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Petition to Tanner Smith

Bring the Moonshine Bandits on the Kid Rock Chillin' The Most Cruise

This petition has been put together to achieve the ultimate cruise vacation by bringing the Moonshine Bandits on the next Kid Rock Cruise! The Moonshine Bandits are the perfect fit for the Chillin’ the Most Cruise. MSB music reflects the same values and patriotism as Kid Rock. Take some Johnny Cash and add a little bit of the Beastie Boys, and you have The Moonshine Bandits! Kid has been a huge influence in their music. Like Kid Rock, they never sold out, not even with a record label. They have built their own audience drawing from various genres and rock audiences. Record Labels and industry folks don’t know how to categorize their music or fit them into a genre. They have smashed the Billboard charts without any radio play. They have 30,000,000 Youtube Views, and have had a #1 Video on CMT. Their new album, Baptized in Bourbon, has brought worldwide attention to the Moonshine Bandits and the music industry has taken notice. Their success has included the Billboard Top 10 Rap, Billboard Top 20 Country, Las Vegas Artist of the Year and the Modesto Area Music Award. They work hard and play even harder, and that’s heard in most of their music. Many Kid Rock fans are also supporters of the Moonshine Bandits. Check them out at Please take the time to sign this petition to get these outlaws on the next Chillin the Most Cruise. The Moonshine Bandits will be a bad a** edition to the Sixthman Music Cruise.

Judi HS OS
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Update posted 7 months ago

Petition to Tunespeak, Sony Music Spain

It says "Win for being a fan", it doesn't say "Win for being a U.S. fan"!

International artists from all over the world are holding concerts in the U.S.A. Tunespeak is an American "musician-to-fan loyalty platform" which lets fans being rewarded with prizes from their favorites artists.  I'm a huge fan of Enrique Iglesias, and I want so much to see him during one of his shows from Enrique&Pitbull tour, which is taking place this year in some cities in the U.S. and Canada. I'm not a U.S. citizen, I live in Europe. Enrique launched a contest campaign for his fans to win 2 VIP packages for each of his shows in September-October, via Tunespeak. I was really happy when I found out about these contests. They are the only way I could obtain some good seats at any of his shows, since I can't access American sites such as Ticketmaster or StubHub to directly buy the tickets.  However, I was shocked to find out that all contests are only for U.S. rezidents (Tunespeak asks for social number and ID card copy, so they can check if you truly are a U.S. resident, or not).  I think this is really unfair, especially when their motto seems to be "Win for being a fan", and not "Win for being an American fan". Enrique is an international artist and he has fans all over the world who would die to see him during one of his performances. Each artists has a fandom that should never be divided because of certain aspects, like their nationalities. Everyone should have a chance to win those tickets, not only the U.S. fans!  Moreover, Tunespeak rule doesn't make any sense. As long as I can provide them with a valid passport number, and eventually with my U.S. visa details (so they can be sure that I can make it to the concert on a U.S. territory), I don't see why they should be worried.  Not least, I think European ticketing sites, such as Eventim or Viagogo are always open to the U.S. fans. From what I know, European contests are allowing everyone to join. Since U.S. residents can simply use any of European sites for enrolling in a contest, purchasing tickets etc., but European citizens can't even open some U.S. ticketing sites, the reciprocity principle is obviously not respected. I'm sure that my case is not the only one. This is really unfair, and I know that things like these can make you feel really bad: when someone stops you from trying to see someone you appreciate really much, someone you actually love. But we can change this! Sign this petition to stop things like this to happen. It doesn't matter who is your favorite artist, it doesn't matter where you're from, it doesn't matter where you live, because  all of us have their idols, and no one would like to go through a situation like this one, no one would like to have minus one chance to have their dreams transformed into reality. As Enrique says: "Music is just something everyone can relate to. No matter what culture they live in, or what language you speak, music is something that brings us all together." The world of music is a world without barriers! No one should be allowed to destroy this!  #oneloveonelove

Michelle Iglesias
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