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Petition to District of Columbia Parks and Recreation, D.C. Parks and Recreation

DC Parks and Rec: Just let the kids play baseball

D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation "Pay-to-Play" permitting program is robbing D.C. children of the opportunity to experience our national pastime, baseball.  Banneker City Little League was founded to help children learn healthy competition, sportsmanship, work ethic, teamwork, conditioning and muscle-memory fundamentals through our baseball, which provides a progressive continuum of education from Tee-Ball all the way up through Prep, in a healthy, safe and encouraging baseball culture. In addition to teaching children to play, learn, and love the sport of baseball, over the years Banneker City has made over $40,000 in improvements to the public baseball fields in which the league's teams play.  Banneker City recently learned that the D.C. Parks and Recreation is giving preference to adult leagues that pay a premium to play to use the city's public baseball fields.  Banneker is a parent-led, non-for-profit organization with limited funds.  With just a few weeks until spring season is scheduled to start, D.C. Parks and Recreation has pushed Banneker City into a corner by significantly reducing the number of days and access to baseball fields in which the kids can practice and play.  Banneker will have to turn away players and reduce the number of games played in order to accomodate D.C. Parks and Rec "Pay-to-Play" rules.  This means my 8-year-old son likely will not get to play the game he loves if there aren't enough fields for his team on which to practice. He may not even have a team at all if D.C. Parks and Rec gets its way.  We urge D.C. Parks and Rec to expand the number of days and fields in which Banneker City Little League teams play this upcoming spring and beyond.  We the undersigned urge D.C. Parks and Rec to allow the kids to just play baseball in our public fields.  

Miguel Gonzalez
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