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Petition to Downingtown Post Office

Allow Our Mailman to Give Out Doggie Treats!

One of the highlights of living in the Downingtown Area is that it is such a dog-friendly area. The people and animals are lovely, including the people who help to maintain the bright atmosphere of the community. A favorite among neighbors is our lovely mailman, John, who is kind enough to give out adorable tiny dog treats to our beloved furry family members that he sees in the yard while he delivers mail. He will even leave a treat in the mailboxes of those houses where he knows a dog lives, even when the dog isn't outside at that time. If my dog is inside when John comes with the mail, we will find a teeny little treat slipped in with the mail, secured a rubber band. John's love for the dogs is so heartwarming, and it makes his job much easier for him to do. His passion and love for the dogs is what makes his job something he loves doing, as well as a delight for the neighbors and our pets. However, as of less than a week ago, after years of John doing this for the dogs, a resident in the Downingtown Area complained to John's boss about him giving out the treats, and as a result he is no longer allowed to do this at all. Everyone in the Downingtown area was deeply saddened and devastated upon hearing this news; dogs who have waited anxiously for the return of their favorite mailman after he was on medical leave for a few months will now be so disappointed and confused when they see John give their owners mail without a treat waiting just for them. He has even been leaving personalized notes in mailboxes for people in around the area to apologize and say that he won't be able to give out the dog treats anymore. This is something that John did out of the goodness of his heart, with his own expenses paid for the treats, and this was something he so genuinely enjoyed. He loves meeting the dogs, and carrying out this small act of kindness gives him so much joy while he does his job to help all of the Downingtown community to function in their every day lives. He deserves to be able to keep doing this; one complaint from a resident should not ruin the experience for the entire community: dogs, residents, and mailmen alike. Please sign this petition so we can convince the Downingtown Post Office to let John continue to give out the dog treats, as they have brought so much joy to so many people and their pets. It would be easy enough to simply skip the house of the person who reached out instead of ruining the experience for the Downingtown Area as a whole. Let's help our dogs give John a warm welcome back to work after his leave to continue this act of kindness that he loves so much!!

Ashley Cassel
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Petition to Warrick County Area Plan Commission

Oppose Rezoning of Combs Land to C3

Residents in the proximity of Asbury-Cemetery And Fisherville Rd enjoy a peaceful, rural neighborhood. Most of us reside in subdivisions with covenants. The proposed re-zoning of the parcel from agricultural to C3 is cause for many concerns. 1. The area is residential and agricultural.  2. Asbury-Cemetery and Fisherville are not highways or major arteries. 3. The roads in these neighborhoods deteriorate quickly with the current light residential traffic. 4. Heavy equipment and commercial activity will be a nuisance negatively impacting the beauty, peace and quiet in this residential area Update 20 Aug 2018: Adding this language to clarify as we do not intend obscure the truth.  The APC Executive Director has provided a response indicating there are conditional uses of the property: 1. commercial landscaping business  2. contractor's shop and office Although these conditions may give appearance of care and concern for the residents, it is still commercial activity and it is still permitting storage of heavy construction equipment. Mr. Combs owns and operates a home construction business. Apparently the expectation is that this is a done deal. The building is under construction and significant grading work has been performed. In speaking with a neighbor on Sunday it was said that "Boonville is all politics." Does this mean we do not stand a chance? I hope not!  

Laura Fraser
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