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Petition to B. Carman

Truth In Education

  Have you heard people say, "America is a country of immigrants", yet you know your ancestors were forcibly brought here? Does it make sense that we detest the memory of southern slave owners, yet hold slave-owning forefathers in highest regard? Did you know that our federal government unethically broke over 150 treaties they'd negotiated and signed with the native tribes? When it comes to truth and transparency in historical education, are your children being taught a bias version of the European colonist? Stop allowing our public schools to lie about American history. Click Here for  TRUTH Click Here for KNOWLEDGE   It should seem evident to anyone who has children enrolled in U.S. public schools, that there is a lack of truthfulness in the manner in which European Settlers are depicted regarding the history and founding of our country.  We are educating everyone's children, not just those who are descended from Europeans.    The history of this country is a complex and, for many, a painfully unethical and unjust one.  There are journals, diaries, bills of sale, treaties, logs, letters, newspapers, flyers, etc. written by those Europeans who witnessed or took part in acts of domestic terrorism upon Natives, Mexicans, and subsequently, Africans.        There were over 150 treaties, negotiated and signed by the federal government and the native people of the time, which were unlawfully broken usually due to the European settlers greed for more land or resources such as gold.  There are numerous accounts of slaughter and even genocide perpetrated by the Europeans as a result of their self-imposed superior status over the native people. The fact that 14 of the forefathers which our schools are teaching children (of all races) to honor and revere, owned slaves. (including Thomas Jefferson, so remembered for writing..."We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal).    I could go on listing examples of deliberate omittance or sanitizations of the truth in our children's education, but I will rest my case on this statement...Never having been faced with the facts about their ancestor's failings or flawed behaviors, we now have generations of European descendants who feel a sense of American ownership.  They see very minimal evidence that people of color made any sacrifices or made any significant contributions to the building of this nation.  I have written a complaint to the NCAC (National Coalition Against Censorship) and am awaiting information on how best to proceed with rectifying this, long ignored racial bias regarding true historical education.    Click HERE for a copy of my complaint.

B Carman
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Petition to Donald Trump

Return Manataka to it's rightful Native American Guardians. Hot Springs National Park.

For thousands of years before the Europeans came to this country, The ancestors of today's Manataka Indians watched over the mountain of Manataka. They saw Manataka as a place of great sacredness and Indians from tribes all over the country would come to Manataka to meet in peace to resolve conflicts, end inter-tribal wars, and be healed by the various springs that ran throughout the valley. There were no weapons or acts of violence allowed in the valley around Manataka. Those who violated the rules of peace were ejected from the valley. For thousands of years peace and harmony ruled the valley that was once filled with rainbows formed within the vapors rising from over two dozen free flowing hot springs. When the Europeans came to Manataka they quickly did as they did in any place they came across native tribes, they quickly took over and pushed out and killed the vast majority of the native residents and then began to build. Over the generations that have passed since then the city of Hot springs has been built surrounding the most sacred parts of Manataka, but the mountain and the area the springs once flowed from still remain under direct governmental control under the title of the National Park Service. This small area of only 8.9 square miles of land remains a sacred site of such importance in the eyes of Native Americans across the county that for the past almost 300 years, they have remained in the background of society, quietly waiting for the time when they will be able to return to the valley of peace and resume their old traditions of meeting in peace for spiritual gatherings and conflict resolution in what is now called Gulpha Gorge. For over a decade they have been petitioning the National Park Service to meet in peace the Gorge for their talks and sings, but they have been rejected time and again. If they try to gather there the park service runs them off with threats and weapons. Returning this 8.9 square mile piece of land to the Manataka Indians would be a huge step forward in a new future where Indians of all tribes and American citizens can set an example for living side by side in peace and harmony, for the Manataka Indians believe all peoples, regardless of color or faith who come to Manataka in the essence of peace are welcome. It is the request of the people who sign this petition that President Donald Trump signs an executive order re-designating the 8.9 square miles now under the control of the National Park Service to an Indian Reserve and sacred grounds, allowing the Manataka Indian counsel to open the pathways for returning their peaceful practice of their faith on the land that has been sacred to them since the dawn of their time. The United States of America is now 3.797 MILLION square miles. Returning 8.9 square miles will also be a giant step forward for a new relationship between the Native Americans and government that once over-ran and nearly erased them from history. It is time for a change. It is time for peace to return to the mountain of Manataka and the healing valley around it.

Pastor Lee Wilkins-Umbower
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Petition to Mark Steffen, Terry Ragins, Martha Deutsch, Don Lee, Michael Wermers

Stop Disrespectful Use of Native American Gear at West High

I am writing to you as an ethnically mixed student with concern over treatment of Native American culture in my high school. As a senior currently attending West High School, over my years here, the immensely disrespectful practices towards the Indigenous peoples of America have become increasingly noticeable. Possessing a Choctaw background, I am frequently made uncomfortable by the use of culturally, historically, and spiritually significant accessories as party costumes. Specifically, I am regarding the adornment of native war bonnets or feather headdresses. West High’s mascot, the “Warrior,” an ambiguous Native American chief, inspires much of the school’s branding to be based upon vaguely native and tribal imagery, which in itself is questionable. Among the various native-inspired pieces, wearing the war bonnet is where it becomes clearly, without a doubt, disrespectful and offensive. Feathered war bonnets have both cultural and spiritual importance. Every single eagle feather has to be earned as a recognition of a grand achievement. Historically, only legendary war heroes and leaders gained the ability to wear a war bonnet, since, as the name implies, they are not simply accessories, they are honors of war. It is nearly the equivalent of being knighted or receiving a Silver Star. Many Americans would be completely outraged if high school students wore mock Purple Heart medals as part of a costume to a school party. Fake war bonnets, as opposed to authentic war bonnets, are even more offensive as it mocks not only the military history, but also the religious meaning in the natural eagle feathers. Each eagle feather, blessed and sacred, serves as a special connection to God. There are a select few students and staff that choose to wear the grossly inappropriate eagle feather war bonnets, labeled simply as headdresses, during school-wide rallies, football games, and even during our first parade. The solution is simple: ban wearing any Native American gear at West High unless it is explicitly to celebrate Native American heritage and culture. In total, there are only about ten people in total who regularly wear the mock war bonnets, meaning there will not be many people affected by this ban yet this will be an enormous step towards respecting diversity and coexisting with indigenous peoples. Being respectful and caring towards an oppressed peoples is more important than trying to maintain a racist party hat.  Please help me, and all the native peoples of America, to stop another instance of indigenous discrimination. Thank you,  Eternia Love Lee 

Eternia Lee
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