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Petition to Bear McCreary, Starz, Sparks and Shadows LLC

Influence Bear McCreary/Starz to release OST Music for Black Sails Seasons 2-4

History has been a passion of mine for much of my life, but especially as an adult. My favorite time period being the start of the new world. 1600-1700’s time frame. The age of piracy caught my eye years ago and I fell in love with learning everything I could about it. One day I found the show Black Sails on Starz and though I know it is only loosely and partially based of real history, I love it! Television has always been a great love for me and I have watched hundreds of different shows and movies. Black Sails is by far my favorite show that I have ever watched. It makes me wish I lived in that time period. It was rough and deadly but it was also new and beautiful. Getting to see how the world may have looked before the age of technology, cars, skyscrapers, and big cities makes me wish I could go back in time and live in that age. Another great love/passion in my life is music. I especially love OST’s (original soundtracks) from tv shows and movies. Some of my favorite OST’s are from shows like Black Sails, Jamestown, and Frontier. Bear McCreary is a fantastic composer and musician. His skill with a hurdy gurdy is magical. What a beautiful instrument! He put out an OST for Black Sails Season 1 but nothing was ever officially released for Seasons 2-4. While I know the show ended in 2017, I still want the music from the last 3 seasons and so do so many others. I know the music is still out there sitting on a hard drive somewhere waiting to be released to its fans. What I am asking is for anyone who loves Black Sails, Pirates, Hurdy Gurdy music, History, or just music in genral to please sign this petition to try and influence Bear McCreary/Starz to release OST’s for Black Sails Seasons 2-4. I have seen so many people on the internet asking why these OST’s were never released. In fact this is the second petition for it. Let’s not give up this time. Let’s get hundreds and thousands of signatures if possible to show Bear and Starz how important this music is to us and how badly we want to have it! I know this may not seem as important a cause as some, but this means more than you could know to me and many others. So please, sign this for me, for you, and for every other music and Black Sails lover out there! 

Hannah Marsh
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