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Petition to Mark Dayton, Debra Hilstrom, James P. Metzen, Al Franken, Chris A. Eaton, Minnesota State House, Minnesota State Senate, Minnesota Governor

Minnesota State Legislators: Enact "Cameron Norris Law" as New Child Homicide Statute

What Happened to Cameron Samuel Christopher Jones, was a close family friend of Cynthia Sweats' family for years. He was trusted to watch Cameron for Cynthia on one occasion, so she could go to work. Samuel Jones brutally beat baby Cameron Norris to death on February 7, 2003. Jones was released March 8, 2017 after only serving 14 years, of his 20 year maximum sentence. Jones is now a free man, on parole until 2023. Jones has never showed remorse, had no mandated rehabilitation, nor has he faced Cynthia to apologize, for what he did. In the courtroom he smiled and scoffed at the victimized family members during his sentencing.  Cynthia Sweats will never receive justice for Cameron's death. However, her goal is to provide justice for other children fatally victimized at the hands of an adult. The courts should hold offenders fully accountability for these crimes.  WCCO 4 NEWS TAKES THIS CAUSE SERIOUSLY: Cameron Norris Law – A focus into the future, for a new Child Homicide Statute in Minnesota.  MISSION: Enact Cameron Norris Law in response to child homicide. Offenders must be held fully accountable for the crime they committed. Parents need to feel some sense of justice. The cycle of violence needs to be broken with mandated intense rehabilitation for those found guilty of these heinous crimes, if any plea bargain is offered.  Society Needs Lawmakers to;  See society's need for harsher sentencing and mandated treatment for those who harm a child.  Ensure that all parents feel heard and represented throughout the process. Mandated Restorative Justice Rehabilitation to offenders that seek the plea bargain.   Outline of Cameron Norris Law Offender will be charged with 1st degree homicide, when arrested and booked into jail. Offender is given the choice to decide if he/she wants to go to trial or take the "Intentional Second Degree Murder" plea deal. If offender chooses to go to trial; He/she can be found guilty or not guilty, in court of law. If found guilty, offender will be sentenced to life in prison If offender chooses intentional second degree murder plea deal; Plea deal sentence terms; 40 years max, possible parole after 26 years (2/3rd of 40 years)  Offender can only reach parole in 26 years by compliance with all requirements of the plea deal. If offender is not in compliance with all requirements, the offender must serve the remaining 14 years (of 40 year maximum sentence) before parole will be offered one more time.  Plea deal requires; The offender to confess and provide all details of the child's murder. Offender to successfully complete extensive, intense treatment, structured rehabilitation, goal training, anger management, coping and skills training, educational and job coaching skills. Offender must complete all phases of the rehabilitation program,  show progress and remorse. If all requirements of the Restorative Justice Rehabilitation Program have not been met, the offender will forfeit the agreement and will then serve life in prison. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Help me in this fight for better laws to give justice to children. We need Cameron Norris's Law. SIGN the Petition & SHARE with everyone that you know. God Bless you! IMPORTANT LINKS FOR YOU TO KNOW FACEBOOK: WEBSITE:   TWITTER: @2013FFCAK GOFUNDME:         

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Petition to Attorney General

2016!!! Indict Eric D Boyd (#255762) for the Murders of Channon Christian & Chris Newsom

Knoxville, Tennessee   This horrifying story began when Eric Boyd borrowed his cousin, Nicole Mathis’ car, picked up his friends LeMaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins from 2316 Chipman Street. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom had plans to hang out with friends for dinner and a movie. As they shared a kiss, in the parking lot of a friend’s home in the Washington Ridge Apartments, their evening was abruptly interrupted by LeMaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd pointing guns in their faces.  LeMaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd forced their way into Channon’s vehicle, Carjacking and Kidnapping the couple for what turned into a weekend of pure evil. Letalvis Cobbins, the half-brother of LeMaricus Davidson, followed Channon’s SUV in the car that Eric Boyd supplied for these crimes, back to the Chipman Street house. Channon Christian was eventually tied up, raped, tortured, had bleach poured down her mouth to erase DNA evidence, a plastic bag wrapped around her head and stuffed into a kitchen trash can where she died of suffocation. Statements made by at least three of the killers involved in these crimes not only place Eric Boyd as an accomplice to the carjacking of the couple but also a vital part of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Christopher Newsom. Christopher Newsom was gagged, his hands were tied and he was raped, tortured, shot three times (Including once execution style) thrown onto train tracks and set on fire.    Eric Boyd only received a Two Count 18-year sentence for being an accessory after the fact to the murders. Without this indictment, Eric Boyd will be set free to go home from Federal Prison in a couple of years, when he should be in prison for Life. However, directly because of him, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom will never see home again. We are less than two months away from the 10 year anniversary of these heinous murders and would greatly appreciate  you signing this petition.   ●“Don’t you ever think for one second we don’t know what you did” Channon Christians father Gary, told Boyd. “I hate you beyond your comprehension”. Gary Christian  2008  ●“We believe that LeMaricus, George Thomas and possibly Eric Boyd did the shooting”. Hugh Newsom  2014 A petition on Change.Org (Over 320,000 signatures) did help deny Parole to one of the Kidnappers (Vanessa Coleman) in this same crime. YOU, the people, were heard loud and clear. Let’s make them hear you again!  Please sign this petition and help us keep Eric Dewayne Boyd exactly where he deserves to be, behind bars! This is the final piece of closure that these two families and the City of Knoxville needs. Thank You for your support! #BringJusticeBackInStyleChannon&Christopher

Kelvin Cowans
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Petition to Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas Parole Board, Arkansas State Senate, John McCain, Arkansas State House, John Boozman, Barack Obama, Arkansas department of corrections

Justice for Heather M. Hill and her family. May she finally rest in peace.

My sister, Nicole A. Cook, located in Arkansas Penitentiary, McPherson, has for as long as I can remember hurt everyone around her. Either physically and or mentally. I've been afraid of her since I was a child. She suppressed her children and mentally abused them for yrs. She would do meth or drink or pills or all the above and physically fight w her husband and girlfriend. Her girlfriend heather and her husband kevin just tried to keep her calm and not let the kids see. She was a very aggressive and spiteful sister. She'd file my nails down to the blood because she bit her nails and couldn't stand I could grow mine for example. Or when she super glued my eyelashes bc they were long. I've always been worried about her anger issues and how she's been to everyone. Wondering if she's ever going to hurt someone really bad or possibly kill them. Well last November she murdered her girlfriend of several years. She crushing her esophagus and strangling her to death after humiliating her by shaving part of her hair off bc she was upset. She continues to lie and make up stories. Tried to put it off on her husband ( who spent 14mths as an innocent man. He was just taking care of the kids in the Next Room so they wouldn't hear or see what's been going on for years and years. I guess that night was special and she snapped. Tried to cover her tracks but just made herself look like a fool. Now she thinks that she's gotten off with murder. She was sentenced to 30 years with 13 suspended 17 to serve. She can possibly go for parole in 3 to 4 years. I don't think that's Justice for Heather or her family. Taking a life should be at least 30 years or 15 b4 she can go up for parole. And I don't want her to get out and hurt anybody else because she thinks she gotten away with murder. She loved this woman and murdered her out of a fit of Rage. The autopsy said that Heather had around 46 bite scars from head to toe and almost 20 to 25 fresh bite marks. My sister's prone to biting chunks out of people. And not only did she put this woman through hell and her husband and her children. But she's now facing molestation charges with one of her daughters. She also beat our mother almost to death and left her on the floor in a puddle of her own blood to die just mths before Heather was gone. Heather did everything she could to help the kids. Thats why she stayed. She wanted to protect the kids and lost her life.. Heather never hurt anybody. She was such a sweetheart. . She didn't deserve what happened to her. This woman is evil and I hate to say that she is my blood. Thank Goodness only half blood. But she does not deserve to get out in 3 to 4 years or even 13 years. Please sign this and help me to keep her where she belongs Sorry so long. I tried to summarize it.

Mary H
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