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Petition to easyJet Airline Company

easyJet - easySound? Our instruments IN the cabin on easyJet flights. NO extra charge!

We are musicians and we are concerned!  Unfortunately easyJet - (musician's ex-favourite airline in Europe due to their instrument-in-cabin-friendly policy) - have changed their cabin baggage policies completely from february 10th in 2021. It is now impossible for most of us to keep bringing our instruments such as violins, violas, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, ukuleles, bassoons, cymbals and so on easily and stressless into the cabin. Unless we pay for an extra seat. There is a whole catalogue of information about what to do for which instrument regarding its specific dimensions on their webpage. To fellow musicians – what YOU can and should DO now: 1) Please sign this campaign in order to show easyjet how many we are. 2) Really important: Tell everyone in the comments a bit about your personal situation and how much you fly with easyJet and in which way the new policy will affect your way of touring if you feel like sharing. This is crucial to show to humans at easyJet what our personal motives are. That helps them understand how many clients with how many flights yearly they will lose! 3) Please help our campaign to florish and pass it to all your friends and colleagues who may be personally affected by the above mentioned.   Short version: PAST:  Instruments could be brought INTO THE CABIN really easily. (Max 120 x 38 x 30 cm) A small bag / laptop used to be permitted in addition. For some instruments as cellos and some kind of small harps easyjet offered customers to buy an extra seat and name it Mr. Seat Cello NOW - NEW - more complicaded, more expensive: "The seat you have booked will determine what bags you are able to bring on board​." everybody can bring just a small cabin bag (45 x 36 x 20 cm​) travellers who book an "Up front or Extra legroom seat" can also bring an additional large cabin bag on board (max 56 x 45 x 25 cm​) Musical instruments: To take a musical instrument on board as cabin baggage, it must fit within your cabin bag allowance, which will depend on the type of seat you have selected: If you’ve booked a Standard seat or haven’t selected a seat, your musical instrument must fit within the size of your small under seat cabin bag allowance (max. 45 x 36 x 20 cm). If you’ve booked an Up front or Extra legroom seat, your musical instrument must fit within your large overhead cabin bag allowance (max. 56 x 45 x 25 cm). Musical instruments that are larger than the large cabin bag allowance (max. 56 x 45 x25 cm) can travel in the cabin if a separate ticket is purchased for them. They may sit on the seat or on the floor, upright or at an angle, but they must meet the requirements listed below. Safety is our number one priority, so please note that even if the instrument meets all requirements, if our crew are not satisfied that the instrument can be safely stowed, we will have to place it in the hold. Instruments must "sit" in a window seat = extra ticket + extra expenses to pick that seat. These facts can be checked on:​ Our demand: We ask easyjet to undo their decision. Us musicians need easyJet to stick to the max. dimensions 120 x 30 x 38 cm plus remaining stressless and permitting an extra piece of small hand luggage as the rule acutally permits at the moment and has so for many many years. EASYJET: CONSIDER TO REACTIVATE THE "good old" POLICY FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!   Long version - why does this concern us travelling musicians? Covid-19 travel restrictions have put nearly all musicians into a precarious economival situation. Paying for an extra-seat occasionally might be an option every now and then. For regular/weekly flights or planning a tour with a band as we used to do it up to Covid it is NOT an option at all for economical reasons. Our touring gets highly endangered due to the much higher pricing. We are business travellers. We bring our instruments because we need them for work. When we take the effort to bring instruments on planes we normally do so because we either fly to a rehearsal / concert / project or lessons all across Europe. We can not leave them behind. Being business people means we travel frequently. We are steady customers who depend on a simple, save and generous cabin bag policy to be able to rely on the chosen matter of transport.  Our instruments are our most valuable belongings. On one hand they are expensive and unique - irreplacable. Typical values range between 5.000-30.000 Euros per instrument. On the other hand we can't risk that they get destroyed on a journey - as the reason to travel in general is a business trip to a concert etc... and the instrument is highly needed to be intact. That may explain why for most of us it is a no-go to even consider putting these items on hold.  The fact that many instruments are made of wood and don't react very positively on abrupt changes of temperature and air-pressure is another reason why we don't to travel with airlines that would put them on hold.   What can we do? We would like to urge easyjet to reconsider changing the cabin baggage policy concerning musical instruments. There are many reasons to offer a generous handling of musical instruments. Because: With the new policy easyjet will very efficiently and almost instantly lose their good reputation amongst musicians. At the moment easyjet is the most practical airline for musicians and is popular for it. This will drastically change very soon if the announced changes will come into people's awareness. Musicians are loyal and steady customers. We depend on all different means of transportation as our professional activities take place in all countries all across Europe and further away.If we can't fly with easyjet anymore we will have to travel by train, coach and more expensive airlines that guarantee us save, easy and reasonable transport of our instruments IN THE CABIN.After Covid we will as soon as possible start our musical activities abroad again. It is a fact that easyjet like other airlines suffer from the reduction of travelling. Us musicians cannot wait to travel again. In case easyjet stick to their NEW cabin bag policy it is up to our creativity to find other ways of touring. And after all WE are the creative force!   (again:) We ask easyjet to stick to the max. dimensions 120 x 30 x 38 cm plus remaining stressless and permitting an extra piece of small hand luggage as the rule acutally permits at the moment and has so for many many years. Make this change of policy for musical instruments undone!   So, will our future be with or without easyjet?   To fellow musicians – what YOU can and should DO now: Please sign this campaign in order to show easyjet how many we are. Tell everyone in the comments a bit about your personal situation and how much you use easyjet and in which way the new policy will affect your way of touring if you feel like sharing. Please help our campaign to florish and pass it to all your friends and colleagues who may be personally affected by the above mentioned.   Thank you and stay tuned!

Annika Francke
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Petition to Embassador Dr. Ingo Karsten, Auswärtiges Amt

Let Slum-Band DOCH CHKAE go to Wacken! #wackenwaisen

German Khmer DOCH CHKAE, the gritty slum-metal band born out of the rubble of a dumpsite in Phnom Penh, had their visas rejected for Germany to perform at the world’s biggest heavy metal festival – Wacken in Germany! Despite the thrashing four-piece having the full financial support of festival organisers, the German Embassy in Phnom Penh was worried that they might ditch their lives in Cambodia and try to live underground in Germany. “As they are not economically grounded in Cambodia, they might not want to return to Cambodia,” reads an English translation of the German Embassy’s visa rejection letter.  In short, they are too poor to be trusted!  I am a  Swiss citizen, who co-founded and manages DOCH CHKAE. I'm also the director of a nongovernmental organization for disadvantaged children in Cambodia: This decision was and still is senseless to me!The Foreign Ministry wants to promote cultural exchange between the nations, so why do they have visa rules that prevent cultural exchange! In fact, I am a long-term Cambodian resident and was scheduled to travel with the band - even offering my own personal assurances, that they would respect the conditions of their visas and return to Cambodia after the festival on pre-booked flights, but to no avail. So, the band has launched this petition to have the decision overturned!  Please show your support by signing, and show it fast: The festival begins Wednesday and DOCH CHKAE are booked to blast the 80,000 metal lovers out of their skins on Friday night. Share, share, share!  Thank you! Timon Seibel & Doch Chkae

Timon Seibel
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Petition to Capital Bra, Warner Brothers, bushido

Capital Bra im nächsten DC-Film oder Serie als Joker / Capital Bra as next Joker

An alle deutschsprachigen Unterstützer: Bestimmt habt ihr alle Capital Bras Auftritt als Joker im neuen Track "Fight Club" mit AK AusserKontrolle und Samra gesehen. Wenn nicht, hier der Link. Wie viele andere fand ich es echt beeindruckend wie perfekt er in die Rolle passt. Deshalb fänd ich es krass, wenn wir Capital irgendwann in Zukunft in einer Produktion von Warner Bros. oder ähnlichem sehen würden, in denen er den Joker spielt.  Anfangen würde es, indem wir erstmal ein echtes Interesse bei ihm wecken und er sich vielleicht von selbst dafür einsetzt, was wohl eher realistisch ist als eine Reaktion von Warner Bros.  Deshalb hab ich eben Bushido und Capital schon benachrichtigt und ihnen alles erklärt und warte jetzt auf eine Antwort. Je mehr Unterstützer wir sammeln, desto eher werden die Produzenten oder Capi selbst drauf aufmerksam und wer weiß, vielleicht haben wir bald den ersten Rapper im amerikanischen Kino!!! Also Bratans Bratuhas und Bratinas, unterschreibt die Petition!!!!    To Warner Bros. and every non-german supporter: The german rap artist Capital Bra has released a new music track called "Fight Club" in which he's dressed up as Joker in the 'Dark Knight' version from 2008. Many were impressed by the way and the perfect congruence of how he acted. As a reaction, many fans, mainly as a joke, said that he should be the next Joker in a Batman movie or series. He is the most hyped german rap artist at the present time. Of course I know that it is an incredibly huge request, but maybe you find the time and interest to take a look at the video. Link: In case of interest, any further things would have to be discussed with Capital Bra or rather his music label 'ersguterjunge'.

Marco Vidovic
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Petition to Botschafter Dr. Ingo Karsten, Auswärtiges Amt

Lasst Slum-Band 'DOCH CHKAE' zu Wacken! #wackenwaisen

Englisch Khmer Die kambodschanische Death Metal-Band Doch Chkae darf nicht für ihren geplanten Wacken-Gig einreisen, weil sie zu arm ist!   Wacken ist eines der größten Heavy-Metal-Festivals der Welt und eines der größten Open-Air-Festivals Deutschlands, das jedes Jahr bis zu 85.000 internationale Zuschauer anzieht. Nachdem die drei Waisenkinder, Theara (Vocals), Vichey (Gitarre) und Hing (Schlagzeug), in der Heim aufgenommen wurden in dem ich arbeitete, erkannte ich erstmals nach einem Besuch eines Metal-Konzerts, ihr Talent.Gleich am nächsten Tag gründeten sie ihre Band DOCH CHKAE (zu Deutsch: „HUNDELEBEN“), und es wurde sogar eine Dokumentation über sie und ihre bittere Herkunft gedreht (s. oben). Anfang des Jahres dann der Hammer: Die Wacken Veranstalter wollen die Jungs von Doch Chkae auf dem Festival 2018 spielen lassen! Ein absoluter Traum geht mit dieser Einladung in Erfüllung! Drei Jugendliche, aufgewachsen in den Slums von Phnom Penh. Nun sollten Doch Chkae also 2018 auf dem Wacken Open Air ihr internationales Debüt feiern. Alles war geregelt und organisiert, aber dennoch machte die deutsche Botschaft der Sache einen Strich durch die Rechnung! “Die „Slum Kids“, so der Sachbearbeiter der deutschen Botschaft wörtlich, seien nicht ausreichend ökonomisch in Kambodscha verwurzelt, weswegen eine Absicht zurück zu reisen nicht erkannt werden könne. Sprich: Die Jugendlichen sind zu arm, als dass man ihnen trauen kann.” (Zitat: Bild - 27.07.18 ‘Waisenkinder-Band darf nicht nach Wacken’) Trotz Zusage der Kostenübernahme durch die Veranstalter, meinem Versprechen als ihr Betreuer der Band während des Aufenthalts nicht von der Seite zu weichen und mit in den Flieger zurück zusteigen - reicht es dem Auswärtigen Amt und der deutschen Botschaft in Kambodscha nicht! “Hätte das deutsche Außenministerium“, das behauptet, dass „der Kulturaustausch ein wichtiges Instrument zur Erreichung der Ziele unserer auswärtigen Kultur- und Bildungspolitik“ und so wichtiger Bestandteil der deutschen Außenpolitik ist, hier nicht etwas genauer auf den Einzelfall eingehen müssen?” (Zitat: Bild - 27.07.18 ‘Waisenkinder-Band darf nicht nach Wacken’) Ganz klar - JA! Im Metal und der Kunst sollte es nicht um die Herkunft, das Einkommen oder andere diskriminierende Dinge gehen! Bitte unterzeichnet jetzt unsere Petition und fordert den Bundesaußenminister Heiko Maas und das Auswärtige Amt auf den Jungs diese Chance beim größten Metal Festival dieser Welt ihr internationales Debüt zu feiern, nicht wegzunehmen! Unsere letzte Chance und Hoffnung! Das Festival beginnt schon am Donnerstag, 02.08.2018 - uns bleibt nicht viel Zeit. Bitte verbreitet diese Petition so schnell Ihr könnt über Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!  Vielen Dank,  Timon Seibel & Doch Chkae  

Timon Seibel
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