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Petition to NHS, Caroline Dinenage MP, Department of Health, Stephen Barclay MP, Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Matt Hancock MP, Boris Johnson

Eating Disorders are not just about weight #dumpthescales

Having being hospitalised and on the brink of death from anorexia once before, when I relapsed in 2016 I was terrified of ending up in hospital again. Getting to that point where I would lose control. That relentless anorexic voice nagging at me day in and day out.After four months of battling with that voice in my head I decided it was time I reached out for help. I referred myself and got an appointment at an Eating Disorder Unit in London only to be told “I wasn’t thin enough for support”.I left the appointment not sure what to do, all I had wanted was someone to talk to, someone to take my relapse seriously and to give me some help. I felt like a fake. A hypocrite.   The month that followed was a mess. I couldn’t shake that anorexic voice that was slowly destroying me again, making me feel suicidal, taking over my every waking moment. One evening I sat at the train station for hours and just wanted to give up on life altogether. I remember thinking about how much better life would be for everyone if I wasn’t here. Something stopped me that evening ending my life altogether and I had this realisation that if I wasn’t thin enough for treatment I would have to manage this on my own.    My story isn’t unique but a daily occurrence for people with all eating disorders who are seeking treatment. When asked to imagine someone suffering with an eating disorder, most will imagine a stick thin, gaunt looking girl. But this is not the reality of eating disorders. People with eating disorders are currently not getting a fair deal in society. Despite the guidance too often individuals are turned away from receiving essential support because they aren’t skinny enough to be considered at risk. This leaves the individual feeling like they aren’t worth getting that support, feeling like a “fake”, potentially losing more weight to hit that target and in some cases feeling suicidal. This is why I’m calling on the government to review the eating disorder guidance delivered by clinicians.  We know that early diagnosis is a critical element in the success of treatment for eating disorders and by the time 'obvious' signs of eating disorders have manifested, it is likely that the illness will have become ingrained in the individual, and therefore much more difficult to treat. If we want to prevent people getting more unwell, save the NHS money, prevent hospital admission and save lives we need to have this review and ensure that we get full implementation of the clinical guidance around diagnosis.  The guidelines are right but these are not being uniformly implemented across the nation to the detriment of thousands of people daily. It is time we stopped waiting for people to hit crisis point before offering them support.  We need to be able to make sure that people with eating disorders are getting the right support in a timely manner. With 1.25 million people in the UK living with an eating disorder we can’t afford to wait any longer the time to act is now.  #DumpTheScales  

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Petition to Councillor Raymond Puddifoot MBE, Councillor Alan Kauffman, Mr Tim Saward, Music Advisory Group, Hillingdon Council

Save Hillingdon Music Service from staff redundancies and restructuring #SaveHMS2019

We petition Mr Tim Saward [1] and Councillor Alan Kauffman [2] of the Music Advisory Group [3] and Councillor Raymond Puddifoot MBE [4] to halt proposed changes to the structure of Hillingdon Music Service [5], including a revocation of the redundancy of coordinator roles.  It is known that Hillingdon Music Service will not exist in its current form as of 2020, due to changes in funding distribution currently in consultation stages. The Service in itself will remain, and all sessional peripatetic staff will remain in their roles, however all coordinator roles will be cut and these positions made redundant. Furthermore, peripatetic staff may face changes in their role which include more responsibilities than their current role, but at a lower rate of pay.  The threat of change, and even closure, is not new to the students of Hillingdon Music Service. In 2011, the Service was faced with threatening cuts which saw 500 students, parents and Hillingdon residents gathering and lobbying the council to ‘Save HMS’[6]. We believe that the proposed changes to Hillingdon Music Service do not serve the students, nor the staff, and we urge Hillingdon Council and Hillingdon Music Advisory Group to consider the thoughts of the students and staff, both former and current, who care about the future of Hillingdon Music Service. Hillingdon Music Service has continually gone above and beyond the required level of teaching, and provide a great service to the community of Hillingdon. The proposed restructuring threatens this, and puts at risk the unique opportunities HMS provides to children and young people within the borough.  We oppose, and demand a halt to proposed changes to the structure of Hillingdon Music Service, including a revocation of the redundancy of coordinator roles. We have approached the council with their required amount of signatures (100) and have requested for students and parents to meet council members and discuss the changes to the music service. #SaveHMS2019 Testimonies -  Yvonne Tarrant- former studentHillingdon Music Service is a valuable part of the local community, it has paved the way forward for many careers, provides opportunities for children throughout the Borough and offers a service that goes above and beyond the requirements. Music plays a vital role within society and in a person's education whilst heightening many skill sets, not only musically, but for life and working life too. The excellent staff at the service always encourage the students and their families to achieve their best and the service they provide cannot be replaced. I am saddened to hear of the cuts being made as this will mean a devastating loss to our community. Samuel Davis - current student The HMS Coordinators are what keep the music service together. From inspiring young musicians when directing the top orchestras and bands to the youngest ones as well, turning music making in an ensemble an enjoyable and enriching time, which I look forward to every week. To the amazing concerts that take place every term and especially performing in Cadogan Hall in the Summer, which is a wonderful experience. Then to the music tours that the concert band, choir and string sinfonia go on every year around Europe; from the beautiful Greek islands to this year's Lake Garda trip; this brings the ensembles together and let Europeans hear the wonderful music we practice throughout the year. Without these coordinators, these brilliant things I have just mentioned will stop happening. The experiences that these coordinators give us encourage some to go onto a music degree and even further. I know without HMS and this way of running it I probably would not be as enthusiastic about music and wanting to do it as a career as I would be now. One of the reasons for these changes is the focus on primary school whole class tuitions, I am not saying this is a bad thing but it is only benefiting primary school children. More recently Music GCSE and A level music is being cut in schools across the London Borough of Hillingdon. Taking away the enthusiastic and engaging coordinators will reduce the amount of young musicians wanting to carry on music after primary school. In 2011 HMS was threatened to close down. I remember being there, a small 9 year old in my primary school uniform, chanting about not shutting it down. Since then HMS has only improved. The Hillingdon Borough logo has only one word, which is 'Forward'. In my opinion these changes are the opposite, going back to a situation similar to the one in 2011. I know it is not the same but it feels like it. These coordinators have taught me so much over the years and I would not want to lose them. Even though I may be as small as I was in 2011, I am even more eager to stop these changes. Even though I maybe leaving next year, I want younger musicians to get the same amazing opportunities that I have had over the many years. Ed Donald - former studentI started learning the violin when I was 7 or 8 years old, and the saxophone when I was about 11 or 12. This would not have been possible without the wonderful, patient staff of Hillingdon Music Service. When I was a teenager, I joined the Saturday Music School, where we spent our Saturday mornings in choir, theory class, and many bands and ensembles. I attended for many years, progressing to the senior choirs and bands, allowing me to go on amazing tours to Holland, Spain, France and Italy from 2013-2015. Again, the music school and the tours were held up by the hard work and perseverance of dedicated staff members, especially the coordinators. These staff members are now going to lose their jobs this Christmas. This is not what is best for Hillingdon Music Service. Students are appalled at this decision to divert funding away from the core coordinator roles, especially as it seems that the music service itself and the council do not need to do this. I will be deeply saddened to see the staff members who played such a vital role in my music education lose their jobs this year, and I urge the council to rethink this unnecessary and harsh decision.  [1] Mr Tim SawardHillingdon Music Education Hub 86 Long LaneIckenhamMiddlesexUB10  [2]Councillor Alan Kauffman Conservative Group Office Civic CentreUxbridgeMiddlesexUB8 1UW01895 [3]London Borough of Hillingdon (2019). MUSIC ADVISORY GROUP (was Management Committee) [online] Available at:  [Accessed 11 Jul. 2019]. [4]Councillor Raymond Puddifoot MBELeader of the CouncilLeader's Office - Conservative Group Offices Civic CentreUxbridgeMiddlesexUB8 1UW01895 [5]London Borough of Hillingdon (2019). Hillingdon Music Hub  [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jul. 2019]. [6] hillingdonagainstcuts (2011). Great Lobby, Let’s Keep it up!. [online] Available at:  [Accessed 11 Jul. 2019].  

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