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Petition to City of Newnan, Newnan Police Department, Keith Brady

NEWNAN: Do not host the National Socialist Movement's rally

Newnan, Georgia has agreed to allow the National Socialist movement to meet and rally in Greenville Park on April 21st. The National Socialist Movement is a neo-nazi organization. By allowing their rally in Newnan, the city is showing complacency in the bigotry and hate crimes committed by white supremacists. Newnan should be a welcoming place for all races of people. We live in a society already plagued by social injustices, terrorism, and hatred. Why allow that in our city? Why accept that sort of behavior?  Together we have to make sure Newnan is a safe and accepting place. Hosting a white nationalist group is toxic for everyone involved. We cannot be the city that allows hatred and discrimination, especially when roughly 47% of the population is nonwhite. Allowing the NSM into Newnan shows that people of color are not welcome. By not allowing the NSM and other extremist groups to organize, the city shows that that sort of thought process will not be tolerated and does not represent our community as a whole. Having the rally will only make Newnan seem unwelcoming and hateful with the implied support of neo-nazism. The NSM will be the representation of our town on April 21st. We cannot stand idly by while a hate group holds a demonstration. This rally affects all of us as the events in a city are typically tied to the people who live there. We are not neo-nazis, nor will we allow neo-nazis to gather here. In addition to signing this petition, I urge you to gather friends and family in support of a counter-protest in any way possible to stand against white supremacy and support Downtown Newnan businesses as small stores close in relation to the protest occurring.  

Rachel Cox
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Petition to Jamie Wilson, Denton Independent School District

Denton Independent School District must do more.

Eric Hauser self-published a children’s book that has MANY references to the alt-right, white nationalists, and white supremacy. The book is titled, “The Adventures of Pepe and Pede”. Pepe the frog is a meme that the alt-right coopted. In the book Pepe and Pede are trying to bring law and order to “Wishington Farm” by defeating a bearded Alligator named “Alkah”.   Here are some quotes directly from the book,   Inside cover page: “This book is dedicated to my fellow centipedes. May we never tire of winning” Page 5: “They ascended Kek Cliff onto Patriots Plateau….” Page 6: “Not a blossom in sight for the last eight years. But now it was starting to grow.” Page 9: “And it’s not just Alkah, it’s his minions too, and they are overtaking our land..”   The use of the title centipede, or “Pede” was adopted as a name for Trump supporters, especially from within r/The_Donald, it originated in a video that compared Trump to centipedes. Pepe the Frog-  Pepe has been so thoroughly co-opted into an icon of the cyber Trump empire that Trump himself retweeted a Pepe meme. The Anti-Defamation League officially lists Pepe as a hate symbol. Kek- Kek was adopted as a word of praise by white supremacists. “Kek, in the alt-right’s telling, is the “deity” of the semi-ironic “religion” the white nationalist movement has created for itself online – partly for amusement, as a way to troll liberals and self-righteous conservatives both, and to make a kind of political point. He is a god of chaos and darkness.” More here à   This book is a piece of alt-right propaganda marketed towards children. There is proof that Hauser knew what he was writing, when he wrote it. He also blatantly lied and said he knew that Pepe was a conservative meme but he didn’t know Pepe was affiliated with the alt-right – which is a complete and utter fabrication. He knew, he dedicated the book to his fellow centipedes, his characters are alt-right mascots, and his villain is obviously supposed to symbolize “Allah”. Even the district spokesperson couldn’t do their research and said, “He wasn’t aware of the character’s affiliation” Hauser has been “reassigned” thanks to Andy Boyd and everyone that signed his original petition ( ) and will no longer act as assistant principal, but that is not enough. Eric T. Hauser needs to be fired- and we shouldn’t stop fighting until that becomes the reality. Thank you for signing the petition. <3

Kat Ralph
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