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Petition to Lane Cove City Council

Let Clay Play - Change the law to allow buskers to perform freely in Lane Cove, Sydney.

Support us today and buy merch where proceeds go towards feeding and clothing the homeless around Sydney this Christmas: LETCLAYPLAY.COM ⚡️ Hi my name is Clay. I’m a 23 year old full-time working musician that lives in Sydney, Australia. I am currently trying to change the busking law that will allow permits for musicians to busk in North Sydney, specifically in the Lane Cove area. Lane Cove is currently the only council in Sydney that doesn't have busking permits available for musicians and performers. This means legally you can play or perform at any time, but if one single person from the general public complains, you can be threatened with fines or even legal action. Unfortunately for myself and other musicians in the area, there happens to be one gentleman that knows this law well. He continuously calls the local council whenever a local busker tries to play/perform. He knows that due to the current law, he can get them removed. One unsubstantiated complaint = never allowed to play here again! This is by no means fair!!! I have personally been threatened with a $200 fine and banned to perform in the Lane Cove area due to his complaint. The surrounding local businesses want to hire myself and other musicians to busk on a Friday night for their customers. The business owners in the area strongly believe that a creative edge in Lane Cove would bring an influx of business and a welcoming nature to the area. Due to the unwarranted complaints from this gentleman musicians are unable to return. I have had meetings with the Lane Cove City Council and they have been very understanding, as they actually enjoy buskers in the area and also agree that it’s positive for the suburb and surrounding local businesses. Busking brings a sense of community and uplifted public morale to all. However, due to a number of projects that the council are working on, bringing in busking permits for musicians is at the bottom of their “to do” list. We have been told that the support of others towards our cause will help quicken this process. This is where we all come in... Basically, the more support this receives, the faster this issue is resolved. We want to make busking in Lane Cove area a fair and fun experience for everyone involved. Get behind local music and bring back buskers into Lane Cove with specific guidelines for everyone to follow. Please sign the petition and show your support. Help legalise and champion creative expression in Lane Cove TODAY. Thank you.    

Let Clay Play
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Petition to Government of The Commonwealth of Australia, Australian Government, Malcolm Turnbull, New South Wales Police, Sydney City, Australian Justice System

Repeal and lift Hopsin's ban from entering Australia

As an Australian citizen, born and raised, I am deeply saddened, confounded and disheartened at a decision handed down by a Sydney judge in the month of September 2016. Marcus Hopson, who goes by the stage name Hopsin, is not only an extremely talented song-writer, artist, producer and actor, but a genuine, caring and kind-hearted human being; just like you and I. However, sometimes there are grey area's which arise in life which can cause even the Australian justice system to have to make difficult decisions. Marcus had flew in from the United States and was visiting his pregnant girlfriend in Sydney. While he was here, he received a text from a friend, which showed a photo of his girlfriend in bed with her personal trainer. The details, the true and accurate details of what happened after, have only been brought to light from Hopsin's music. Marcus has been making music since he was in his teens, and the past 5 years of his life have lead him to become internationally known. His music, is not the average mainstream Hip-Hop music you hear on the radio today; but real-life stories and experiences, times of struggling, and times of successes which have helped him become the man he is today. Struggling as a child, by being bullied in school and being sent to special education classes, would have an impact on any person's life. And through his music he's able to convey the experiences he lived, and the feelings he felt. So when, as an adult, you are still burdened by being treated unfairly, it's only fitting that he would create music to share to his devoted fans in which he inspired and truly helps through hard times. I am proud to say that I was able to meet Marcus when he was in Australia in 2012. His meet and greet was supposed to finish at 4pm but the line to meet him was extraordinary, and it was past 5pm when I met him. The meet and greet was at a record label shop in Melbourne. Being 16 at the time, I was very intrigued by the contacts he used to wear in his music video's, so I decided to buy a pair and wear them to the meet and greet. At this point, he wasn't even inside the store anymore, he was out on the street shaking hands, hugging and taking photo's with his fans; your typical, everyday Australians. I still remember the people infront of me telling him how much he inspired them and how thankful they are for him and his music. I couldn't help but feel the same way. This is why I am truly saddened at the fact that he was given a no-entry ban into Australia. His girlfriend, whom was making money by stripping while pregnant with Marcus' son, claimed to police that he was abusing her. Marcus, however, claims he did have an outburst, (which I'd consider a normal reaction under those circumstances), but did not assault her. I understand that by being a fan, it does make me liable to bias, though I've been following him and his movement since before he became famous, and met him in person, so when I tell you that I believe that he is a kind-hearted and loving person, it should really mean something to you. His views and the way he portrays himself may sometimes seem like he is hurt and saddened by personal experiences, but he truly does have old-fashioned morals and ethics which is extremely rare to find these days. Just listen to his song "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5". Unfortunately, in this generation, it's become too easy to judge someone based on their colour, race, religion and gender; though we rarely consider the circumstances surrounding our actions. For years, via social media, he has been talking about how much he loves Australia and that he wishes to retire from music to live a life in Australia with his, now would-be, family. He truly has suffered far too much for being nothing but loving and selfless. And watching his interviews and listening to his music about this exact situation, really does break my heart, because I knew how much he wanted to live here and how happy he would have been. I still remember watching a video in 2012 where he was feeding kangaroos. It was a wonderful experience to watch someone be able to experience our culture. However, it's not new for people to defame others and exagerrate or blatantly lie or to police or judges. I whole-heartedly believe that Marcus is not the type of person to assault his girlfriend while pregnant with his own child. This has been on my mind for a year now, and listening to Marcus' newly-released album, truly makes me believe that he was given an unfair trial, and I wish to make it possible for him to be allowed back into Australia. I understand that this may be a big ask from the Australian Government, but I will forever keep my hopes high when it comes to Australia because I genuinely believe that we are all just as accepting, caring and kind-hearted as Marcus himself. I truly thank you for taking the time to read this. Help a man feel happiness again!

Imran Celik
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