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Petition to The NY State legislature, Andrew Cuomo

Return the Cuomo Bridge its original name: The Tappan Zee. That bridge is our history.

UPDATE: A fundraiser was started on December 1, 2017 to support this cause that has already raised over $8,800 from over 300 individuals making small donations to fund a full-blown advertising campaign. We have also recently started a Fundraiser here on as well.  We are now officially Save Our Tappan Zee, Inc., a NY not-for-profit corporation. You can choose to support us via the fundraiser here, or you can read more and also consider supporting us at and ORIGINAL PETITION STORY: In the summer of 2017, the N.Y. State Legislature voted to rename the famous and now rebuilt Tappan Zee Bridge (named for the Tappan Indians and the Dutch) after former NY governor Mario Cuomo.  While Mr. Cuomo may be deserving of something named after him, it should not be at the expense of history, and the original settlers of our land: the Tappan Indians and the Dutch.  And certainly not at taxpayer expense.  The name Tappan Zee has no politics associated with it.  And it properly recognizes the true founders of this land: the Tappan Indians and the Dutch. Plus, it sounds cool to say, “I’m taking the Tappan Zee.”  It does not sound cool to say, “I’m taking the Cuomo.”  Come on people!   Most importantly, we should not recognize the contributions of one in history by destroying a memorial to another.  Out of curiosity, why didn't the tax payers have a direct vote since we are the ones who ultimately paid for it, and will through toll taxes?  Didn’t a large part of the funding come from a FEDERAL grant? That is OUR bridge. America’s bridge. New York’s bridge. Last I checked, Mario Cuomo and his family did not personally contribute hundreds of millions to its construction... It is time for Albany to do the right thing: bring back the former name of the Tappan Zee Bridge. We want our bridge’s name back. In less than one week, I have amassed more than 27,000 names to my petition to return the Indian & Dutch name to the Tappan Zee Bridge. We are furious that the state legislature voted to rename OUR bridge the Cuomo Bridge in the dead of night without any input from the public. In 2008, the famous and historic Triborough Bridge was renamed the RFK. Now the famous and historic Tappan Zee is the Cuomo. What’s next? The GW? The Golden Gate? The Grand Canyon? Politicians should not be able to do this unilaterally. Why aren’t these national landmarks? I know the Journal News has a section devoted specifically to news of the bridge once known as the Tappan Zee Bridge. Isn’t it ironic, that even THEY still call it the Tappan Zee? But not for long. Sure, our older generations may continue calling it the Tappan Zee, but Generation Z? Soon all signs will be changed. In 30 years, the Indian and Dutch heritage that inspired the naming of the bridge will be gone. And for what? For someone who had NOTHING to do with EITHER bridge and provided ZERO personal funding for the bridge. Governor Cuomo states that because it's a new bridge, it deserves a new name.  But that conflicts again with history.  England's London Bridge was destroyed four times and each time, it was rebuilt anew, but the name never changed.  Why?  History.  Place.  Tradition.  Florida's Cape Canaveral was renamed Cape Kennedy only to see its original name returned a few years later.  Why?  History.  Place.  Tradition.  The same should and can happen here.   I hope you will join our collective outrage. We want our bridge back. Immediately.  Sincerely, -Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA P.S. - the original bridge was called the Governor Malcolm Wilson–Tappan Zee Bridge, known commonly as the Tappan Zee. So why can’t the new one be called the Governors Cuomo/Wilson—Tappan Zee Bridge?  In this way, we recognize Cuomo while not destroying the bridge’s true namesake. Why shouldn’t this happen?  The answer: there is NO reason. It should happen immediately, at very minimum. At best, it should just be the Tappan Zee Bridge. MEDIA COVERAGE TO DATE INCLUDES:(Links coming soon.  In meantime, just search Google or Bing)* Front page of the NY Post* Editorial endorsing the petition in the NY Post* The Journal News (multiple articles, including an amazing one sharing the breathtaking contributions of the Tappan Indians on our nation)* CBS 2 TV* Spectrum TV NY* Fios TV NY* The NY Daily News* Hamodia* Pix 11 News** Tarrytown Patch* The Los Angeles Times* The New York Times* The Yeshiva World* NY1* WestFair Online* NewsDay* News 12 Westchester UPDATE: A fundraiser was started on December 1, 2017 to support this cause that has already raised over $4,500 from nearly 200 individuals making small donations. You can read more and also consider supporting us at

Monroe Mann
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Petition to Donald Trump

Return Manataka to it's rightful Native American Guardians. Hot Springs National Park.

For thousands of years before the Europeans came to this country, The ancestors of today's Manataka Indians watched over the mountain of Manataka. They saw Manataka as a place of great sacredness and Indians from tribes all over the country would come to Manataka to meet in peace to resolve conflicts, end inter-tribal wars, and be healed by the various springs that ran throughout the valley. There were no weapons or acts of violence allowed in the valley around Manataka. Those who violated the rules of peace were ejected from the valley. For thousands of years peace and harmony ruled the valley that was once filled with rainbows formed within the vapors rising from over two dozen free flowing hot springs. When the Europeans came to Manataka they quickly did as they did in any place they came across native tribes, they quickly took over and pushed out and killed the vast majority of the native residents and then began to build. Over the generations that have passed since then the city of Hot springs has been built surrounding the most sacred parts of Manataka, but the mountain and the area the springs once flowed from still remain under direct governmental control under the title of the National Park Service. This small area of only 8.9 square miles of land remains a sacred site of such importance in the eyes of Native Americans across the county that for the past almost 300 years, they have remained in the background of society, quietly waiting for the time when they will be able to return to the valley of peace and resume their old traditions of meeting in peace for spiritual gatherings and conflict resolution in what is now called Gulpha Gorge. For over a decade they have been petitioning the National Park Service to meet in peace the Gorge for their talks and sings, but they have been rejected time and again. If they try to gather there the park service runs them off with threats and weapons. Returning this 8.9 square mile piece of land to the Manataka Indians would be a huge step forward in a new future where Indians of all tribes and American citizens can set an example for living side by side in peace and harmony, for the Manataka Indians believe all peoples, regardless of color or faith who come to Manataka in the essence of peace are welcome. It is the request of the people who sign this petition that President Donald Trump signs an executive order re-designating the 8.9 square miles now under the control of the National Park Service to an Indian Reserve and sacred grounds, allowing the Manataka Indian counsel to open the pathways for returning their peaceful practice of their faith on the land that has been sacred to them since the dawn of their time. The United States of America is now 3.797 MILLION square miles. Returning 8.9 square miles will also be a giant step forward for a new relationship between the Native Americans and government that once over-ran and nearly erased them from history. It is time for a change. It is time for peace to return to the mountain of Manataka and the healing valley around it.

Pastor Lee Wilkins-Umbower
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Petition to Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell

Free Leonard Peltier NOW!! Says silenced activist by Democratic party for Leonard Peltier

Dear Friends,      First and foremost, Leonard Peltier remains, and always is, THE STANDING ROCK MOVEMENT, THE LNG MOVEMENT AND ALL NATIVE AMERICAN MOVEMENTS THAT EVER WERE AND EVER ARE.  HE WAS AND IS THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT.  He remains that, no matter what anyone says or does.  They cannot deny it.  LEONARD STARTED THE MOVEMENT OF REVOLUTION FOR THE PEOPLE...TO PROTEST THE HORRIFIC CONDITIONS ON PINE RIDGE AND OTHER RESERVATIONS, TO PROTEST HOW NATIVE AMERICANS ARE IGNORED, ABUSED AND DISREGARDED IN THIS was, and IS LEONARD.  And the Movement started right here in Olympia, Washington, and Leonard had a successful Auto Repair in Seattle.  Leonard, who loves and lives despite the fact that the U.S. government is waiting for him to die off.          As Leonard lays dying in jail, Obama will have to live with the fact that he and the Democrats DID NOTHING for Native American rights.  Leonard Peltier remains in jail since the 1970's when he was framed by the U.S. Government and FBI for shooting two FBI agents.  If you do not know who Leonard Peltier is, please research his case.  IT IS URGENT!! in what remains the largest, disgusting lie and travesty of this government of Native American oppression.   In the Incident at Oglala, it is clearly documented that Leonard was framed for being a peaceful activist for Native American rights.        I remain a silenced, authentic activist for Native American rights and a Bernie Sanders delegate who was heavily silenced and abused by the Democratic party who was terrified that I might actually talk about the real issues of the darkness of Native American oppression. My whole life...all I have done and sought to do is give a voice for Leonard.  Leonard, who is dying in jail whose crime is being Native American, according to America.  Leonard, who just had triple bypass surgery just this year who is horrifically punished for nothing other than being a peaceful activist.  Leonard, whose issue becomes no longer an issue in the forefront, but the "forgotten issue of yesterday". Leonard, who wanted equal rights and wanted to be a voice for the Lakota on Pine Ridge and all Native Americans.  Leonard, my hero.   I was physically threatened, bullied and forced to endure horrific silencing by the Democratic party. The fakes, the inauthentic losers, the kiss ass haters, the "limousine liberals" run rampant in the party and seek to silence me the way they did with Bernie Sanders.     I am 44.  I grew up in an alcoholic home and a thought my life was over at the age of 15, but then I picked up a book on Leonard Peltier and A.I.M.  It changed my life. I figured if Leonard could be a warrior and survive horrible oppression, then I could survive my life.  I went on to protest at the age of 16 and 17 across from the White House for Leonard and then at the age of 19, I walked across the country for Leonard Peltier on the Walk Across for Mother Earth (you can find it on Facebook.) Thank you,  Rebekah

FreeLeonardPeltier Seattle
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Petition to Mark Steffen, Terry Ragins, Martha Deutsch, Don Lee, Michael Wermers

Stop Disrespectful Use of Native American Gear at West High

I am writing to you as an ethnically mixed student with concern over treatment of Native American culture in my high school. As a senior currently attending West High School, over my years here, the immensely disrespectful practices towards the Indigenous peoples of America have become increasingly noticeable. Possessing a Choctaw background, I am frequently made uncomfortable by the use of culturally, historically, and spiritually significant accessories as party costumes. Specifically, I am regarding the adornment of native war bonnets or feather headdresses. West High’s mascot, the “Warrior,” an ambiguous Native American chief, inspires much of the school’s branding to be based upon vaguely native and tribal imagery, which in itself is questionable. Among the various native-inspired pieces, wearing the war bonnet is where it becomes clearly, without a doubt, disrespectful and offensive. Feathered war bonnets have both cultural and spiritual importance. Every single eagle feather has to be earned as a recognition of a grand achievement. Historically, only legendary war heroes and leaders gained the ability to wear a war bonnet, since, as the name implies, they are not simply accessories, they are honors of war. It is nearly the equivalent of being knighted or receiving a Silver Star. Many Americans would be completely outraged if high school students wore mock Purple Heart medals as part of a costume to a school party. Fake war bonnets, as opposed to authentic war bonnets, are even more offensive as it mocks not only the military history, but also the religious meaning in the natural eagle feathers. Each eagle feather, blessed and sacred, serves as a special connection to God. There are a select few students and staff that choose to wear the grossly inappropriate eagle feather war bonnets, labeled simply as headdresses, during school-wide rallies, football games, and even during our first parade. The solution is simple: ban wearing any Native American gear at West High unless it is explicitly to celebrate Native American heritage and culture. In total, there are only about ten people in total who regularly wear the mock war bonnets, meaning there will not be many people affected by this ban yet this will be an enormous step towards respecting diversity and coexisting with indigenous peoples. Being respectful and caring towards an oppressed peoples is more important than trying to maintain a racist party hat.  Please help me, and all the native peoples of America, to stop another instance of indigenous discrimination. Thank you,  Eternia Love Lee 

Eternia Lee
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