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Petition to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), Bohinventing LLC, New US mil space program

CORE HYPER DRIVE zero gravity propulsion, (aka known to millions as the W.O.R.P.S drive)

     Hello and thank you for taking a look at my online petition today. It is a bit of a landmark event online petition, in my opinion. The CORE HYPER DRIVE is my companies contribution to "REALISTIC & PRACTICAL" deep space traveling in the entire galaxy, possible now. (Yes, this is serious, and Yes my concept will change how deep spacecraft will be done in the future, as I see it).      It's a 2 STAGE system and I claim it to be "THE FASTEST, MOST SUSTAINABLE," deep space propulsion system to date. Plus from my early research it is best able to deal with extremes of space, (including: temperature & unknown environments  & zero drag/hold gravity), originally designed for zero gravity propulsioning & power generation. Amazingly, it can be made to scale (various sizes) for more than one job, or another and it will work underwater (pending craftsmanship available at time).      STAGE 1: consists of (powerplant/power creation & artificial gyroscopic forces = orbit hold), while STAGE 2 consists of the (actual various thrust propulsioning). Currently there are two types of propulsion power proposed with STAGE 2. (Including: Gas compression/ small engine modalities). I know it sounds lofty to hear it said, but I really am the guy who invented the actual W.O.R.P.S drive we have all learned and watched over the years on star trek, huh? Imagine that one at your next dinner party,      Believe me, or not the CORE HYPER DRIVE was developed while I was working on the CORE DRIVE project. Another modular transport concept from my company. At the time, I was searching for a way to better improve speed & performance in a zero gravity scenario. (click page to learn more). Briefly its an all electric powered modular personal transport invention meant to be the most versatile & interchangeable to date. It turns out the CORE 'HYPER' DRIVE will operate very similarly, but the Hyper drive was meant to operate in zero gravity.      We know from previous expirements gyroscopes tested in the space station sealed environment create hold forces/orbit. The CORE 'HYPER' DRIVE uses this proven science. Since space itself has nearly zero forces we will seal with best gas decided and create artificial orbit, and we know this centrifugal force will die out. This is why the perpetual energy produced with magnetic utility. In this case, opposite polarity makes these higher speeds possible. The artificial centrifugal forces can defy gravity on earth if they are fast enough. This is the guide principle I am bringing to bear, which is essential to making planet/body orbit anywhere in the galaxy possible. In lay man terms, its the reason its a spacecraft, and not some sealed canister in space, (like how its been done). Leaving astronauts at the mercy of their environment, not masters of it. There are some very good reasons why you should VOTE and click your support, as this petition benefits mankind/womankind, gives knowledge banks of yet to be imagined to all humans on earth, and generations to follow...etc. (Note: the W.O.R.P.S drive does function similarly as seen on the show, and somehow the commands also seem to be appropriate, oddly enough),      I am personally writing this online petition to inform & bring awareness to my cause with the intention to kickstart a prototype mini-vessel for testing. Meant to educate, better prove my claims, or disprove the claims made about my invention relating to practical & realistic deep space traveling. In order to be the propulsion system of choice for deep space travel of the future, in my opinion the theory has to be solid and win out over other theories. And yes, we can tell alot from one single flight. Since so few opportunities will ever be given out to create & fly an actual space prototype very few inventors will ever get the chance to test actual prototypes in the actual space environment and I am asking this project be granted such an opportunity.     The prototype cannot be testing for high speed. Problem is on earth speed in a sealed artificial earth vacuum facility is not achievable, nor enormous thrust created work properly in artificial vacuum environment. Thus leaving research inconclusive. You would never leave an astronaut in such a position, why try it with CORE 'HYPER' DRIVE? The CORE HYPER DRIVE creates a new solid platform nearly anywhere even under ZERO gravity as will be encountered in the galaxy. NUCLEAR: Nuclear is another poor option; exposure risk is dangerous to humans, and overall its an unsustainable and will run out, plus temp issues expected leave more uncertainty given truly longer missions, with no ability to regenerate in sight. Therefore, again I like the CORE HYPER DRIVE option ever better. SOLAR: Today solar power is the maybe option today for most satellites. However, satellites do not contain living beings. Plus consider in the zero gravity toss & tumbling of space. There are NO drag forces, and I will use this during test to measure PSI-speed (calibrated PSI from Boh cannon + time = distance) for all future endeavors expected to be encountered in actual spaceflights. Solar power alone does not address at all how to deal with constant rotations/rolling/ toss & tumble found in space. However, the CORE HYPER DRIVE invention does address this issue, and this is why its changed how we will do things up there in the future. Using an artificial gravity-like field from artificial centrifugal forces created, installed at key angles to the ship. This prevents side and sway, but not limit forward thrusting off. I prefer CORE HYPER DRIVE over them all. Solar, since solar sailing & solar power have relatively low output/thrust capability. Meaning they are slow, and can leave astronauts stranded when no direct sunlight exists. (Consider a research mission behind a planet, or consider a new galaxy that does not feature a central sun, or what happens in colder temp environments) What do our best do then? Plus I give you the ability to power smaller probes without the bulky capacitor side. You can think of a CORE 'HYPER' DRIVE like a running battery, so to speak..       When STAGE 1 is operating; Artificial orbit hold is created. This means the spaceship has the ability to hold its position against toss & tumble forces in the galaxy. This is called the ability to 'hold orbit.' STAGE 1 creates a needed stable platform in space for humans, and best of all provides the ship & crew plenty of power, and back up power. Given two CORE HYPER DRIVE's design and if one should fail. It really won't get better & easier than this for quite a while.       STAGE 2, consists of the (actual various thrust propulsioning options for the ship). For now that includes smaller engine modalities & gas compressioning. The smaller modalities bring us around to design headings, and take us out of W.O.R.P...etc. STAGE 2 only adds more appreciation for the CORE HYPER DRIVE space travel system and what it offers in sustainability. By recycling, reusing, and creating use of byproduct of life. STAGE 2 is where we achieve those blink-of-an-eye-speeds. I like to say "forget 3 months try more like 3 hours, and if possible 3 seconds..." Yes, its very realistic and preferred for an astronauts useful lifetime to be that fast when it comes to distances needed to be covered in space travel to other galaxies.      I won't go into too much more technical detail here about STAGE 1, or STAGE 2, mangetic utlity/polarity push systems for now. There will be plenty of time, and its a bit science much, and some readers may need to just trust me. Hey, did I mention it was FAST? (Consider for the visual: W.O.R.P. 5 /{W5} is equal to 5,000 psi outlet plus! Then add the bernouli principle design booster using a Boh cannon, and its gonna be similar to a bullet out of gun barrel, milliseconds speed achievable). But its not over, as this means future engineers & inventors can continue to improve our speeds, our compressors, the theory, and be back in time for dinner. Key officials should hear about this petition and respond. I can explain my theory and invention more with time, and questioning in the flesh, as this project nears reality. It will not happen overnight.      Most mission to mars plans shown today involve some type of rotating cannister ship concept, similar to a how a bullet is shot out rotating & holding its trajectory once fired from a muzzle under pressure. The CORE HYPER is different in principle. The ship controls its destiny, where it goes, and when it wants. Plus rotation can be dizzying leave it to the hamsters out there. The CORE HYPER DRIVE resists toss & roll effect encountered in zero gravity, yet it keeps the course alignment without rotationing, meaning its angle of installation allow it to hold heading sharply and over long distances. The CORE HYPER DRIVE allows Captain & crew the ability to research and patrol different areas of the space whenever, in nearly anyway they please, including unknown bodies/planets not yet explored. Making it the most realistic & practical of all choices today, and in my opinion the ONLY choice.      Providing artificial gyroscopic spinner centrifugal force is a necessary blueprint and byproduct needed for spaceships, and this petition brings in a new age from the old. The ball bearings smooth the gryroscope performance in the CORE HYPER DRIVE engines, spinning nearly forever. Yes they can be stopped.  Primarily as humans more important we to create power generation/heat power to be used for nearly whatever device and critical life system, or expirement desired on the ship, just like on earth. And like any good aircraft design a backup option exists for our astronauts, as mentioned using the CORE HYPER DRIVE dual, or even a quad-style-balance-layout design. Plus don't forget the mini-drives for powering all those other devices you want, need, or wish to create up there (ex: probes, drones...etc). And again, for the bigger vessel like a good aircraft backup failure option exists to give power, maintain critical orbit, and return home for repair whenever is needed.      My system includes my companies best of future tech new 3D Navigational space mapping concept for all ship cockpits. Using the Sun of our solar system as our center referrence point, and an X/Y geometrical quadrant approach you can plot course, and more importantly know the course you left on, and designate points, and know where you are on the map at all times. Its all possible with modern computers.       I hope you agree with me and sign, and decided to be a part of the CORE 'HYPER' DRIVE team from BOHinventing LLC. Please do offer word-o-mouth mentions and open the discussion for the future of #deepspacetravel with Project CORE HYPER DRIVE (aka, known to millions as the W.O.R.P.S. drive from the hit show #startrek). So tell a star trek fan, tell a class mate, tell NASA, tell anyone who wants to have a conversation about practical deep space travel and how we can realistically do it! Without you, NASA, the people of the world this massive undertaking will not come to fruition. Again,  at a later date I will even tell you more including what (W.O.R.P.S) drive acronym stands for. Without revealing too much early on. I am curious to see if this turns into a factory in space powered & holding orbit with my CORE HYPER DRIVE system someday, and I curious if we can one day create spaceships like we create aircraft on earth? In a modern assembly line system, but in space. Yes, the future looks pretty cool from here... Best regards,         -Kory, Abran A. (aka as Boh) (For more images & video information from my company please follow this pinterest page link to learn more about the CORE HYPER DRIVE). (Dedicated pinterest page with additional images from P188 CORE HYPER DRIVE)  (<3min video from the inventor)

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald Trump, Mike Pence

Don’t let Trump dump essential NASA and NOAA programs

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR FUTURE UPDATES! In 2017, most climate scientists would tell you that “any weakening of our technological, scientific and human capabilities related to weather and climate” will place American lives and property at risk. Yet the Trump administration recently announced that it was ready to take that risk by unveiling almost $990 million dollars in cuts to NOAA and nearly $200 million in cuts to NASA’s budget. Both agencies play a leading role in collecting and analyzing data vital to climate science. The Trump budget even calls for eliminating $250 million worth of NOAA grants that help coastal communities already dealing with rising seas, beach erosion, and other ravages of climate change. These targeted budget cuts are nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on climate science and the ability of jurisdictions to act in response to climate-related changes to coastal areas across the country. This administration filled with climate change skeptics wants to eliminate our ability to track and measure land and climate changes to our Earth as carbon continues to flood into our atmosphere. We can’t let this happen. If you believe that understanding and mitigating the effects of climate change is key to our future, please sign and share this petition. Let’s come together and tell Congress to dump the Trump budget -- not our essential NASA and NOAA science programs.

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, President of the United States

Continue Funding for NASA

NASA has long been a point of pride for the United States. During the Space Race, there was a certain national pride associated with space missions and research, and the entire country cheered when a United States crew were the first individuals to set foot on the moon. After the craze of the Space Race, NASA has reached a place where the whole of the public is less interested in the goals of NASA. What people do not realize, however, is all of the good NASA does that directly impacts lives here on Earth. Breast cancer detection systems, ear thermometers to detect fevers, and even memory foam were developed in part by NASA. So while the public may think NASA is all rocket science, there is a significant amount of their research that is used daily here on our planet. Not only does NASA’s research influence Earth-based applications, but it also provides opportunities to create global partnerships. The ISS is just one successful example with over 68 nations having participated in ISS activities.  With common goals to learn and explore more of the universe, space exploration provides opportunities to help align interests among nations, establish trust among one another, and provide partnership framework. Continuing funding for NASA also means continuing inspiration. With space missions and research, NASA inspires young people to take an interest in the STEM fields. NASA has created many programs for students, hoping to inspire them to become progressive people who seek the betterment of humanity. Once again, NASA proves to have goals beyond rocket science. While President Trump did just allocate a chunk of funds to NASA, this funding will do more of shifting NASA’s focus rather than giving them extra funds. President Trump wishes to focus on deep space research, and as a result, the Earth Sciences studies will take a loss in the next several years. Time and time again NASA has enriched the world with knowledge, innovation, international partnerships, inspiration, the list continues. Let’s help ensure NASA continues to receive the necessary funding to do so. For More Information, you can visit: Kaplan, Sarah. "Trump Signs NASA Bill Aimed at Sending People to Mars." The Washington Post. WP Company, 21 Mar. 2017. Web. 02 Apr. 2017. Miozzi, CJ. "NASA Should Continue to Receive Funding." Space Exploration, edited by Michael Ruth, Greenhaven Press, 2016. Opposing Viewpoints. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 2 Apr. 2017. Originally published as "Is NASA Worth Funding?", 11 June 2014. Bush, George W. "The United States Must Make Space Exploration a Priority." Space Exploration, edited by Daniel A. Leone, Greenhaven Press, 2005. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 2 Apr. 2017. Originally published as "speech at NASA Headquarters," 2004. Wallace, Erin. "The United States Should Reignite the Space Race." Space Exploration, edited by Michael Ruth, Greenhaven Press, 2016. Opposing Viewpoints. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 2 Apr. 2017. Originally published as "Opinion—Wallace: US Must Reinvigorate Space Exploration,", 11 Nov. 2014.

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