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Petition to Leeanne Enoch, Hon Mark Furner, Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk

STOP Commercial Netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park !

IT’S TIME to end damaging commercial netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park! The Great Sandy Marine Park is THE ONLY Marine Park that allows commercial netting in what “should be” TRUE YELLOW CONSERVATION ZONE AREAS! Ending damaging commercial netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park – which has already been tentatively listed as a World Heritage Area, will bring a much needed boost to an environment deserving of proper marine protection. Using commercial nets to: Target spawning aggregations MUST BE STOPPED Target bream, whiting and flathead in conservation park yellow zones MUST BE STOPPED Target top level predators like mackerel , trevally, barramundi , threadfin salmon and shark MUST BE STOPPED Target low food value but high recreational fishing value fish like Golden Trevally, Snub nosed dart ( Permit ) , Queenfish, Giant Herring etc. MUST BE STOPPED Incidentally catch dugongs and marine turtles is definitely MUST BE STOPPED  NOTE - The Great Sandy Designated Area incorporates areas of conservation park zones in :- Baffle Creek & tributaries The Elliott River & tributaries The Burrum River & tributaries The Mary River & tributaries The Great Sandy Strait and Tin Can Bay Inlet Sign this PETITION to request  Leeanne Enoch MP - Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef and the Palaszczuk State Government to commit to ending destructive commercial netting operations in the Great Sandy Marine Park and adjacent waterways under the current full term 10 year review to restore fish stocks and help protect the Queensland urban coast’s largest dugong population.

Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance Inc
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Irrigators in Support of the Basin Plan

The health of our precious Murray Darling is in our hands. The landmark Murray Darling Basin Plan of 2012, enshrined in law to secure the health of our river system is faltering.  Leadership on the issue has disappeared, old arguments and grudges stifle progress and the Darling is under serious threat from rogue irrigators and alleged corruption. Without a healthy, living river system that delivers good quality water, the long term prosperity of our industry is compromised and life as we know it on the river would be so different. As an irrigator, I cannot stand by and accept that through my industry and the derivation of my own wealth, I leave a debt to future generations and to those down stream of me.  As beneficiaries of the Basin's wealth, we hold considerable responsibility to our nation in care taking these special water places.  In times of drought, I don't want to pass the burden onto other farmers and towns downstream. I want to be a smart irrigator who can do more with less. Our industry is a wealthy and progressive one.  We are constantly adapting to new challenges and quickly changing markets.  Improved commodity prices and greater market access are the keys to our continued profitability, not waging war on the very river that supports us.  With a committed and co-operative approach, we have the ability to tackle these problems head on and deliver a fair water future for our whole community. Let's stop wasting time with the same old arguments, the blame games and argy bargy.  Instead, let's work together on how to best implement the Plan - bringing non-compliant irrigators into line, identifying where communities need support, working through issues collectively and imagining a wonderful and diverse future together. Join me in writing a new chapter in our Basin's history.  This is our once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the story and own the clean green image we so often promote. Tell Malcolm Turnbull that we will not allow our best hope for a healthy and proud farming future to be washed down the drain. Unite for Murray Darling. Support the Basin Plan, implemented on time and in full.

Peta Thornton
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Petition to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Councillor Kate Richards, Councillor Peter Matic

Keep Mount Coot-tha nature spaces green

Mount Coot-tha is valued by local residents as one of Brisbane's best and most iconic green spaces. The Summit serves as a popular tourist destination with views over the city and out to the horizon, while the picnic areas at the base of the mountain form part of the start of the Brisbane River catchment and are popular nature spaces amongst local residents. Brisbane City Council is in the process of 'upgrading facilities' at Simpson's Falls and JC Slaughter Falls and going to tender for a Zipline. The works at Simpson's Falls have just been completed and involve an additional toilet block in the middle of the open space, replacing a sound existing wooden bridge with an over-engineered metal one, creating more picnic tables and bbqs leaving less open space, and laying copious concrete paths, steps, ramps and hand rails, even though wheel chair access is already accomodated at JC Slaughter Falls. This has required a large investment and many physical resources. The next upgrades to JC Slaughter Falls will require similar resources and will result in more concrete pathways, reducing the natural feel of the picnic areas. Council also regularly send maintenance teams to the areas to blow leaves off the existing concrete paths, wasting more resources and creating noise and air pollution, further reducing the nature space left for remaining species. This approach is degrading the environmental values of Mount Coot-tha. We are requesting Council cease the upgrade works to JC Slaughter Falls, and protect the existing green spaces on the mountain from the development of a Zipline. Mount Coot-tha is Brisbane's most iconic green space, let's keep it green.

Inner north west local residents
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Petition to City of Canning Mayor Paul Ng, City of Canning CEO Arthur Kyron, City of Canning Councillor Ben Kunze, City of Canning Councillor Jesse Jacobs, City of Canning Councillor Patrick Hall, City of Canning Councillor Ayse Marti, City of Canning Deputy Mayor Lindsay Holland, City of Canning Councillor David Brown

The residents of Willetton want Public Open Space, not small lot developments.

The long term residents of Delwood Place and Hilltop Rise, Willetton have enjoyed Hilltop Park for decades.  Children living in the area have grown up exploring and discovering nature in the park, residents have woken up to the sounds of birds and other native wildlife and wonderful large trees block the scorching summer sun, allowing backyards to become oasis from the urban heat.   Now the City of Canning has decided that there is potential to sell off a large portion of the Public Open Space in Hilltop Park, to create small housing lots (out of step with the vast majority of suburban Willetton residential lots). This means residents lose their parkland outlook, local kids miss out on a nature zone to explore and learn, and Willetton loses both native vegetation in Public Open Space, as well as trees. Help us fight for what is RIGHT in our suburb, help us SAVE PUBLIC OPEN SPACE that can be enjoyed by all, help us SAVE WILLETTON TREE CANOPY to negate the urban heat effect becoming so prevalent, help us PRESERVE NATURE over allowing small blocks of land replacing trees and resident privacy and help us ensure our kids have access to a wonderful location to DISCOVER NATURE.  Help us in our fight with the City of Canning by signing this petition. PEOPLE POWER WORKS!

Trevor Dreyer
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