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Rename Russian river

With Russia’s continued aggression to eroding  freedoms and democracies in its own territory and more recently in other sovereign nations like the crisis in Ukraine �� and the cyber attacks here in the United States it’s clear we must cut ties with the Putin regime. The pristine and beautiful gem that is the Russian river here in California may seem insignificant on a large scale but to many Ukrainian and other Americans it’s much more.  *Source from Wikipedia  The Southern Pomo know the river as Ashokawna (ʼaš:oʼkʰawna), "east water place" or "water to the east", and as Bidapte, "big river". Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo and his expedition may have travelled as far north as the Russian River in November 1542 before storms forced them to turn back south towards Monterey. The earliest Slavic name for the river, Slavyanka, appears on a Russian-American Company chart dated 1817. In 1827 the Spanish called it the San Ygnacio, and in 1843 the Spanish land grant referred to it as Rio Grande.The river takes its current name from Russian Ivan Kuskov of the Russian-American Company, who explored the river in the early 19th-century and established the Fort Ross colony 10 mi (16 km)northwest of its mouth. The Russians called it the Slavyanka River, meaning "Slav River". (Slavyanka in Russian means "Slavic woman".) They established three ranches near Fort Ross, one of which, the Kostromitinov Ranch, stretched along the Russian River near the mouth of Willow Creek. The redwoods that lined its banks drew loggers to the river in the late-19th century. There fore in good faith to the native people of California and to true sons and daughters of California it is unconscionable that we keep the name “Russian river” we should come together as one people and rename our beloved water source and area around back to the Pomo peoples title “Ashokawna” or in favor of another similar name like “big river” or “redwood river” or Republic River after the Sonoma republic which laid the foundation and creation of our beautiful Bear Flag Republic

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