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Petition to Bernards Township Board of Education

Preserve the Chamber Orchestra Program in Bernards Township Elementary Schools

The Bernards Township School District Board of Education is planning to remove the chamber orchestra program from all elementary schools: Cedar Hill, Liberty Corner, Mount Prospect, and Oak Street. The loss of this program would be devastating to the social, cultural, educational, and artistic fabric of our community and our children. The Board of Ed is not proposing to cut ALL the orchestra in elementary school, but just the "chamber" orchestras, which are the selective, and more individualized groups, as opposed to the regular group. However, we feel the district should be promoting the arts, not cutting back. We are also concerned about where the cutting of the chamber program could lead to next. Fine arts are important to the development of our youth by promoting self-discipline, self-respect, positive work ethic, and motivation, as well as nurturing cultural exposure and appreciation, enhanced emotional expression, and respect of diversity. Think of the children who have a love and passion for music, but are unable to afford private lessons. Think of the children who find refuge from stress, anxiety, family issues, social pressures, etc. Think of the future musicians who will never be given a chance.It is imperative to plant and nurture the artistic seed early in the development of a child, so that seed may flourish and grow to its full potential. This crucial time can never be regained. In a practical sense, the absence of an elementary orchestra will greatly deplete the quality and quantity of musicians at the middle school and high school orchestra level, both of which are critically acclaimed. Please join us in signing this petition to preserve the elementary school orchestras. Keep the arts alive for our children… we owe that to them. 

Lauren Economy
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Petition to 保坂 展人 Nobuto Hosaka

フィッシュマンズ・サトウの像を世田谷、日本、東京にBuild a Statue of Fishmans’ Shinji Sato in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

佐藤慎二は、最高のバンドではないにしても、最高の日本バンド、フィッシュマンズのリードシンガーだった。バンドは、ダブ、夢のポップ、宇宙の岩を組み合わせた画期的でユニークなサウンドを持っていました。佐藤のユニークで男女似の歌声も、フィッシュマンに人々を引き寄せました。彼らの最後のライブショーは、1998年12月28日にザ・ブリッツで録音され、翌年にリリースされ、以来ずっと最高のライブ・アルバムの一つとして知られています。 1999年3月15日、悲しげに佐藤さんは亡くなりました。佐藤さんと残りのフィッシュマンの音楽は、解散と佐藤の間もなく死に至るまで人気のピークに達していませんでした。彼らの音楽は、近年でさえ、常に価値があると評価され、世界中のミュージシャンに大きな影響を与えてきました。この嘆願では、現代音楽への彼の人生と貢献を称えるために、東京・世田谷の発祥の地に佐藤慎二の像を建てることを提案しています。 Shinji Sato was the lead singer of one of the best, if not the best, Japanese bands of all time, Fishmans. The band had a revolutionary and unique sound combining dub, dream pop, and space rock. Sato’s unique, androgynous vocal style also attracted people to Fishmans. Their last live show, at The Blitz on December 28, 1998, was recorded and then released the next year and has since then been heralded as one of the greatest live albums of all time. Tragically, on March 15, 1999, Sato died of heart problems that had plagued him his whole life. Sato and the rest of the Fishmans’ music did not reach its peak of popularity until after their disbandment and Sato’s untimely death. Their music has only in recent years received the acclaim it has always deserved, and has been a big influence on musicians all over the world. In this petition I am proposing that a statue of Shinji Sato should be built in his birthplace of Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, to honor his life and contributions to modern music.

Ben Butler
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