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Petition to The Prime Minister of Sweden, Speaker of the Riksdag, Prosecutor-General of Sweden

The Time Has Come for Sweden to Outlaw the Neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement

We call upon the government of Sweden to utilize all available legal measures to outlaw the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) and similar neo-Nazi organizations in Sweden which implement militaristic activities with the ideological goal of persecuting or inciting against others. The NRM is Sweden’s most violent neo-Nazi movement, with an extensive track record of public actions carried out with the sole purpose of spreading its brand of far-right nationalism, seeking to eliminate minority ethnic and religious groups from Sweden’s diverse social fabric. It is also a registered political party, giving it a legitimacy that cannot and should not be tolerated. Chapter 2, Section 24 of Sweden’s Instrument of Government states: Freedom of assembly and demonstration may be limited by reason of order and safety at the time of the gathering or demonstration or to traffic. In other respects, these freedoms may be restricted solely for reasons of national security or for the purpose of combating epidemics. Freedom of association may be restricted only in respect of associations whose activities are of a military or similar nature or involve persecution of a public ethnic group, skin color or similar situations. Over the last few years, NRM has repeatedly incited against minority groups, clad in dark clothing to underscore its militaristic intentions: In 2015, three NRM members attacked innocent refugees with bombs and incendiary devices, critically wounding one.   In 2017, the NRM organized a militant march on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, routed past the main synagogue in Gothenburg, to terrify Jews and others. NRM sympathizers repeatedly terrorized the small Jewish community in Umea, ultimately forcing the closure of its center in 2017. NRM continues to publish videos in which it portrays itself as the ideological heirs of Hitler and the Nazi Party, glorifying the Nazi message, and vociferously denying the Holocaust. NRM’s presence was highly noticeable during this year’s events at Sweden’s annual political festival, the Almedalen Week, in which movement supporters committed criminal actions against festival participants, including assault. NRM’s continued operations within a legal framework are an affront to the strong democratic values enshrined within Sweden’s constitution. The movement has been banned in Finland since November 2017. It is time for Sweden to take a stand against extremism of all kinds and ensure that there is no place for neo-Nazis in society. Together, let’s put a stop to the Nordic Resistance Movement.

World Jewish Congress
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Petition to City of Newnan, Newnan Police Department, Keith Brady

NEWNAN: Do not host the National Socialist Movement's rally

Newnan, Georgia has agreed to allow the National Socialist movement to meet and rally in Greenville Park on April 21st. The National Socialist Movement is a neo-nazi organization. By allowing their rally in Newnan, the city is showing complacency in the bigotry and hate crimes committed by white supremacists. Newnan should be a welcoming place for all races of people. We live in a society already plagued by social injustices, terrorism, and hatred. Why allow that in our city? Why accept that sort of behavior?  Together we have to make sure Newnan is a safe and accepting place. Hosting a white nationalist group is toxic for everyone involved. We cannot be the city that allows hatred and discrimination, especially when roughly 47% of the population is nonwhite. Allowing the NSM into Newnan shows that people of color are not welcome. By not allowing the NSM and other extremist groups to organize, the city shows that that sort of thought process will not be tolerated and does not represent our community as a whole. Having the rally will only make Newnan seem unwelcoming and hateful with the implied support of neo-nazism. The NSM will be the representation of our town on April 21st. We cannot stand idly by while a hate group holds a demonstration. This rally affects all of us as the events in a city are typically tied to the people who live there. We are not neo-nazis, nor will we allow neo-nazis to gather here. In addition to signing this petition, I urge you to gather friends and family in support of a counter-protest in any way possible to stand against white supremacy and support Downtown Newnan businesses as small stores close in relation to the protest occurring.  

Rachel Cox
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