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Petition to United States Congress

Designate Neo-Nazis / Alt Right As Terror Organizations

Take away free speech laws from AltRight / Neo-Nazis - stop incitement - enable FBI to arrest criminals. As you read this petition, American Nazis / Alt Right are terrorizing Jewish families and their friends in Whitefish, Montana. They have threatened to bring automatic weapons to a planned march.  The city of Whitefish argues that they will have to allow these racist Nazi thugs into their town based on "free speech".Incitement to murder and or harm Jews and other minorities is not free speech.The Jewish families of Whitefish and the businesses that they are associated with have all been targeted online with death threats.  Nazi / Alt Right terrorism is not limited to Montana. In January and February 2017, Jewish Centers across the country were targeted with bomb threats. Hundreds of Jewish graves destroyed.  More than 150 neo-Nazis and white supremacists, many of them armed, staged a rally in April in a Kentucky county that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Benjamin McDowell, 29, was arrested by FBI agents after he purchased a gun from an undercover agent in South Carolina, McDowell planned a massive terror attack on a synagogue. Have we not learned anything about Nazis?Have we forgotten the brutal history of the Nazi Party - 11 million murdered in World War Two as the result of racist hate?The Nazis of 2017 have the same agenda as the Nazis of 1938.In addition, the Nazis of 2017 have aligned themselves with the Hamas Islamic terror organization (Jihad) to achieve their global and domestic goals. We recognize that many did not live through nor experience the original Nazi genocidal era. So we ask you to think of the evil of ISIS and the efforts that modern Nazis are making to associate with them and Hamas. We are taking this action as the United Kingdom has recently declared the Neo-Nazi, anti-semitic group "National Action" as a terror organization under the Terrorism Act 2000. It is now a criminal offense to recruit for, be a member of or in any way support a Neo-Nazi group including displaying Nazi or Nazi supporting flags, posters or banners. We are taking this action as SPLC on behalf of Jewish Montana resident Tanya Gersh and her family file charges relating to death threats, criminal harassment against the editor of the largest hate publication in the USA - the Nazi online site The Daily Stormer. See: We kindly request of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate to designate the American Nazi Party AKA National Socialist White People's Party aka National Policy Institute as terror organizations. This present and clear danger to the welfare, protection and safety of American citizens needs to be addressed without delay. PLEASE SHARE: /

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Petition to Mayor Ted Wheeler

Demand The Resignation of Portland Police Captain Mark Kruger, Nazi Sympathizer

This past election showed us that anything is possible. The rise and resurgence of nationalism and fascism, deceit and trickery on the part of our political parties, and the very fragile nature of our democracy. It's also shown us that the fight to defend that democracy is in our hands, in our streets, and in our communities. Let's start in our own backyards, right here, right now. All of the wars, unrest, strife, discrimination, hatred, oppression have been battles in the longstanding war between love and fear. This past November, fear won this round. But they won't win the war. Let's mobilize and make our communities places of love. Right here, right now. Portland Police Captain Mark Kruger erected personal plaques to five fallen Nazi Soldiers in Rocky Butte park while employed by the Police Bureau. Kruger is known as a 'Nazi Sympathizer' by many, and for not having any tolerance "with political dissent from the left." Kruger has admitted to owning Nazi paraphernalia, and there are YouTube videos of him in Nazi military dress, things he chalks up to a passion for historical re-enactment. In fact that's him, posing in Nazi uniform above. Cuts a dashing figure, doesn't he? This mustn't be as harmless as he would have us believe, or why would he have taken the plaques down after a friend (who accused both him and the city of a 'cover-up') told authorities about them, and hidden them away in the city attorney's office? The office refused to release them while Capt. Kruger was being investigated between 2002-2005 for using gratuitous force during anti-war protests,  and settled the disputes out of court without ever furnishing the plaques. Smells like a cover-up to me... Indeed, an officer on the Police Review Board overseeing Kruger's case stated that given "Kruger's degree in history and extensive study of German history, Kruger should have known that memorializing "a Waffen SS member and the commander of a battalion responsible for a large-scale massacre of prisoners of war could alarm a member of the public familiar with these historical events." That's right, these plaques memorialized an SS officer, and the commander of a regiment responsible for the murder of thousands of political prisoners. As part of a settlement in 2014, he had both his suspension for those plaques, and for the harassment of a female colleague scrubbed from his personal record. Hell of a hobby. Sounds totally harmless! Not. So, are we going to allow people with divisive and backwards views like this oversee efforts to keep our communities safe and fair? How safe and fair can they be when protected by people who don't value the lives of those they serve equally? We in America have no room for that. It's a New Year. Out with the old hate and beliefs, in the with the new movement of love, unity, and respect.  We the people of Portland demand newly-elected Mayor Ted Wheeler uphold the values of tolerance, equality, democracy, and love by forcing the resignation of Capt. Kruger and showing we have no room for beliefs like his in our communities, our hearts, our homes. Add your name and let's get this done.  READ MORE: 

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