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Demanding EQUAL CUT-OFF PERCENTILE for all categories in NEET MBBS/BDS

Nearly 80% of SC, ST and OBC who cracked NEET 2019 cleared the cut-off meant for general-category students and showed that they didn't need any relaxation in qualifying marks. Nearly 82 per cent of the successful Dalit, tribal and OBC candidates in National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), 2020 have cleared the cut-off set for their general category peers, debunking the “lack-of-merit” slur What these numbers clearly show is that the "underpriveleged" communities are no longer as underpriveleged as they were more than 7 decades back when they were protected by the law, at least in the education sector, in terms of resources or opportunities. So, is the laxation in cut-off marks really justified? Where do the 'equality' slogans go when it comes to this situation? The second article says : "All the 4.03 lakh SC, ST and OBC students with percentile scores of 50 or above in 2020 will be eligible for general category seats, and those that succeed in bagging such seats will have freed up reserved seats for their less successful brethren" This trend isn't new. It has happened in 2019 (first article's link) and has probably been happening for some time. What is this? Some sort of opportunity to take advantage of the rights they were given to help them overcome the discrimination, lack of opportunity and resources you have been facing since years? Not only this, who is going to talk about those families in unreserved categories whose children worked harder but got their seats given to the 'less successful brethren' of the 'reserved category candidates who will be eligible for general category seats'? Or does everyone think that they are not humans anymore?Or that they require much less hardwork? Why does nobody talk openly about them? I call upon all the responsible citizens, especially the youths who have been living in the new world with much less discrimination, of this country who truly believe in merit-based opportunities to sign this petition to achieve the SAME CUT-OFF PERCENTILE all over India for NEET 2020 who have the same dream of becoming a successful medical professional and not support category based discrimination.   I will probably recieve a lot of hate comments and emails for this. But I am not afraid. EVERYONE has the right to speech in a democracy. And thankfully, there are no reservations for that. So, DON'T BE AFRAID. It's time we demand the right thing and not follow what we have been taught for generations.  

Mrudula Bhalke
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