moonflower!  Sign this petition and tell Hasbro  to #SaveHanazuki for every one to see! Good luck and May the Moonflower moods shine upon us all!!!!   UPDATE: September 28th, 2019: Despite the long waits and excitement over Season 3 of #Hanazuki and the feature film, Hasbro has made a terrible mistake by not greenlighting Season 3 of Hanazuki, putting the series at risk of cancellation. With the petition numbers climbing to 119 signatures, The efforts to #SaveHanazuki has never been such a unique idea until now! UPDATE 2: (October 4, 2019): With 145 signatures and still growing, I have yet to decide to target WildBrain Studios Vancouver (as one of the animation studios that is suitable to animate the eight remaining episodes of Hanazuki season 2, the Fifteen shorts and Hanazuki Season 3, and the Hanazuki movie with Paramount), as the studio (formerly Studio B Productions) has been capable of animating 2D shows with Adobe Animate and Toon Boom Harmony.  UPDATE 3: (October 9, 2019): With 160 signatures and counting, an shocking discovery was made when the website of the Hanazuki franchise was removed from Hasbro, signaling a possible cancellation of the series. This is an important task to Bring back Hanazuki!    UPDATE 4: (October 30, 2019): With 348 signatures and counting, I would want to thank everyone of the Hanazuki fans and supporters for the continued support to #SaveHanazuki! keep going!   UPDATE 5: (December 4, 2019): With 436 signatures and counting, I thank more people for signing this petition! To continue this support, be sure to chip up to $20 to promote this petition up to 250 times! Good Luck! and as always, MAY THE MOONFLOWER MOODS SHINE UPON US ALL!!!   UPDATE 6: (January 10, 2020): With 1,300 signatures now collected, I thought that it is time that we talk about what we have accomplished over the past six months. Ever since I started this petition, it was after four days when Hasbro and Discovery removed the show from Discovery Family's lineup in favor of rerunning Popples, Luna Petunia and other unwanted non-Hasbro produced shows on the lineup. and finally, just before Hasbro acquired Entertainment One on December 30, 2019, we had already been into the 1,000 signature mark, Which was the first milestone we have had since I mentioned about promoting this petition. Join us on Facebook at the first episode of #Hanazuki here: Netflix customer service hotline: 1 (866) 579-7172 Hasbro customer service hotline: 1 (800) 255-5516  

Jeremy Hicks
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