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Save the Enterprise CVN-65 from slipping beneath the waves of History unseen.

At a very young age, the first Navy vessel I stepped aboard was the USS Texas, a WW1 era battleship, and I was amazed by the presence a single ship and the story of the men and women who serve aboard them.  The ability to walk where history was made and where sailors bled and died is humbling.  It is museum ships like them that stoked the love for history in me.  My visit to the Lexington, berthed in Corpus Christi, only increased that love not to mention the shock and awe at seeing something the size of a carrier.  That is what museum ships do; they instill a love and respect for history and for those who should be remembered.  The US Navy has had eight ships bearing the name Enterprise yet not one has been preserved.  The USS Enterprise CV-6 that served in WW2, the most decorated US navy ship ever, was scrapped in 1958 and thus will never be able to be seen or tell her own story.  Now her relative, CVN-65, is threatened to be lost to us again.  CVN-65 was the first US Carrier to hold a nuclear reactor and served longer than any other US Navy vessel.  She saw the birth of the jet fighter in the Cuban missile crisis.  She served through the Vietnam war and has been active in both seas sailing in defense of freedom and all we hold dear back home.  As Winston Churchill said, coined from George Santayana, "Those who can not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it".  We as humans relate our learning with things whether it be a person or an inanimate object.  How are we to remember her history and the men and women who have served aboard her if we loose another Enterprise to the fog of the past.  I call for the US Navy to save the Enterprise and allow her to be made into a Museum Ship for people to learn of her and her previous namesakes.  Per her own mottos, "We are Legend ready on arrival the first and the finest eight reactors none faster".  As Captain Picard said (from Star Trek The Next Generation: Yesterday's Enterprise), "Let's make sure history never forgets the name... ENTERPRISE".

Conlin Butler
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Petition to Planes of Fame Air Museum


****Please note that we are asking for signatures ONLY and NOT DONATIONS. If the option pops up, please skip. A lawsuit has been brought against the Planes of Fame Air Museum by the Yanks Air Museum, Flying Tigers Aviation, SOCAL MRO, and Zangeneh Aeronautics with the sole intent to stop the 25th Annual Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino Airport slated for May 6 & 7, 2017. The annual Air Show is one of the few remaining events in Southern California where visitors from around the world can enjoy the sights and sounds of aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation flying overhead.  Each year the Air Show attracts thousands of families, aviation enthusiasts, and others who come together to witness rare and historic aircraft, as well as some of the most talented aviators take to the skies.  The Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino Airport is considered one of the top five air shows in the country.  As a non-profit, 501c.3 organization, the annual Air Show serves as the primary fundraising effort for the Planes of Fame Air Museum.  Revenue from the annual Air Show helps us to carry on our mission to preserve aviation history, inspire an interest in aviation, education of the public, and honor aviation pioneers and veterans.  And as this year’s Air Show marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of Planes of Fame Air Museum, we have seen how our mission has impacted multiple generations of families, and is introducing aviation to entirely new generations.  For the local community, the annual Air Show provides an economic stimulus to local businesses and entrepreneurs both on and nearby the airport.  For the City of Chino and the County of San Bernardino, the Air Show provides increased visibility as thousands of visitors flock to the Chino Airport for the show. In response to the inquires regarding the nature of the lawsuit, the allegations involve the experience of economic hardship over Air Show weekend and an inconvenience to operations. The fate of this Air Show will be decided on April 20 in a court of law.  PLEASE RESPOND ASAP AND SHARE THIS PETITION ON ALL OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA AND EMAIL.  Help us save the Air Show!  We are asking our friends, visitors, community, and colleagues to join together to support the Air Show.  Please send us a note or letter indicating your backing of the Air Show and be sure to include your thoughts on why it needs to continue. Please send all comments, concerns and questions to

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Oppose the Nelson's NO Plan Master Plan

By signing this petition, I express my opposition to the Master Planning District (MPD) proposed by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art that would change the residential zoning for the historic homes they have acquired in Rockhill. Their Master Planning District does not include long range detailed plans for the neighborhood. It is an MPD without an actual Master Plan.  The Nelson-Atkins' long anticipated planning process is welcomed, but the current proposal represents institutional encroachment of a historic residential neighborhood. In addition, it directly violates all recommendations set forth in the City's plans for the area, including the Cultural Heritage District Plan of 2012 and the new Midtown Plaza Area Plan of 2016. Both plans call for strong protection of historic neighborhoods, recommend no changes in zoning for the area and reinforce the Local, State and National Historic Listing of the Rockhill Historic District. The Nelson also created a public plan in response to the Weiss-Manfredi Plan, Envisioning a Cultural District of 2015. That plan also calls for strong protection of the historic neighborhoods in the district.  The incomplete MPD submitted by the Nelson-Atkins was developed without collaboration from the neighborhoods in which it resides and offers no long term resolution for the residential properties they have acquired.  The zoning of the Rockhill Historic District was established by William Rockhill Nelson for the protection of what he created. I ask that City Planning and Development protect the zoning to ensure Mr. Nelson's vision for generations to come.

Jim Wanser
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