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Petition to California State Senate, California State House, Jerry Brown, Jill Stein

As CA is burning - Jerry Brown; Gov. of CA; Immediately Mandate CA power lines be Buried!

With mounting evidence and lawsuits against PG&E power company holding it negligently responsible for the absolutely devasting wildfires in Northern California which have completely destroyed, beyond any and all reconciliation an unfathomably massive portion of California's territories and residencies, and as of 10/13/2017 has killed at least 31 Northern Californians, left over 600 Californians currently “missing”, and that has been burning into complete oblivion and lifeless cinder hundreds of thousands of acres of precious, irreplaceable and indispensable Californian lands, properties, resources and otherwise thriving communities, economies, and ecosystems - whereas it is being identified that the cause of these fires are the failure of and/or damage to the Electrical Resources and Equipment PG&E is contracted and paid to responsibly provide, install, and maintain - We The People of The United States of America, as well as countless other caring and responsible citizens of The Global Community - absolutely implore The Honorable Jerry Brown, Governor of The State of California, as fairly elected steward to its residencies, peoples, and all natural lands within its borders, to immediately and responsibly utilize absolutely any and all Providence and Powers granted to him not only as Governor of California, but also as a Citizen of the Unites States, as a Human Being of decency and conscientiousness and one of activist political nature, and to hold himself to be the capable holder of gubernatorial authority and responsibility for the State of California as he has represented himself to be throughout his tenure - to expediently mandate that any and all possible actions be taken and immediately put into motion to bury safely, sufficiently far underground - any and all power lines, equipment, or physical utilities within the borders of The State of California that can in any way, shape or form be deemed by any reasonable parties whatsoever under any and all physical circumstances to be potentially hazardous to the territories on which they occupy, - whether those potential hazards be natural and probable, natural and improbable, whether they be able to be deemed acts of nature and or deemed to be acts of God - whether they be hazards of negligence, ignorance - acts of vandalism or acts of terrorism. ——   Just ONE story of so many of the horrific victimizations from the gross neglegence of PG&E can be found here:   Woman dies in husband's arms while hiding in swimming pool from California fires - CNN   We call for those with responsibility and authority to action NOW.

Kenneth Preston Goldman
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Petition to CNN, National Media Outlets, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX News

Provide Media Coverage for our US Citizens in the Virgin Islands Disaster Relief Efforts

Over 110,000 American citizens live in the United States Virgin Islands. The Islands of St. Thomas and  St. John have suffered devastating destruction to their homes, businesses, restaurants, resorts, and overall infrastructure. With little to no internet capabilities, no electricity and running water, as well as communication challenges the residents have months and months of rebuilding ahead.   Major news outlets and media sources have given intermittent, if any, coverage at all to this dire situation.  Relief efforts are finally coming in, but more coverage of this situation is desperately needed.  Many of us don't live on island but hold a special place in our hearts these people and their home. Fundraising efforts are underway, but we need more exposure to make this a success.  These people are American citizens, and they need our help! Please help us secure more media coverage of their needs and fundraising opportunities. All we are asking is to include these relief efforts in the landscape of the overall broadcasting.  Those wishing to donate can find three reputable organizations here: St. John Community Foundation: St. John Rescue, Inc.:  St. John Animal Care Center:                  

Mary Smith
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