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Stop C-sections with no anesthesia

I had a very healthy low risk pregnancy and was planning on delivering naturally. On 12/30/17 I went to Lake Havasu Regional Medical Center to have my baby. My husband Brian and I went in at 3 am because we felt less movement then normal, after fetal monitoring and an ultrasound they found that our baby girl was perfectly healthy but because I was five days past my due date they were going to keep me at the hospital and induce my labor. At 5 am Dr. Megan Wiese broke my water and they started the oxytocin at 9:05 am. My oxytocin was raised little by little throughout the day but when it got to a 6 my baby went into distress so it was lowered back down for her safety. By that evening my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, I was 80-90% effaced and 7-8 cm dilated. The contractions were strong but my husband and I were breathing through them and managing the pain well. When the night nurse, Lisa Ranger, came in everything started in a downward spiral. She jumped my oxytocin from a 4 to a 10 within half an hour. When my husband saw her raising my oxytocin he told her we weren’t supposed to go above a 6 so we wouldn’t put the baby in distress, she turned the monitor away and told him not to tell me. My contractions went from 2-3 minutes apart to non-stop and unbearable. I had no rest between the contractions and they were so strong I could barely breath through them and I felt like it was putting my baby in danger.  Around 9 pm Dr Wiese came in and said that I needed to get an epidural because I wasn’t relaxed enough for my labor to progress.   At 9:15 Dr Geoffrey Noskar came to give me my epidural while I was still contracting and displayed at an 8. Immediately after I was given the epidural the nurse turned off my oxytocin then told me I would need a c-section because I stopped progressing. I told them to give me more time and that I didn’t want a cesarean. They continued to push a c-section and by early morning my husband and I agreed thinking it would be better to have it planned than to be rushed for an emergency surgery. The epidural beeped that it was low and when we told the nurse she shrugged it off saying there was still some left, then it went empty and we were told that they would give me more in the OR. The anesthesiologist came in with Dr. Wiese to take me down for the surgery. My husband walked beside me as they rolled me down the hall. I remember as they were taking him to get dressed that I was overcome with the strongest feeling to tell him how much I love him because I was going to die. They wheeled me into the operating room and I told the anesthesiologist that I could feel and move my legs and that the epidural wasn’t working anymore. I started shaking, slowly at first then all of a sudden my entire body was shaking uncontrollably. They strapped me down, arms straight to the side so I couldn’t move. Wiese started poking my stomach and asking “can you feel that?” I responded yes to every poke. Barely after I responded they started cutting into me. The unbelievable pain from being cut into is indescribable. I felt everything. I was screaming in more anguish than I knew possible. I couldn’t even hear my screams beyond the pain as I felt them cut deeper and across my abdomen. The blade kept cutting for an eternity. Time no longer existed to me. The only way I can describe it to someone is by saying I felt everything, it was worse than my worst nightmare. I remember at one point the doctor stopped momentarily and said “this isn’t working. She can feel this”. I had a brief moment of “oh please god let it stop” then the hell I was in continued as the surgery continued until finally they put me to sleep. My husbands account of what he saw during the c-section: When I walked in the first thing I saw was my wife with her back arched, arms strapped to the table and her neck straight up wit the back of her head pushing down on the table. Her neck back and head eerily contorted so I could see her face, eyes clenched shut, mouth wide open. The sounds I heard from her put me into another realm. The screams were so powerful I swear I felt pain. I sat down next to her with the anesthesiologist on my right, the surgeon in from of me performing active surgery. I asked the anesthesiologist why she was feeling this much pain. He said “its just some pressure”. I said no. This is not normal. Complete powerlessness came over me as I realize they’re going to let this happen to my dream girl, my perfect wife. I do the only thing I can do, I try to comfort her and let her know I’m there. “I’m with you Amy, I love you” as I caress her face. But Amy is not registering that I’m even there. I’m right next to her touching her and speaking but no response because she is screaming that god awful scream. I knew something was wrong and I sensed the nervousness in the room. I made eye contact with the anesthesiologist and asked “what is happening to my wife?!” He mumbled nervously when the medical director, who was next to the surgeon said “we brought you in because we thought you might be able to calm her down”. I responded firmly “this is not normal. She can feel this”. No one responded. I repeated it two or three more times “this is not normal”. That’s when I saw the anesthesiologist pull out a white bottle. Obvious to me being a pharmacist that it was propofol. Then they forced me to leave the room and my wife. I am in the hall alone for I don’t know how long. They finally bring me my daughter but I am so beside myself that I couldn’t even register what this thing was at first. I’m so sure her mother is dead. I ask the nurse who brought me my girl where is my wife, what is happening, is she ok? She said “weren’t you with her?” I shake my head. She looks confused and says “she should be fine I don’t know ask the nurse”. Over the next two hours I asked everyone, no one would tell me where my wife was or if she was even alive.   When I woke up from the surgery my voice was gone from the screaming and I had excruciating pain on my right buttocks making it difficult to sit or lay down. I felt like someone had placed a bar in the bed where I was laying. Hours after the surgery I finally got to hold my little girl. Heartbroken that we didn’t get to witness the birth of our baby, my husband didn’t get to cut the cord, I didn’t get to have the precious bonding of skin to skin, and we didn’t get to keep the cord blood because the hospital lost it. I now have crippling anxiety and frequent panic attacks. I have trouble sleeping no matter how exhausted I am and when I do sleep I haven’t been able to stop having nightmares. No matter how they start they end with me waking up in cold sweats as I’m either being tortured and killed, or my baby is being killed or taken from me. I got shingles while in the hospital and when I asked about my pain and numbness in my buttocks they shrugged it off.  I am still having throbbing pain every day, it is painful anytime I sit, lay down and exercise. The pain is progressing from my lower back and buttocks to my legs where they will go completely numb and I’m so weak I collapse. I have been diagnosed with post herpetic neuropathy and am waiting to see a neurologist to see why the pain is progressing. My baby girl was born at 4:31 am 12/31/17. What was supposed to be the most special event in our lives ended up being the most horrific. We strongly believe they manipulated the circumstances and put my life and the life of my baby at serious risk for the convenience of time. I was having a non-emergency c-section which Dr Wiese ordered hours before it was even discussed with me.   There was no need for anything to happen the way it did and it all could have been prevented. While I am beyond grateful that my baby is healthy what happened to me is not okay. I know I am not the only one this has happened to until people start to care I won’t be the last. We live in the United States we should be leading world as the best place to give birth but instead we are amongst the lowest. Pregnant woman are not sick or disabled and they should still be in charge of their body and treated like a person, it’s not just women’s rights its human rights.  Amy Woods  

Amy Woods
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Petition to Sheriff Laurie Smith, Cindy Chavez

Hunger Strike at Santa Clara County Main Jail began April 15, 2018 has now been suspended

On April 15th, 2018 inmates at Santa Clara County Main Jail will once again  start a hunger strike in protest of solitary confinement, grievance system negligence, meaningless classification reviews, among other injustices not remedied by the administration. Here are just a few comments from the prior strike last year that the San Jose Insider published;  As a result, Hirokawa adds, the Sheriff’s Office has seen three avoidable inmate deaths, an escape and other mistakes. “Laurie Smith tries to blame everyone else for these problems, including me, but the public is not buying what she is selling,” he says. Sheriff Smith refutes Hirokawa’s claims. “Hirokawa is wrong,” she says. “We are fixing his problems and he knows it. Further, we do not allow gangs to run the jails—and some of them could stand to lose a little weight. We will give their fresh food to the Salvation Army again. There are hungry people who committed no crimes and deserve a dinner.” Please sign the petition so that we can help our loved one's receive the proper treatment. They shouldn't need to starve themselves and have their food that was purchased by their  friends or family to be thrown away as it was never given to the salvation army.  Let's help make a difference to get their demands met and put an end to these hunger strikes!   Call/email these numbers with messages of concern during Hunger Strike to show your support. Thank you! Sheriff Administration:(408) Board of Supervisors:(408) Call the Main Jail Medical (408) 808-5200 & Elmwood Medical (408) 957-5360 to ask that they check on the condition of the hunger strikers receive medical care.

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