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Petition to Judith Enck, Walter Mugdan, Lisa Jackson, Bob Martin, Glen Logan, Andy Hobbs, Samuel Thompson, President of the United States, New Jersey Governor

Save Ringwood State Park! Don’t let Ford Motor Company use it as a toxic landfill!

Save historic Ringwood State Park! Don’t let the government give it away to a notorious polluter! Tell our elected officials and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to require Ford Motor Company to clean up and restore this beloved jewel of the New Jersey State Park system, ensuring it remains as beautiful parkland - and not to a toxic waste landfill threatening the health and safety of the disadvantaged Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe. For background, as part of the cleanup of the Ringwood Mines/Landfill Superfund Site in Ringwood, New Jersey, the polluter, Ford Motor Company, is trying to take back State parkland so they can use it as a toxic dump for their poisonous sludge and drums of leaking chemicals. Ringwood State Park and the neighboring Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe homeland is dotted with former iron mines that once provided iron used in the construction of the United States Capitol Dome and the George Washington Bridge going into New York City. Yet recent testing shows these abandoned mines are leaking, and that the cancer-causing witches brew of toxic sludge and benzene could potentially impact the water supply for over 1 to 2 million people in this watershed! Unfortunately, Ford has been secretly lobbying behind closed doors with the state and federal governments to allow them to take this historic area so they can continue to use it for toxic waste disposal and long-term containment. The goal of this, of course, is to save this global polluter millions of dollars, with scarcely a concern for its impact on the environment and public health. This land belongs to the public! Don’t let them take our land away! Tell our government to REQUIRE Ford to remediate and restore it completely so we can enjoy a safe and healthy State parkland once again! For more info on this fight, visit: and

Edison Wetlands Association
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Petition to John McCain, Orrin Hatch, Doug Ducey, Environmental Protection Agency

Stop the uranium mine at the Grand Canyon

Every year, I visit the majestic waterfalls of Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. People like me come from all over the world and trek 10 miles down just to witness the unrivaled beauty of these irreplaceable landscapes. These places are also a national treasure, and we should be protecting them with everything we’ve got. Instead, a federal judge has given the green-light to the Canyon Mine to reopen and resume uranium mining without the consent or consultation from the Havasupai tribe who live there. The mine could contaminate groundwater, hurt local wildlife, and impact the health of the people in Supai, Arizona.   Those who have come to love this part of the world don’t want to see the traditional homelands of the Havasupai people abused or contaminated. Corporate greed should not win out over indigenous rights, sovereignty, and the environment. I do not want to be swimming in contaminated or radioactive water, nor do I want to see the traditional homelands of the Havasupai people abused with a complete disregard for their tribal sovereignty.  If corporations can get what they want in a place like the Havasupai inside Grand Canyon, then nothing is sacred and off limits anymore.  I am standing in solidarity with Native American nations, environmental groups, and many others who are calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to halt the opening of the Canyon Mine.  This fight is also personal to me. I have not only seen the beauty of these places, but I have also networked with the Havasupai people and have gotten to know some of them. In August of 2008, I almost drowned in a major flash flood that hit the main canyon that made national headline news. People from the Havasupai tribe saved my life. With this petition, I’m hoping I can help repay the gift of life they gave me, and the sharing of their beautiful land with visitors. Let's raise our voices together to put a stop to this insanity. Tell the EPA that we are opposed to the Canyon Mine. It is too risky and must be stopped. Let's defend the beauty and stop those who may attempt to destroy it.

Nathan Cowlishaw
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Petition to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jo-Ellen Darcy, Colonel John W. Henderson

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

I’m 13 years-old and as an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, I’ve lived my whole life by the Missouri River. It runs by my home in Fort Yates North Dakota and my great grandparents original home was along the Missouri River in Cannon Ball. The river is a crucial part of our lives here on the Standing Rock Reservation. But now a private oil company wants to build a pipeline that would cross the Missouri River less than a mile away from the Standing Rock Reservation and if we don’t stop it, it will poison our river and threaten the health of my community when it leaks. My friends and I have played in the river since we were little; my great grandparents raised chickens and horses along it. When the pipeline leaks, it will wipe out plants and animals, ruin our drinking water, and poison the center of community life for the Standing Rock Sioux. In Dakota/Lakota we say “mni Wiconi.” Water is life. Native American people know that water is the first medicine not just for us, but for all human beings living on this earth. The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline would transport 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day, across four states. Oil companies keep telling us that this is perfectly safe, but we’ve learned that that’s a lie: from 2012-2013 alone, there were 300 oil pipeline breaks in the state of North Dakota. With such a high chance that this pipeline will leak, I can only guess that the oil industry keeps pushing for it because they don’t care about our health and safety. It’s like they think our lives are more expendable than others’. So we, the Standing Rock Youth, are taking a stand to be the voice for our community, for our great grandparents, and for Mother Earth. Join us, and sign to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Sincerely, Anna and the Standing Rock Youth Learn more about our campaign at

Anna Lee, Bobbi Jean & the Oceti Sakowin Youth
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