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#TheWeirdAlChallenge for Charities

I believe it is one of the highest musical honors to have Weird Al Yankovic parody an artist’s song. What if we could get those same artists to perform or lip-sync his parody of their song? They could perform it live, release it on the web, set up an event, etc... However, to make a REAL change, we ask them to promise to do it once donation total they establish beforehand is met and donated to the charity of their choosing. Almost four years ago, I was in-between jobs and the creative juices were flowing. Weird Al Yankovic, a favorite musician of mine since childhood, had released ‘Mandatory Fun’. It was his first number #1 on the Billboard charts, and ultimately won him his 4th Grammy. An amazing feat for a album in the comedy genre. Through some happen-chance discussions overheard, a ‘few’ drinks, and my semi-humorous wit, I started a campaign/petition to have Al to perform at the half-time of Super Bowl XLIX on (LINK). While it never came to fruition, I was blown away by the support and recognition it received. Over 125K voiced their backing, as did several media outlets and fellow entertainers. Simply put, it was amazing. My girlfriend (now wife) was initially critical of my venture, stating that I was only using the platform for personal purposes, rather than using the platform to make a “real change” as others have done. While I was initially still happy with the idea and attention it received, her view stuck with me after all the years. Coincidentally, I now find myself again in-between jobs, and Weird Al just released a new fantastic single, ‘The Hamilton Polka’. I was in the midst of driving from Colorado back to Seattle, and after listening to that single, I started streaming some of his classic songs. Then the idea hits me… Let's ask the artists, entertainers, and fans to perform his parodies for charitable donations. I call this: #TheWeirdAlChallenge Thus, I have tweeted several of the artists he has parodied, and asked the following question: How many likes/retweets and donations (please state the amount and charity of your choice) would it take for you to perform _______, Weird Al’s parody of your song _____ ?  Below are links to every one of the tweets for you, the fans, to do help make this change a reality. And if I have missed anyone, or there are other artists, entertainers, or fans who would like to participate, regardless of the parody (ie. The cast of Silicon Valley singing “It’s All About the Pentiums”, Chris Pratt rocking “Jurassic Park", or Jack Black belting out “Another One Rides the Bus”), please feel free to message them, me  and/or leave a comment. Let’s make a real change by donating and celebrate Weird Al!! As a famous John Mayer parody might go...    So we keep donating (donating)     Donating for Weird Al and Change    We keep donating (donating)     Donating for Weird Al and Change… *Sorry, I will leave the parodies to Al…. Cheers, ragonk, and much love! Ed Ball Twitter: @odceddie ARTIST (or Entertainer)/TWITTER HANDLE (Song & parody in tweet link) Aerosmith @Aerosmith Will Arrnett @arnettwill Avril Lavigne @AvrilLavigne Backstreet Boys @backstreetboys ‏ Barenaked Ladies @barenakedladies Ben Folds @BenFolds Billy Idol @BillyIdol Billy Joel @billyjoel Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars @bobatl @BrunoMars Bryan Cranston @BryanCranston Cake @CAKEMUSIC Chamillionaire @chamillionaire Red Hot Chili Peppers @ChiliPeppers Coolio @Coolio Crash Test Dummies @CTDBrad Cyndi Lauper @cyndilauper Diddy @Diddy Don McLean @donmcleanonline Eminem @Eminem Fall Out Boy @falloutboy Green Day @GreenDay Mark Hamill @HamillHimself Huey Lewis @Huey_Lewis_News Iggy Azalea @IGGYAZALEA Imagine Dragons @Imaginedragons James Taylor @JamesTaylor_com Joan Jett @joanjett John Mellencamp @johnmellencamp KISS @KISSOnline The Knack @Knackrophilia Lady Gaga @ladygaga Lorde @lorde Los Lobos @LosLobosBand Madonna @Madonna Dire Straits @MarkKnopfler Maroon 5 @maroon5 MC Hammer @MCHammer Cherry Poppin' Daddies @mclgdrnk ‏ Men Without Hats @MenWithoutHats1 Metallica @Metallica Miley Cyrus @MileyCyrus   Nelly @Nelly_Mo Nine Inch Nails @nineinchnails Nirvana @Nirvana New Kids on the Block @NKOTB Sting @OfficialSting TLC @OfficialTLC Offspring @offspring Eddie Vedder @PearlJam Pharrell Williams @Pharrell Chris Pratt @prattprattpratt Queen @QueenWillRock Tone Lōc @RapperToneLoc ‏ Tenacious D @RealTenaciousD Reel Big Fish @ReelBigFish R. Kelly @rkelly Robin Thicke @robinthicke Fine Young Cannibals @rolandleegift Soul Asylum @soulasylum Bruce Springsteen @springsteen Stevie Nicks @StevieNicks Taylor Hicks @TaylorHicks Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 Gerardo @TheRealGerardo Presidents of the United States of America @therealpusa Jack White @thirdmanrecords Thomas Dolby @ThomasDolby Tiffany @tiffanytunes T.I. @Tip They Might Be Giants @tmbg Toni Basil @Toni_Basil U2 @U2 Usher @Usher Van Halen @VanHalen Weezer @Weezer   Ziggy Marley @ziggymarley

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Petition to Sony Music Latin

Sony Music Latin: Bring CNCO to do a U.S. Tour

CNCO is one of the most-feted new groups in music history. Christopher (Ecuador), Erick Brian (Cuba), Joel (Mexico), Richard (Dominican Republic) and Zabdiel (Puerto Rico) are the members of CNCO; they're talented singers and dancers who range in age from 16 to 22. The group emerged from Univisión's musical competition, La Banda, which was executive-produced by Simon Cowell's SYCO Entertainment, the global icon Ricky Martin, Univisión Communications Inc., and Haim Saban's Saban Brands. Since then their journey has been incredible. They were the biggest winners at Univisión's 2016 Premios Juventud (Youth Awards), taking home five accolades: Catchiest Tune ("Tan Fácil"); Producer's Choice Award; My Pop/Rock Artist; My Favorite Twitter Celebrity; and That Man Has Style. Likewise, at the 2016 Latin American Music Awards, they won New Artist of the Year; Favorite New Artist – Pop/Rock; and Favorite Duo or Group. This year the band also won, 3 awards in Premio Lo Nuestro, “Pop/Rock Album of the Year”, Pop/Rock Song of the Year”, Pop/Rock Duo of the Year”. They also took home an award in the ‘Best New Latin Artist of The Year’ category of the iHeart awards that took place on March 5th in LA. In addition to that, in the upcoming Billboard Latin Music Awards, scheduled for April 27, CNCO is a finalist in four categories: Artist of the Year, New; Latin Pop Artist of the Year, Duo or Group; Latin Pop Albums, Album of the Year (Primera Cita); Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group. This March the group kicked off their first headline tour, the Mas Alla Tour, visiting over 40 cities in 14 countries in Central and Latin America with one sold out show after another. In June, when the first leg of their tour comes to end, they will go on tour with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull visiting all key cities in the US. Thanks to the support of their millions of followers, known as CNCOwners, this group has dominated the music industry's most prestigious award ceremonies and will headline at top-tier live venues in Latin America and Europe this year. However, the CNCOwners have been waiting for almost two years for CNCO to bring their own headlining tour, not just remain as openers across select U.S. cities. Not only has CNCO been nominated for a Latin Grammy, but they continue to attract and cultivate fans with their energy and talent regardless of language ability. IT IS TIME FOR A CNCO HEADLINE TOUR ACROSS THE U.S. Please support the dreams and hopes of hundreds of thousands of CNCOwners in the U.S. and sign this petition! Spanish/Español CNCO es uno de los nuevos grupos más galardonados en la historia de la música. Christopher (Ecuador), Erick Brian (Cuba), Joel (México), Zabdiel (Puerto Rico) y Richard (República Dominicana) son los integrantes de CNCO; talentos de entre 16 y 22 años de edad. Este quinteto fue formado a finales de 2015 en el reality La Banda por Univisión, que cuenta con producción ejecutiva de SYCO Entertainment liderada por Simon Cowell, el artista internacional Ricky Martin, Univisión Communications Inc., y Saban Brands dirigido por Haim Saban. Desde entonces, su trayectoria ha ido en ascenso continuo. En los Premios Juventud 2016, producidos por Univisión, CNCO fue el máximo ganador, triunfando en cinco categorías: La Canción Más Pegajosa (“Tan Fácil”), Producer’s Choice Award, Mi Artista Pop/Rock, Mi Tuitero Favorito y Mejor Look. Asimismo, en los Latin American Music Awards 2016, se hizo acreedor a tres premios: Nuevo Artista del Año, Nuevo Artista Favorito – Pop/Rock, y Dúo o Grupo Favorito. Comenzando el 2017 con el pie derecho, en la 30ª entrega de Premio Lo Nuestro por Univisión, el grupo se llevó los galardones de Álbum del Año (Primera Cita), Canción del Año (“Tan Fácil”) y Grupo o Dúo del Año. Se hizo acreedor a Mejor Nuevo Artista Latino del Año en los premios de la red internacional iHeartRadio que se llevaron a cabo el 5 de marzo en Los Ángeles. En los Premios Billboard, programados para el 27 de abril, CNCO postula en cuatro categorías: Artista del Año, Debut; Artista del Año, Dúo o Grupo, Latin Pop; Álbum del Año, Latin Pop Albums (Primera Cita); Artista del Año, Dúo o Grupo, Latin Pop Albums. En marzo 2017, CNCO lanzó su primera gira como artista principal, su Mas Alla Tour, ante llenos totales, dando más de 40 conciertos en Centro y Sudamérica, sumándose a un total de 14 países. A partir de junio, se unirá a la gira masiva de Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull que llegará a todas las ciudades prinicipales de Estados Unidos. Gracias al apoyo de sus millones de seguidores, conocidos como CNCOwners, este grupo ha ganado los premios de mayor prestigio en la industria de la música y seguirá destacándose en los escenarios más importantes de Latinoamérica y Europa durante 2017. Sin embargo, los CNCOwners han estado esperando durante casi dos años para que CNCO traiga su propia gira como headmining, y no solo permanezca como teloneros en ciudades de los Estados Unidos. No solo CNCO ha sido nominado para un Grammy Latino, sino que continúan atrayendo y cultivando fanáticos con su energía y talento sin importar la habilidad del idioma. YA ES HORA QUE CNCO HAGA UNA GIRA ATRAVÉS DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS. ¡Apoye los sueños y las esperanzas de cientos de miles de vendedores de CNCO en los Estados Unidos y firme esta petición! Gracias y bendiciones!

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