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Petition to Donald J. Trump, María Fernanda Espinosa, Muriel Bowser, Eleanor Holmes Norton

Climate Change & You - One step closer

I am a seventh grader. I know that in 10 years, climate change will be unfix-able. We are running out of time. If when I am 23 climate change will be permanent, WE need to fix the major issue that is looming over our past, present, future: the future of the nation and world. Be the voice that pierces through these clouds. Sign this petition so we can show the world how much we care. Climate Change is slowly taking over, and it is our fault. Even if you don't believe in global warming, we all know something is up. Whatever your opinion, we need to investigate. We need to hold the reins of our future. We need to unite, no matter your beliefs. Global Warming & Climate Change are the topics that separate us and our world. But we can unite. We can unite with our worries for the future. I am a member of American's youth, and I know we need to make a change. I know you need to make a change. The first step is to sign your name below. What does it do? Once we reach victory (once I think we have generated enough people to make a change) a letter I wrote demanding change will be sent to the most crucial leaders (leaders who are related to climate change action). Our letter will be in the 1st priority bin. I am proposing different laws to be passed, such as laws banning Styrofoam at restaurants, laws cracking down on companies that waste the Earth's supply of materials.  I am also proposing that leaders supporting new ideas about education about the environment. Education is one of the first steps in making the world a better place. Countries need to education citizens about reducing their carbon foot print etc. This is the first step to making our voices heard.  We are the voices.  We are the future.  Let's get to it.  I believe in us, and you should too.  Sincerely, Nat S.  - Middle Schooler attending a local private school in Washington Dc.

Nat S
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