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ALL CREDIT FOR PHOTO: anuanet via @twitter SOURCES: “Why should we still fight for Darklina?” Because in the series is renewed for a season 3, there is a STRONG possibility that Aleksander / The Darkling will be resurrected. We got a few Easter eggs at the end, we see a bee on Zoya's shoulder in the desert? (This is a sign of St. Elizaveta of the Roses). In King of Scars, Elizaveta steals the remains of The Darkling’s body and preserves it in order to try and resurrect him. Although in the show, it seems like Alina (Jessie Mei Li) has honored The Darkling’s wishes by making sure there’s nothing left of him, it seems like there might be a loophole. Nikolai asks Tamar and Tolya to keep a close eye on Ehri until the engagement is announced so she doesn’t try to run or kill herself. He says to keep the real Mayu under close guard at the Little Palace. He wants to question her on her intentions. The Triumvirate asks what Nikolai told Schenk at the ball. He gave him the real plans for their submersibles so the Kerch can build them and use them to help Ravka in the war. Nikolai asks about the Lantsov pretender. The group wants to hear where Nikolai has been and whether they’ve found a cure for his monster. He says they did find one, but it didn’t quite take. Then they bring Yuri in and show them what they discovered on their journey home: He began changing in visage and now looks just like the Darkling. When a fraction of his soul snapped back into Nikolai, the rest latched onto Yuri, his new vessel. Everyone in the room gasps at the familiar, despised face. He looks at those he knows gathered around him and says it’s good to be back. Reasons Why Darklina Deserves a REAL CHANCE: 1. They are only two of them like this is the world. A shadow and sun summoner. They share this inexplicable connection to the other. There will never be anyone like these 2 immortal beings again. They are the last of their kind.    “You were meant to be my balance, Alina. You are the only person in the world who might rule with me, who might keep my powers in check”. - Aleksander  2. The chemistry they share doesn’t involve only sexual attraction. It’s ability to connect on every level. The feeling you are not alone, understood, supported, and accepted for who you are. “I’ve seen who you truly are, and I never turned away. I never will.” – Aleksander “The truth of it rang through me, like calls to like.” – Alina 3. Fans love symbolism. Let's face it, opposites attract. They're "Yin and Yang" and  "Light and Darkness". They have every element in which really showcases their "push and pull" for the other. The "light and dark" dynamic and the "lovers to enemies", is the most intriguing by far.  "The only thing more powerful than you and me: the two of us." - Aleksander  4.  The Potential: A redemption story for Aleksander. How he wants to be a better man because of his love for Alina. Aleksander is really a "gray" shade character instead of a one-dimensional mustache twirling villain. (Ben Barnes has made his version of Aleksander, more complex. nuanced, and misunderstood.) Both Aleksander and Alina, have strived to be better people. They are both victims of severe trauma in the past. (Aleksander loosing Luda. Alina losing both of her parents to the Fold.) They both fought their way out of it and became survivors. 5.  A perfect endgame storyline for Aleksander and Alina, would be the representation of this powerful couple who have literally been through hell and back together. They deserve that chance!!! Giving them the opportunity, to rule together making it a better world for their people, the Grishas. They've have been segregated, hunted and despised, all because of their unique powers. Centuries of being isolated from the rest of the world. It's time to remedy that beginning with Darklina. 6. Darklina deserves some sexy scenes and time in the next season and season 3, permitting. 7.  Ben Barnes shaped Aleksander Morozova / The Darkling character into his own vastly improved version. The character has more depth, layers and personality, we will only accept Ben Barnes. In close, please join us in signing this petition. Thank you so much.

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