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Teen Wolf More Content - Movie - More Seasons

It's no surprise that many of the fans of Teen Wolf are teenagers who struggle with mental health issues. Tyler Posey said it himself, the show saves lives. Even his own. And my own. And many many others. What I'm terrified for, is if the show comes to an end and many people feel like they don't have that release anymore, or their little escape to Beacon Hills one hour a week. Since the news of the show coming to an end, many people recovering from depression have fallen back into it. People are suicidal, they're self harming, they can't eat or sleep, they can't stop crying, they can't focus on anything important anymore. I realise that the current actors on the show are older and want to move on, but many people think the show would do well if Liam & Mason took over the role of Scott & Stiles, creating their own pack and protecting Beacon Hills. Some of the other actors could even come back to help if there's a big problem, or even come back for some kind of Christmas special. The thought of the show ending terrifies me and many others. It's broken hearts, because it's their fantasy. I do think the show could live on for another while and give some others a chance in the spotlight. People have even spoke about a love triangle between Corey, Mason & Brett. It would be fun to see Liam as the alpha with a pack made up of some of the chimeras. Viewers just need to see familiar faces. I wouldn't mind just being able to see the characters do fun things every once in a while. Like, celebrating Christmas, going to the beach, arcades, playing silly games like 'spin the bottle' or 'truth or dare', playing twister etc. Just being teenagers/young adults. What about the history of the first ever werewolf? There's so many more plots that can be explored. Some of the older adult characters in the show love telling a good story, everyone loves hearing about a good bit of history. Many new people have begun watching the show just as it's about to end. The only way we can watch it is online In the U.K. Warious re-runs occasionally broadcast on the likes of Sky or 5*. We would help with the ratings if we could. Another thing; A Teen Wolf movie? This idea should definitely be pursued. Something fans can re-watch over and over again, maybe a few old characters would come back for one huge final battle in a movie.  The news of the show ending was unexpected, as the TV show has always been very successful, with an average of 1.5 million live viewers and 8 million online viewers. It came as a massive heart-breaking blow to fans, not just because they were faced with having to say goodbye to their favourite characters, but because the show was still going strong and was full of life, with many more stories to tell. We also ask Netflix to consider saving Teen Wolf. We choose Netflix because it is one of the biggest media streaming services in the world and is therefore accessible to millions of fans worldwide who would be able to carry on watching the story lines of their favourite characters play out.

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