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Petition to SoundCloud Limitied

Stop Soundcloud from forcing Loyal Musicians/Producers off of their platform on Dec. 9th

Soundcloud is a website that was built by small time creators. Since its launch in 2008, it rose in popularity as an avenue for producers and musicians to share their art in an accessible environment. If you've heard of a small time musician, chances are they got some of their start on Soundcloud. Which is why is heartbreaking that they've made the decision to force the majority of their users off of their platform Starting December 9th, Soundcloud is implementing a new oppressive limit on its users, preventing individuals with 15 or more tracks/songs from sharing their work to their accounts. Out of context, this means very little, but to long term users of the site, this is devastating. Virtually every creator/producer that has been with the site for any considerable amount of time is either well, well above 15 tracks, or right on the cusp of going over. Prior to this, artists were capable of uploading 3 hours of their content. Now, with these upcoming harsh limitations, most loyal users of the site will be barred from posting new audio, effectively freezing their accounts, even if they were nowhere near this limit.  The only option to circumvent this crippling new limitation is to pay for their "Pro Unlimited" program, costing $12-$16 a month Thats around $150 - $190 a year, a consistent fee that no small time artist, the lifeblood of the website, could reasonably pay given the incredibly limited services "Pro Unlimited" supplies. Put simply, this will force the overwhelming majority of Soundcloud's long term, loyal content creators and musicians from the website, hurting all involved. Services cost money, that is common sense and no one is trying to ignore that. If Soundcloud came forward with a message saying "Sorry guys, ads aren't cutting it; the company has had a rough couple of years and if you want more upload time then you need to pay for additional hosting," That would be understandable and fair. Loyal users have gotten anything but transparency though. Instead this entire situation is covered with underhanded business practices. Weeks before this, they slowly rolled back their "Pro" membership, an option for more storage among other things that was a lot more affordable than "Pro Unlimited." Pro is no longer an option on their store, meaning the $150-$190 a year plan is the only option. Then they hit us with the 15 track limit, which in practice lowers the 3 hour upload limit for free users down to 30-45 minutes. Soundcloud planned this, to effectively strong arm as many users, users who have committed years of efforts into building the site into what it is, into the most expensive plan possible in a financial hail mary. The company itself is in dire straits financially, and it seems theyve decided their best way out is by throwing their long term users under the bus. So, humbly, I have hoped to share this information with those who share my disappointment in Soundcloud's treatment of the artists, musicians, and creators that the site got to where it is today with. Implementing these new, harsh limitations upon your user base will only serve to harm those who this platform was built for, and while short term profits may increase from those strong-armed into saving the worked hard to create via over priced subscriptions, Soundcloud will only be damaged as artists seek new avenues.  Save Soundcloud, without sacrificing those who built Soundcloud

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Petition to Nc State Athletics, North Carolina State University

Hype Video for the NC State Marching Band

The Power Sound of the South, the most dangerous band around, the one that gives you the energy and school spirit on game days in Carter-Finley Stadium. They are there supporting at every game cheering on the football team, rain or shine, win or lose, the band is there. The band performs a pregame and Halftime show at every single home game and at select away games as well. The band provides the atmosphere that everyone loves on game day. The band puts in countless hours of dedication to prepare for each and every game providing energy to every person in a stadium full of 60,000 people. The band deserves to be introduced with an epic video that gathers even more energy from the crowd. They deserve to be recognized and viewed as a game day essential and what better way than a video on the big screen showcasing the band before they come out and perform, the same way the football team has a video before they come out and play, and volleyball, basketball, and more. A short video showing how awesome the band is and how important the are to game day vibes can bring more spirit to the fans but also to the team and band. North Carolina State has a band of 360+ members who are at each and every game, let's get them the recognition they deserve and provide the fans with yet another hype video before the Wolfpack takes the field to victory.  **We are in no way unhappy with NCSU Athletics, we just want to show how much support there is for the band when we present the idea to the department. 

Sarah Sisk
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