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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Congress: Rescind the Muslim Ban Immediately #NoMuslimBanEver

The Trump administration has once again rolled out a new version of its Muslim ban, although this time it has no end date.  The American people rejected Trump’s bans and rallied at airports across the country in January. Several court decisions have struck down Trump’s un-Constitutional and un-American attempts to turn the President’s campaign promise of “a total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the United States” into policy. Yet, the Trump administration will not halt its discriminatory pursuit. Now, we have to take action to ensure that Congress stops shirking its responsibility and steps up to end Trump’s ban once and for all. On Oct. 18th, the day the new ban goes into effect, fifteen national organizations from across the country – ACCESS, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International USA, Arab American Institute, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Iranian American Bar Association, Muslim Advocates, Muslim Public Affairs Council, National Immigration Law Center, National Iranian American Council for Action, National Network for Arab American Communities, Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans and South Asian Americans Leading Together – will be gathering in Washington, D.C. to deliver a joint petition calling on Congress to halt the ban once and for all.  Be a part of this vital effort – sign the joint petition from these national organizations today in order to stop Trump's ban!

NIAC Action
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Petition to Mr. Roy Cooper

No Hate in Our State - North Carolina

Dear fellow North Carolinians, The past years have shown us an ugly side of humanity, rooted in hate and division. We believe the normalization of hatred is not only unacceptable, but dangerous. We believe that North Carolina should pride itself on being welcoming and accepting of diverse groups of people, especially people who are of minority groups. This includes people of minority faith groups. On June 10th, a hate group called ACT 4 America is holding multiple anti-Sharia* rallies across the nation and at our state capital. They are trying to garner public support for President Trump’s Muslim Ban which has been blocked in court. We believe that leaders need to denounce this hateful and divisive plan. Though these groups have a constitutional right to speak, we have a moral obligation to speak louder - NO HATE IN OUR STATE! Please sign this petition to demand that Governor Roy Cooper issue a public statement denouncing this hateful and malicious targeting of our fellow North Carolinians. As our governor, his leadership is needed to make it clear that we will not vilify our neighbors. We will protect religious freedom. We will choose love over hate. Respectfully submitted by the following organizations and the individuals who sign on to this petition, Carolina Peace Center Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action Indivisible Foothills Carolina Indivisible Greensboro Indivisible Jacksonville NC: Protect All You Love IndivisiblesNC Indivisible Piedmont NC Indivisible Triangle Daily Call to Action NC Progressive Citizens North Carolina Council of Churches Orange Durham Americans United Progressive Nation WNC Protecting Progress in Durham Reclaim NC RISE Together NC RISE Together Piedmont Triad Salisbury Indivisible Stronger NC Transylvania Indivisible Together We Will North Carolina  *Sharia, also known as Sharia law or Islamic law is the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. Source:

No Hate in Our State North Carolina
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Petition to Jane Conoley, Carmen Taylor, Andrea Taylor, Brian Jersky, Mary Stephens, Min Yao

Petition for CSULB to become a sanctuary campus

We, the undersigned, are concerned students, faculty, alumni, staff and community members, who urge President Jane Conoley and this University’s administration to act now to make CSULB a sanctuary campus. We stand in solidarity with all those who are now under direct and imminent threat as a result of Donald Trump’s recent executive order “The Muslim Ban” and direct threats against undocumented individuals. List of Demands: CSULB will: 1.     Immediately (May 17,2017): a.     Suspend any communication and collaboration with ICE that further supports the separation of families by deporting members of our communities. b.    In effect students experience mental distress that by de facto impacts their academic proficiency; especially, amongst students who are personally affected by their own and/ or their family’s immigration status. 2.     Immediately (May 17, 2017): a.     Adopt the Resolution to Designate the CSU System a Safe Zone for Students and Families Threatened by Immigration Enforcement provided by CFA. 3.     Additionally, (August 28, 2017): a.     Ensure that the Dream Resource Center provides accurate information on financial aid, alternative sources of funding such as scholarships, and financial resources modeling that of UC Berkeley b.    Hire a new director and two additional counselors who have experience working with the undocumented population and have extensive knowledge on immigration policies, and who can offer a holistic approach to improve the direction of the program. c.     Have legal counsel for students on campus d.    Change the program to be under the department of student services since; the migrant program has limited correlation between the experiences of different immigrant groups. 4.     In Addition, (August 28, 2017): a.     Establish a Resource Center for the Muslim Student Association. b.     Develop a mechanism to address Zionist, Islamophobic, anti-Arab, and anti-immigrant racist behavior exhibited both by faculty and students of this campus in a post 9/11 and Trump context. 5.     Likewise, a.     Divest from DHS; Boeing, IBM, Northrop Grumman, Verizon, Sevatec, Raytheon, G4s, General Electric Company, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Dell. b.    No longer allow DHS and ICE to table during career fairs and no longer have police recruiting through beachlink. c.     Demilitarize our campus police by spring 2020 by removing assault rifles and riot gear from campus police armory.

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