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Petition to John Oliver

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver : Please Cover FERC on Your Show!

We, the undersigned, strongly feel LWT should cover the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and how it consistently approves natural gas projects in the US despite how these projects affect people and the environment. To quote one of our supporters: "FERC is a joke, and it belongs on Comedy Central."FERC's background includes eminent domain abuses, massive conflicts of interest with 3rd party contractors, faulty/incomplete review processes, horrific gas compressor/pipeline/storage siting, and millions of US residents with no legal way to fight for their property or health because FERC always has the last word... the last word influenced and funded by the very fossil fuel industries FERC is supposed to be regulating. FERC has rubberstamped fossil fuel projects relying on the outdated Federal Power Act of 1935 and the Natural Gas Act of 1938 for decades. FERC has never said “no”. Among some of the most dangerous projects FERC thinks are A-OK: a gas compressors has been proposed for the most heavily populated and smallest area ever proposed in the US. From a potential explosion to daily operation that would release 61k TONS of pollution per year, the compressor poses untenable dangers from all angles.  FERC is the benevolent parent to fossil fuel companies, approving ever more dangerous projects. That’s FERC’d up. This issue has become even more important after Trump's election as his energy policies and appointees have enabled free reign for fossil fuel companies. John Oliver and Last Week Tonight, please cover FERC. The show is uniquely suited to present this complicated issue. Lives are literally depending on it. Thank you!#FERCisFERCdUP

A Honore
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Petition to Hellervik Oilfield Technologies

Keep a natural gas plant from being constructed in a small rural community in Kentucky.

Background Hellervik Oilfield Technologies based in Fargo, North Dakota has begun construction on a natural gas processing plant located in the heart of a rural residential community in Edmonson County, KY. Approximately two years ago, Hellervik first pursued purchase of a failed ATMOS plant in Rocky Hill, Kentucky. This plant had an enormously negative impact in the community when it was operational. Residents played a key role in the closure of this facility. The community stood together and resisted reopening of this plant in the community. ATMOS dismantled the plant and donated the land to the Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Department. Hellervik then pursued a 9-acre parcel in the Edmonson County Industrial Park that was also unsuccessful. On August 15, 2016, Hellervik posted the following on its website: Hellervik Oilfield Technologies is planning to locate a 5 million cubic feet per day natural gas processing plant on a densely wooded 127-acre site located approximately 7 miles east of the Bowling Green city limits on HWY 31W frontage parcel. This site ensures that the plant will not be visible or audible to any residential parcel in Edmonson County. Hellervik has worked hard to address the concerns voiced by the community regarding the gas plant which previously operated near Rocky Hill. Hellervik also held a town hall meeting in August, in which they again did not disclose the location of the property. They stated that the plant would be located in the county, just off of 31-W, about halfway between the Bowling Green City limits and the Edmonson Industrial Park. A Hellervik Representative said the proposed location is a 127-acre densely wooded area that will house the plant right in the middle of the property. Excavation recently began, and most folks in the community had no idea what was happening until it was complete and reported by the local news media. The proposed location is NOT right in the middle of a 127-acre densely wooded area. It is located right off the highway with residents living very close just to the east and west. Most of the wooded area as described is to the north of the proposed site. The closest residents, a disabled gentleman and his wife, live less than 500 feet from the proposed location, with the site actually being visible from their home.   We ask for you to sign this petition and for your support for the following key reasons: • The processing plant is located in close proximity to many residents (some with small children) and a place of worship. This physical location poses a threat to the health and safety of these residents. • Potential changes in Ambient Noise Levels, and Peak Noise Levels will negatively impact the community.• Property Values will be impacted putting further financial burden on residents. • The processing facility would put pressure to conduct more exploration and possibly have further negative impact that could introduce even more health and safety risks.   On multiple occasions, Hellervik has given the impression that they want to be good community neighbors. We, the people of the community, ask that Hellervik maintain that commitment by taking the following actions: • Move the proposed location away from residential properties in an area where it can have benefit for land owners with gas wells and have no negative impact and significantly less risk on any community. • Conduct a comprehensive study and provide report to the community addressing the items listed below. Provide resolution for any unacceptable results.  Blast Radius (in the event of an explosion, the distance from the explosion that the fire consumes) Thermal Radiation (in the event of fire) Chemical Pollution Noise Pollution Air Quality  Environmental Impact • Maintain a proactive approach and work openly with the community to address any and all issues that arise before the plant is operational.

Deborah Miller
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