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Petition to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Save 'Mundumburrah' and place it on the Heritage Register

Please give your support to protect Mundumburrah Mundumburrah is a home of considerable architectural and well documented historical significance at 41 Drane Street Clayfield.  It is currently being redeveloped as part of a Development Application approved in September 2016.  Approval was given despite there being an application for Heritage Listing lodged with the Brisbane City Council in March 2016, which was apparently overlooked by Council when approving the redevelopment. The home is a substantial dwelling and significant for its contribution to the Drane Street streetscape, being the first home in the block and also the last remaining example of the wealthier Queensland Colonial Pyramid architecture dating from the 1880s to the early 1900s in the street.   Mundumburrah is a late Victorian era timber residence which is important in illustrating the principal characteristics of a distinctly regional, climate-responsive style of architecture.  It has been well maintained and retains most of its original features.  Drane Street Clayfield was so named in 1897, after John William Constantine Drane, who built the house on its current site in 1886.  It remained the only house in the entire block between Railway Parade and Victoria Street until 1920.  John Drane, his wife and children played a significant and well documented role in the early history of Brisbane. Three of the Drane boys served in WW1 but only two returned home.  Few streets in Clayfield are named after prominent residents that actually lived in the street. Arthur Ferry, another prominent figure in early Queensland Government, purchased the property in 1923 and Mundumburrah remained in the Ferry family until 1984. The historical and architectural importance of this property was completely overlooked in approving the development application and a decision on the Heritage Listing Application remains outstanding. As a result we are petitioning the Brisbane Lord Mayor as follows: Dear Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, For your immediate attention:  Mundumburrah 39-41 Drane Street, Clayfield  4011 Built in 1886, this was the first house in the block and is the last remaining example of tin and timber Queensland Colonial Pyramid Architecture. To demonstrate the good faith of your council in adhering to its own Heritage Protection Laws, we, the signatories to this petition, request that: The application sent to on 30 March 2016 to list this unique property on the Heritage Register be acted upon and listed immediately.  Brisbane City Council ensure Mundumburrah will be restored and fully protected in its original context as an integral part of Brisbane and Queensland's Architectural Heritage. Commemorative plaques be placed on the footpath noting Mundumburrah's unique status in Queensland Colonial Pyramid Architecture and naming the prominent citizens who have lived in this home. Please restore our confidence in your good administration of this city. NOTE ON COMPLETING YOUR PETITION ENTRY:  Please be aware that if you would like your name to appear on the petition which goes to the Lord Mayor you must leave the tick in the box 'Display my name and comment on this petition'which appears under the comments section. Otherwise you will only be recorded in the number of 'supporters' on the website (which is great), but your name will not appear on the petition being presented to the Lord Mayor. Thanks again for your support!

Save Mundumburrah
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Petition to Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria

Alphington Railway Bridges - request unobtrusive colours - no multicoloured stripes

[Location: Alphington, Victoria 3078, Australia] Petition to the Level Crossing Removal Authority: Re the two pedestrian and bicycle bridges to be built over the Hurstbridge train line near Grange Road, Alphington: All three of your options presented to the public show multicoloured stripes which are unsuitable for low-key, leafy Alphington. We question the statement on your website that these bridges need to "act as a marker in the landscape", and that "the form and colour signal the bridges as crossing points". The bridges do not need to attract attention in order to fulful their purpose. We request that the three bridges should look unobtrusive, using colours such as soft greens, browns and greys, in a fluid, natural design (not stripes) such as gum leaves and gumnuts on a plain background. For an example of a style that suits this area, we would draw your attention to the mural of gum trees, birds etc on the front wall of 86 Wingrove Street, Alphington (on the corner of Toolangi Road) opposite the railway line just near one of the two bridges in question. Another example might be the entrance to the EastLink's Mullum Mullum Tunnel. We also request that the high fences along the railway track be of a colour which blends with the environment (such as Colorbond Rivergum Green). ______ MORE ACTION - if you wish to voice your opinion in person:   - Call: 1800 762 667  - Email:  - To see the options online, go to:  - To fill out the survey online (you will need to register and log in), go to: NOTE: The official deadline for public feedback was 5th March 2017, but it may still be effective to contact the LXRA after this. Thank you!  Marion Gray, Alphington resident

Marion Gray
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