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Petition to Newcastle city council

Don't Hem in Havannah

Newcastle Great Park Consortium wants to build 1,200 houses and two schools within metres of Havannah and Three Hills Nature Reserve, in Newcastle upon Tyne. Havannah and Three Hills is a designated Local Nature Reserve and Local Wildlife Site and a last haven for red squirrels in Newcastle. Several protected species, including birds, bats, badgers and great crested newt depend on the reserve and surrounding fields, which are used by several threatened bird species, including skylark, linnet, curlew, lapwing, yellow hammer and grey partridge. Havannah is one of only two areas of lowland heath in Newcastle and provides habitat for twenty butterfly species – including the rare Dingy Skipper – and hundreds of moth species. Land around the reserve currently acts as a buffer zone between red and grey squirrels. Greys carry the deadly pox virus and outcompete reds for food, but 1,000+ houses with gardens would see the loss of this important buffer zone and grey squirrels would quickly colonise the reserve, wiping out the red squirrels. The proposed number of houses far exceeds the number originally intended for the site. The Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan allocated land for 880 houses - not 1,200. The application is flawed in terms of the principle and legality of the proposed location of playing fields in Cell B1 and the proposed residential development in Cell A.  Increased recreational activity and the introduction of more domestic pets in and around the reserve will have severe adverse effects on wildlife, which will be compounded by light spill, noise and other disturbance.  So many houses in such close proximity to the reserve would devastate local wildlife populations and threaten a nationally significant red squirrel population.  Please sign the petition to ask Newcastle City Council to significantly reduce the proposed number of houses on site and preserve one of Newcastle’s most important wildlife habitats.

Save Newcastle Wildlife
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Petition to Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt

Stop Iceland killing endangered Fin Whales!

  I’m Isabella, I’m 15, and I’ve always loved whales - they are highly intelligent, sentient beings critical to the health of our oceans. I was devastated when I heard that Iceland are hunting the endangered fin whales. That’s why I’m now calling on the UK government to urgently raise the issue with Iceland. The hunt may be taking place in Icelandic waters but the fin whales are highly migratory - which means that the whales now being targeted could be the same animals that have been spotted in Ireland or off the Cornish coast. Just last week two fin whales were spotted at Inverness. Iceland began their hunt in June, aiming to kill over 200 whales for meat. That means right now their fishermen are out killing these majestic animals, even though there’s been an international ban on whale hunting since 1986. Fin whales are the second largest animal on earth. They prevent species overpopulation, regulate food systems and help ocean carbon absorption that could be key to fighting climate change. We can’t just stand by and let them be killed! In recent years, Iceland has become a prime global tourist destination, praised for excellence in social, economic and environmental sustainability. 1 in 5 tourists there go whale watching. This had always been a dream of mine too, but I will not go until Iceland bans whale hunting permanently. Until this happens, I will spend my tourism money in countries that protect wildlife, not those that slaughter it. We must do everything and anything in our power to protect these magnificent creatures. Our government has a duty to raise this issue with Iceland and if enough of us sign this petition we can send out a message that we will not accept the whale hunting to continue and we want it banned permanently. The whale hunting is happening right now, so we need to act quickly! Please sign!      

Isabella Linton
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Petition to El Consejero, El Alcalde, El Director

Salvemos Valdevaqueros, ¡nuestro paraíso natural!

(IN ENGLISH BELOW) Las máquinas excavadoras ya están en Valdevaqueros. Imagínate, el paraíso natural de Valdevaqueros destruido por culpa de un macroaparcamiento para 400 coches y un chiringuito que permitirán a cientos de personas circundar por allí. Tenemos que impedirlo de forma urgente. Yo llegué a España hace 10 años y esta zona me pareció una maravilla; por eso me quedé. No me puedo creer lo que estoy viendo y que estén a punto de destrozarla. Entre todos, debemos frenar esta atrocidad. Por eso te pido que firmes esta petición. En ella le estoy pidiendo al Ayuntamiento de Tarifa y a la Consejería de Medio Ambiente de Andalucía que paralice estas obras. Si continúan, van a tener un impacto terrible sobre el entorno natural y sobre el yacimiento arqueológico romano que hay justo debajo, conocidos como “Mellaria”. Todo proyecto dentro de la Red Natura 2000 debe tener una NO Afección al Parque Natural por exigencia europea y no la tiene. Se nos permite solamente ir a los Juzgados mientras las máquinas están trabajando y hasta que lo logremos, todo estará hecho. No se está respetando las directivas europeas, ni leyes españolas y Constitución española en su artículo 45, pero las obras han comenzando. No tenemos tiempo, es urgente la actuación de todos y todas. Pídele al Ayuntamiento de Tarifa y a la Consejería de Medio Ambiente de Andalucía que paralice la construcción de un macroaparcamiento y un chiringuito en el paraíso de Valdevaqueros.   The diggers are already in Valdevaqueros. Imagine the natural paradise of Valdevaqueros destroyed by a car park for 400 cars and a beach bar for hundreds of people. We have to prevent it urgently. I arrived in Spain 10 years ago and this area seemed magical to me; that's why I stayed. I cannot believe what I am seeing and that they are about to destroy it. Together we must stop this atrocity. That's why I ask you to sign this petition. In it I am asking the Town Council of Tarifa and the Ministry of Environment of Andalusia to stop the construction. If it continues, it will have a terrible impact on the natural environment and on the Roman archaeological site just below, known as "Mellaria". Every project within the Natura 2000 Network must have NO affect on the Natural Park. This project does not meet this European requirement. We can only go to courts while the machines are working and by the time we achieve this, everything will be done. European directives, Spanish laws and article 45 of the Spanish Constitution are not being respected but the works have begun. We do not have time. Everyone must act urgently. Ask the City Council of Tarifa and the Department of Environment of Andalusia to stop the construction of a car park and a beach bar in the paradise of Valdevaqueros.

Harry Stevenson
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