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Petition to Access Creative

Access Creative to cut ties with and stop encouraging students to audition for X Factor

In the wake of allegations of exploitative contracts, gag orders and fame without fortune, the college Access Creative (which has students as young as 16) thinks it is appropriate to host X Factor auditions on site. X Factor was created by Simon Cowell and is also produced by Syco entertainment (which was established by Simon Cowell). Syco also produce Britains Got Talent and America's Got Talent. There have been allegations of very unfair contracts from BGT and AGT, as well as X Factor.   Why is there not a lot of media on this topic? One whistleblower sums it up perfectly:"Compared to other TV show contracts, the scale and sheer number of the confidentiality clauses is highly unusual." - The Mirror Simply put, it is alleged that it is impossible for contestants who have signed the contract to publicly speak about their experiences with Syco, unless they want to be sued.   What's so bad about the alleged X Factor contract? contestants recieve only 15 per cent of the money from their own single and album sales. Headlining a tour gives only 7.5 per cent of show profits A feeble 15 per cent cut of your own merchandise sales. No freedom to speak out about your experience No freedom to even update your own facebook without Simon Cowell's approval   What action do we want Access Creative to take? Stop hosting X Factor auditions onsite, or auditions for any entertainment show (that exists presently or in the future) affiliated with or produced by the entertainment company Syco Entertainment. Make more effort to educate Music Performance and Vocal Artist students on the danger of exploitative contracts in the music industry Support students to find work opportunities that offer fair and reasonable rates of pay     Sources and further reading

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Petition to Prime Minister Theresa May MP, David Davis MP (Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union), Karen Bradley MP (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport), Jeremy Corbyn MP (Leader of the Labour Party), Tom Watson MP (Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture), Keir Stamer MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union), Vince Cable MP (Leader of the Liberal Democrats), Ian Blackford MP (SNP Westminster Leader), Caroline Lucas MP (Co-leader of the Green Party), Jonathan Bartley (Co-leader of the Green Party)

Ask Government and Parliament to Support Free Movement for Musicians Post-Brexit

Most professional musicians and performers rely on touring and performing in the European Union to make a living.  Being able to travel is essential to keep a music career going. Being able to travel easily is equally important as gigs are often organised at short notice.  We need free movement to continue for musicians working in the EU, with minimum administrative burdens. Before the European Union, travelling in Europe was tough – it was expensive, heavy on the admin, and time-consuming. Musicians who’ve had to go through the visa process for the United States know how costly and confusing it can be. We don’t want musicians’ rights in the EU to go backwards, and we don’t want music in the EU – or the UK – to be restricted by unnecessary expense or bureaucratic burdens. “Music, and the performing arts more generally, rely on exchange of ideas and interaction between performers of different nationalities. Music flourishes in an open world with no borders — not a closed-off island that looks inward on itself” – MU General Secretary, and founder member of Darts, Horace Trubridge.  Over 100 MPs and Peers have committed to protecting musicians’ right to move freely and easily in the European Union (EU) after Brexit. Let’s show the Government, MPs and Peers that they must support musicians working in the EU. The Musicians’ Union is made up of over 30,000 musicians across the UK. Our members are already writing to their MPs asking them to support our pledge, and sharing their experiences of working in the EU across social media using the hashtag #WorkingInTheEU. Please add your voice to our call. Sign and share the petition #WorkingInTheEU. Stay up to date! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook and keep an eye on for our latest campaign news.  

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