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Petition to Brian Mariotti

To Create a Funko PoP in The Memory Of Chester Bennington, Singer of Linkin Park

I'm Feeling So Numb Dear Fans of Linkin Park, This Petition is to have a Funko PoP of Chester Bennington. Please Sign it & share it because we are a big family, the LP Family. Chester Bennington is passed away on July 20th, 2017. This News has shocked the whole World especially the LP Family. Since that date, we know that nothing and no one will replace him in our heart broken... The most of Fans that I know grew up with the Music of Linkin Park. During the good & the bad moments, the voice of Chester was a huge recomfort because we had this kind of connection with him. He knew incredibly how to express his own scars on beautiful and authentic songs. Chester was unique, so smart, so multi-purpose in each things he did. Now he is a Star among the Stars... We're watching the sky and nevertheless, we don't see you. Where are You Chester ? Life is a Castle Of Glass We hear again and again the Albums, watch the Live Shows... We can't stop crying and still be amazed by his sensibility, and at the same time, his strength. You sang with your guts, you jumped with your guts even if it means a broken arm. A lot of people have regrets because they didn't see you in concert, as me... We feel lost. Like orphans. Where is my Idol ? My big Bro' ? My crush ? My Best friend ? ... You were so good with everybody Chester. Your kindness was immeasurable. You always want the best for your Fans. Even if it means stopping the Show to help someone. Modest, so Modest. You weren't a crack in this castle of glass Chester, you were a big part of the foundation. In The End Now, all we want is a Funko PoP of Chester Bennington because he deserves it fully. All the community of Fans deserves it fully. I just tell small things about him but he was so much more for us all ! We need this PoP, to get something physical, something we can touch. Something who helps us in our biggest grief. We would a PoP like everybody imagine it : Chester wore a Sleeveless White T-Shirt with jeans Chester wouldn't be him without his Tattoos. In particular, his famous flames on his wrists His Black Stretching Plugs in ears His Black Glasses His Hair Short Why not a Microphone in his Left Hand (He was Left-Handed) Please Funko, make this possible, we'll be eternally grateful ! To get Chester in a Funko PoP Box & be able to purchase him ! We don't want to ask too much, but if you could do the rest of the band, who's sharing our pain & who lost their best friend, their bro, their lead singer & more again. I hope that this bottle launched in the ocean will be taken by Freddy of Funko & that he'll realize our wish !  

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Petition to Live Nation, Live Nation France, Pearl Jam, Universal Music, Universal Music France

Pearl Jam France 2018

  Pearl Jam, l’un des groupes rescapés du grunge de Seattle des années 90 sera cet été en tournée européenne. Quoi ? Merveilleux !! Oui mais… il y a malgré tout une - grosse - ombre au tableau ! En effet, si Eddie & sa bande vont donner 14 concerts en Juin & Juillet 2018 à travers toute l’Europe, aucune prestation n’est une nouvelle fois programmée dans l’Hexagone. Voilà près de 12 ans - 2006 pour être exact - que les fans français n’ont pu secouer la tête ou évacuer leurs litres de sueur au rythme des tubes de Pearl Jam, à l’exception d’un passage au Main Square Festival d’Arras en 2012... Mais quelle en est la raison profonde ? Ont-ils été mal accueillis ou ont-ils dégusté un Bordeaux bouchonné en 2006 ? Ont-ils subi une intoxication au Maroilles en 2012 ? Mystère… Toujours est-il que le groupe ne veut plus venir jouer en France. Pire : depuis plus de 10 ans, ils survolent la France sans même s'y arrêter… Pourquoi ? Ce n'est pas parce que les ventes d'albums chutent depuis quelques années que les fans ne sont plus là et ne veulent plus applaudir leurs idoles dans les arènes françaises ! Tu trouveras ci-dessous la liste des dates de cette tournée estivale et - comme tu ne manqueras pas de le noter - pas un seul passage en France mais quelques dates disponibles… Pourrait-on voir Pearl Jam ajouter une date en France en plus des 14 dates européennes déjà annoncées pour cet été 2018 ? Pour cela, nous - fans de Pearl Jam - avons décidé de nous mobiliser afin que Eddie & sa bande voient que les fans français ne les oublient pas et veulent à tout prix les accueillir cet été ! Alors, si toi aussi tu souhaites réparer cette anomalie, cette hérésie et voir Pearl Jam se produire en France cet été, n’hésite pas à signer cette pétition, à la partager sans modération et à faire un max de bruit autour de toi… afin que cette démarche arrive aux oreilles de Pearl Jam et de leur staff. Voici la liste des dates de la Tournée 2018 déjà programmées : 12 Juin : Amsterdam, Pays-Bas 15 Juin : Landgraaf, Pays-Bas 18 Juin : Londres, Royaume-Uni 19 Juin : Londres, Royaume-Uni 22 Juin : Milan, Italie 24 Juin : Padoue, Italie 26 Juin : Rome, Italie 1er Juillet : Prague, République Tchèque 03 Juillet : Cracovie, Pologne 05 Juillet : Berlin, Allemagne 07 Juillet : Wechter, Belgique 10 Juillet : Barcelone, Espagne 12 Juillet : Madrid, Espagne 14 Juillet : Lisbonne, Portugal Quelques dates disponibles ? La volonté des fans peut déplacer des montagnes…   PEARL JAM EN CONCERT EN FRANCE CET ETE, TOI AUSSI TU LE VEUX ET TU Y CROIS ? ALORS, SIGNE CETTE PETITION STP ET PARTAGE-LA !   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English version : Pearl Jam, one of the '90s Seattle's grunge survivor bands, will be touring in Europe this summer. What? Wonderful !! Yes but ... Ay there’s the rub! For in that european tour, no french date is announced ! Indeed, if Eddie & his band will give 14 concerts in June & July 2018 throughout Europe, once again none is scheduled in France. It's been nearly 12 years - 2006 to be exact - that French fans could not shake their heads or heavily sweat to the rhythm of Pearl Jam's hits,  except at the Main Square Festival in 2012 ... But what is the deep reason ? Haven’t they been welcomed warmly enough, did they drink a corked wine in 2006 ? Have they been poisonned by a french cheese in 2012 ? It’s a mystery … Still, the group does not want to come to play in France anymore. And even worse than that: for over 10 years, they fly over France without even stopping ... Why ? It's not because the sales of albums dramatically decrease during the past years that fans are no longer there, and do not want to applaud their idols in a french arena ! You will find below the list of summer tour dates and - as you will notice - not a single date in France but still there are some dates available ... Shall we dream of Pearl Jam adding a date in France to complete the 14 European dates already announced for this summer 2018 ? To accomplish this, we - fans of Pearl Jam - have decided to mobilize ourselves so that Eddie & his band see that French fans do not forget them and want to welcome them at any price this summer ! So, if you also want to fix this anomaly, lets’ even say this heresy, and see Pearl Jam perform in France this summer, sign this petition, share it without moderation, and make some huge noise ... so that we can be heard by Pearl Jam and their staff. Here is the list of the 2018 tour dates already scheduled: June 12: Amsterdam, Netherlands June 15: Landgraaf, Netherlands June 18: London, United Kingdom June 19: London, United Kingdom June 22: Milan, Italy June 24: Padua, Italy June 26: Rome, Italy 1st of July: Prague, Czech Republic 03 July: Krakow, Poland 05 July: Berlin, Germany July 07: Wechter, Belgium July 10: Barcelona, Spain July 12: Madrid, Spain July 14: Lisbon, Portugal Some dates available ? The will of the fans can move mountains... PEARL JAM IN CONCERT IN FRANCE THIS SUMMER, YOU DREAM ABOUT IT, AND YOU BELIEVE IT’S POSSIBLE? THEN, SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHARE IT !  

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Petition to pledis, After School

우리는 애프터스쿨 의 컴백을 기다린다/We wait for the comeback of After School

We are V-playgirlz and playboyz from Vietnam. We are officially progressing a campaign of collecting 5000 signatures from global playgirl and playboyz to demand Pledis to let After School comeback. Our After School is a perfect girlgroup with talented, gorgeous and full-of-effort girls. They created a lot of adorable and difficult choreography that not many girlgroups can cover or follow such as tapping dance in Let's Step Up, drum dance in Let's Do It and especially pole dance in First love. Their music is highly evaluated with high quality. However, in the Korean music market where obviously their home, they have not released any music products for more than 4 years. We must have remembered the failure of using 3000 signatures to ask Pledis for letting After School comeback in 2016. However, we who are on behalf of V-playgirlz and playboyz and calling for 5000 signatures at this time, have enough basis to make sure that we will succeed. In 2015, it was unforgettable that while retweeting with fans, Lizzy confessed that Pledis did not have enough money to let them comeback. But now, things have changed. Other groups in the same company have gained high profit for Pledis from their albums and tours which can be seen through recent album sales of Nu'est W, Seventeen, and Pristin) and improved the financial situation of the company significantly. In addition to the financial sector, Pledis artists have increasingly proved and spreaded their brands in not only Korean but worldwide music industry as well. Seventeen has not debuted in Japan yet, but they get ranked No. 1 on the Japanese music chart with Don't Wanna Cry, Nu'est starts to gain their position again after Produce 101. Prisrin is known as the successful rookie with rank No.6 on Billboard worldwide music chart for the second min album. It is not redundant to mention about all the awards Pledis groups receiving in recent ceremonies such as AAA and MAMA) Dear playgirlz/ playboyz! We are sure that you never forget all the hard work and effort of After School. To bring out the products, our girls have been through a lot of hardships, especially the wounds. You may still remember the time when Lizzy practised for “First Love”, she was seriously injured, unable to comeback with the group. Not just Lizzy, the rest of After School also have a lot of wounds compared to other girlgroup members. They sacrificed their youth for all best performances and get nothing but wounds. Is it worthy? Of course not, they deserve better, to be successful and honored. Because of that, we as the playgirlz and playboyz have to make a move. Together, we must sign and show our attitudes clearly. We need to gather 5000 signatures to make Pledis Entetainment understand our desire for After School to comeback. It is not only fans’ wish but the girls’ as well. They want to stand on stage, show their talents through amazing performances and meet playgirlz and playboyz. We all together can believe that: After School’s comeback stage is very close.To all the playgirlz and playboyz, let’s take action!Let’s sign and show our determination!   Ps: We apologize for not being able to write it in Korean /한국어로 글을 쓸 수 없다는 것에 사과드립니다.    

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Petition to Mr Jean-Luc MARX, Mme Françoise Nyssen, Mme Frédérique Vidal, Mr Roland Ries

Pour la clarté des recrutements au Conservatoire et au Pôle Supérieur de Strasbourg

  Pour la clarté des recrutements au Conservatoire et au Pôle Supérieur de Musique de Strasbourg (in ENGLISH below) Nous, acteurs culturels, enseignants, musiciens, compositeurs, citoyens lançons cette pétition afin de vous informer de notre inquiétude quant au manque de respect des règles et critères fondamentaux exigés dans le recrutement des professeurs lequel, à terme, nuira  à la qualité de l’enseignement musical et artistique. À titre d’exemple, à Strasbourg, les critères de recrutement entravent les règles essentielles dues à l’éthique de l’enseignement musical : des recrutements « privilégiés » ont eu lieu depuis 2014 alors que des candidatures de professeurs diplômés correspondant en tout points au profil de poste souhaité ont été évincées. Il est inacceptable, qu’en France, des considérants  autres que professionnels transgressent les règles et méthodes de sélection définis par la loi. Parmi les conséquences de ces préférences : le cas du non-renouvellement du contrat de Pascal Contet, fondateur de la classe d'accordéon en 2011 au Conservatoire et à l’Académie Supérieure de Musique de Strasbourg, (tous ses étudiants en Licence et Master ont pourtant obtenu de brillants résultats) et musicien de renommée internationale. Si vous voulez que de telles pratiques disparaissent, Si vous voulez que dans tous les établissements publics d’enseignement les recrutements soient basés exclusivement sur une adéquation parfaite aux critères et aux diplômes recherchés, Si vous voulez avoir la garantie que l’argent public (votre argent) permettra à vos enfants, vos proches de recevoir le meilleur enseignement … … alors, rejoignez-nous dans notre démarche qui a comme objectif d’alerter les pouvoirs publics et de demander qu’une moralisation des pratiques ainsi qu'une transparence dans les modalités de recrutement soient enfin appliquées avec rigueur et efficacité partout en France. Merci de votre soutien « Créer, c'est résister. Résister c'est créer » Stéphane Hessel ENGLISH------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For the clarity in the recruitments at the Strasbourg Conservatory and Superior Music Academy We, cultural actors, accordion teachers, musicians, composers, citizens are launching this petition to inform you of our distress and worry about the future of the quality of accordion education in Strasbourg, and the requirement for faculty recruitment. For exemple, in Strasbourg, the recruitment criteria hinder the essential rules due to the ethics of music education : "privileged" recruitments have taken place since 2014 then that applications from graduate professors corresponding in every respect to the desired job profile have been rejected. It is unacceptable that, in France, recitals other than business transgress the rules and methods of selection defined by law. Among other consequences of these preferences: the case of non-renewal of the contract of Pascal Contet, founder of the accordion class in 2011 at the Conservatoire and the Academy of Music of Strasbourg, renowned pédagogue (yet all his students in License and Master have achieved brilliant results), and internationally renowned musician. If you want such practices to disappear, If you want that in all public educational institutions, recruitments be based exclusively on a perfect match to the criteria and diplomas sought, If you want to have the guarantee that the public money (your money) will allow your children, your loved ones to receive the best teaching ... ... then, join us in our approach which aims to alert the public authorities and ask that a moralisation of practices and transparency in recruitment procedures was finally applied with rigor and efficiency everywhere in France. Thank you for your support                  "Create is resist. Resist is creating"  Stephane Hessel  

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