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Petition to Theresa May MP, NHS, Caroline Dinenage MP, Department of Health, Stephen Barclay MP, Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Matt Hancock MP

Eating Disorders are not just about weight #dumpthescales

Having being hospitalised and on the brink of death from anorexia once before, when I relapsed in 2016 I was terrified of ending up in hospital again. Getting to that point where I would lose control. That relentless anorexic voice nagging at me day in and day out.After four months of battling with that voice in my head I decided it was time I reached out for help. I referred myself and got an appointment at an Eating Disorder Unit in London only to be told “I wasn’t thin enough for support”.I left the appointment not sure what to do, all I had wanted was someone to talk to, someone to take my relapse seriously and to give me some help. I felt like a fake. A hypocrite.   The month that followed was a mess. I couldn’t shake that anorexic voice that was slowly destroying me again, making me feel suicidal, taking over my every waking moment. One evening I sat at the train station for hours and just wanted to give up on life altogether. I remember thinking about how much better life would be for everyone if I wasn’t here. Something stopped me that evening ending my life altogether and I had this realisation that if I wasn’t thin enough for treatment I would have to manage this on my own.    My story isn’t unique but a daily occurrence for people with all eating disorders who are seeking treatment. When asked to imagine someone suffering with an eating disorder, most will imagine a stick thin, gaunt looking girl. But this is not the reality of eating disorders. People with eating disorders are currently not getting a fair deal in society. Despite the guidance too often individuals are turned away from receiving essential support because they aren’t skinny enough to be considered at risk. This leaves the individual feeling like they aren’t worth getting that support, feeling like a “fake”, potentially losing more weight to hit that target and in some cases feeling suicidal. This is why I’m calling on the government to review the eating disorder guidance delivered by clinicians.  We know that early diagnosis is a critical element in the success of treatment for eating disorders and by the time 'obvious' signs of eating disorders have manifested, it is likely that the illness will have become ingrained in the individual, and therefore much more difficult to treat. If we want to prevent people getting more unwell, save the NHS money, prevent hospital admission and save lives we need to have this review and ensure that we get full implementation of the clinical guidance around diagnosis.  The guidelines are right but these are not being uniformly implemented across the nation to the detriment of thousands of people daily. It is time we stopped waiting for people to hit crisis point before offering them support.  We need to be able to make sure that people with eating disorders are getting the right support in a timely manner. With 1.25 million people in the UK living with an eating disorder we can’t afford to wait any longer the time to act is now.  #DumpTheScales  

Hope Virgo
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Petition to MAC Cosmetics, The Amy Winehouse Estate, Estee Lauder

To release an "Amy Winehouse x MAC" Limited Edition Collection

As an enormous Amy Winehouse fan since Christmas Day 2007, I was absolutely devastated to learn that a beautiful, talented, young girl, who once lived up the road from me in Southgate, north London, had died four years later of alcohol poisoning at the tragic age of 27, in July 2011. Two months after her untimely death, her family set up a charity called The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which aims to help young and vulnerable people worldwide with addictions. This has proved that Amy’s legacy has been amazingly powering since she passed away and she is continuing to save lives.   But now, I want to start a petition to get my idol; Amy Winehouse her own limited edition make-up line with MAC Cosmetics in her honour, because I feel that it would be a fernominal thing to stamp her legacy and I believe allot of people would be interested in purchasing this dedicated line, especially in the UK. After noticing numerous female pop stars; Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Beth Ditto, Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga, as well as late singers; Selena and Aaliyah have had their own MAC inspired lines, I instantly thought to myself "Amy must have one too! How can she not have one yet?!". I want Amy's fans to all come together with me on this campaign so we can have the power to reintroduce Amy's outstandingly unique style to the world through her own make-up line in her memory. Excluding her music for now, Amy Winehouse's retro image alone inspires so many looks and trends today and has had a massive impact in women, as well as the society we live in. As many of you may not know, a year before Amy died, she collaborated with Fred Perry in 2010 and released her own clothing line and proved to be very popular. If this worked, I can definitely see a MAC Cosmetics make-up line working which would really please all her fans across the world, as well as other young women. Amy had a short career and only released two albums in her brief time with us and has already had a massive impact in the world we live in. I think Amy Winehouse fans would love this concept and think it's an amazing idea to keep her memory alive in a positive way. I can see this collection having seven to ten make-up products inspired by past looks of Amy (photoshoots, music videos, award ceremonies etc.) and perhaps even taking inspiration from her actual make-up bag. Each product could be named after a song of hers; including lip-glosses, lip-sticks, perhaps a pink-brownish blush and an eye-shadow palette. And of course not forgetting about her signature eyeliner, the collection could feature two different eye-liner products. Amy was very old-school & 50/60's looking and very edgy, so the packaging could be simply matte, with a colour of either a shimmery creamy colour or a peachy, pale-pink. Lastly, I noticed Aaliyah's collection was accompanied with a bandana, as she was known for her 90's style. I was thinking it would be great if some type of headscarf or bow would be great to partner with this collection to signify her hair and Amy's retro character or even a cute tattooed make-up bag to store the products from the collection in. I want to make it clear that if this collection was to come to fruition, I would not want a penny out of this; as I am that dedicated. Money is the last thing on my mind with this campaign. As a huge fan of her and her family's work after she has passed, with helping young people reach their full potential in her memory, I feel that that the proceeds should go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Recently, it has been announced that Amy will be returning on stage for a worldwide tour, as a hologram in late 2019, which will give me and the rest of Amy's fans, who did not get to see her live a chance to see in real life what she was like live to celebrate her music and for new generations to discover her - it will be an extremely emotional experience. As it has been written, her family have also signed a multi-million pound contract to make a live-action film based on her life and production is looking to commence next year. This proves that even though our darling Amy is not physically here, her presence still strongly remains and as a fan, I can really see her legacy growing even more in the future. I feel that this line would cultivate that and accomplish well with the hologram tour and new upcoming movie.  Everyone, (not just Amy Winehouse fans), should sign this petition and make it happen, because I think seeing as Amy Winehouse is not here anymore to be giving us new music, or even a make-up line of her own, her legacy must live on, along with the fantastic work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. I personally feel that an Amy Winehouse inspired make-up line would prove to be very popular and her fans, particularly girls will go mad over this. I can see her smiling up in Heaven about this idea and I feel that she would want me as a fan to go ahead with it and not care what anyone may think of the idea. Massive Amy fans like myself, regular fans or just people who love one Amy song, together, please let us make this work as our gorgeous icon deserves this honour!  Thank you so much for your time for reading! I love you Amy<3 Michael Elias :) **THIS PETITION IS CURRENTLY SUPPORTED BY AMY'S MOTHER JANIS WINEHOUSE,  THE UK’s BIGGEST TRIBUTE ACT; LAURA JANE-BUTLER, AS WELL AS MANY AMY FAN BASES ACROSS THE WORLD; INCLUDING “FC TROUBLE’’.** **HOWEVER, THIS IS STILL UNDERGOING FOR THE OFFICIAL SANCTIONING FROM AMY’S ESTATE & FOUNDATION DUE TO OBLIGATED RULES. HOPEFULLY WE CAN GET ENOUGH SIGNATURES FOR MAC TO CONTACT THE ESTATE.** **I LASTLY WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT THIS IS NOT FOR MONEY PURPOSES AT ALL. I AM SIMPLY JUST A HUGE AMY WINEHOUSE FAN WANTING TO PUSH HER LEGACY FORWARD ALONG WITH OTHER VENTURES HAPPENING. I WOULD WANT MOST OR/ALL OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS COLLECTION TO GO TOWARDS THE AMY WINEHOUSE FOUNDATION TO HELP YOUNG PEOPLE.** CHECK OUT HOW TO DO AMY WINEHOUSE MAKE-UP WITH TURTORIAL VIDEOS HERE:'S HERE IS HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED & HELP MAKE THIS WORK: Go ahead and check out my 'Amy Winehouse For MAC' pages on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for exciting make-up comparisons to Amy's iconic looks, as well as make-up product designs by me, who studies Animation at the University of Westminster, and hopefully soon we will get Amy's family and MAC Cosmetics' attention! FACEBOOK -  TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - ACTION STEPS: #AMYWINEHOUSEFORMAC Pick your favourite MAC lipstick, lip-gloss, eye-shadow, eye-liner or blush. Take a selfie, post it on Instagram and Twitter, tag @MACcosmetics and most importantly you must use the hashtag, #AmyWinehouseForMAC :) - WHAT WE WANT: Your signature and ongoing support WHAT WE NEED: 5,000 signatures OUTCOME: Amy Winehouse x M.A.C Collection “If you don’t throw yourself into something, you never know what you could’ve had.” Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

Michael Elias
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Petition to Haringey Council, Wireless Festival, LIVE NATION

Repeal the law against Wireless Festival that bans swearing and offensive outfits

Following complaints from locals, Haringey Council have decided that in order for Wireless to commence in 2019 some strict rules have to be laid out - namely that acts are not allowed to wear offensive outfits and, more importantly, acts are not allowed to swear during their performance. Anyone that knows hip hop will know that it goes hand in hand with rude language. A hip hop festival without swearing will never be successful, and will simply result in acts walking on stage to a backing track as opposed to performing. This is not an enjoyable experience for anyone, and is clearly an example of the local council making boundaries for music it doesn't deem 'family friendly', arguably a form of censorship. We think that a music festival should be able to play the music it's meant to, rather than blocking every third word. There is little reason for such a law - locals hearing swearing in a festival is no different to hearing swear words on the street, which is no crime. Similarly, offensive outfits have no effect on locals and only peak the interest of people who attend the festival to see their favourite acts. Hip hop has so many links in fashion and therefore it's always exciting to see what your favourite artist is going to wear, even if it is 'offensive'. This festival won't succeed with such strict regulation. This needs to be reconsidered.

Alex Goldie
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