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2016!!! Indict Eric D Boyd (#255762) for the Murders of Channon Christian & Chris Newsom

Knoxville, Tennessee   This horrifying story began when Eric Boyd borrowed his cousin, Nicole Mathis’ car, picked up his friends LeMaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins from 2316 Chipman Street. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom had plans to hang out with friends for dinner and a movie. As they shared a kiss, in the parking lot of a friend’s home in the Washington Ridge Apartments, their evening was abruptly interrupted by LeMaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd pointing guns in their faces.  LeMaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd forced their way into Channon’s vehicle, Carjacking and Kidnapping the couple for what turned into a weekend of pure evil. Letalvis Cobbins, the half-brother of LeMaricus Davidson, followed Channon’s SUV in the car that Eric Boyd supplied for these crimes, back to the Chipman Street house. Channon Christian was eventually tied up, raped, tortured, had bleach poured down her mouth to erase DNA evidence, a plastic bag wrapped around her head and stuffed into a kitchen trash can where she died of suffocation. Statements made by at least three of the killers involved in these crimes not only place Eric Boyd as an accomplice to the carjacking of the couple but also a vital part of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Christopher Newsom. Christopher Newsom was gagged, his hands were tied and he was raped, tortured, shot three times (Including once execution style) thrown onto train tracks and set on fire.    Eric Boyd only received a Two Count 18-year sentence for being an accessory after the fact to the murders. Without this indictment, Eric Boyd will be set free to go home from Federal Prison in a couple of years, when he should be in prison for Life. However, directly because of him, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom will never see home again. We are less than two months away from the 10 year anniversary of these heinous murders and would greatly appreciate  you signing this petition.   ●“Don’t you ever think for one second we don’t know what you did” Channon Christians father Gary, told Boyd. “I hate you beyond your comprehension”. Gary Christian  2008  ●“We believe that LeMaricus, George Thomas and possibly Eric Boyd did the shooting”. Hugh Newsom  2014 A petition on Change.Org (Over 320,000 signatures) did help deny Parole to one of the Kidnappers (Vanessa Coleman) in this same crime. YOU, the people, were heard loud and clear. Let’s make them hear you again!  Please sign this petition and help us keep Eric Dewayne Boyd exactly where he deserves to be, behind bars! This is the final piece of closure that these two families and the City of Knoxville needs. Thank You for your support! #BringJusticeBackInStyleChannon&Christopher

Kelvin Cowans
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Petition to Danny Fuentes, Lethal Amounts

Remove Michael Alig from Hosting the "Sex Cells" party on October 27, 2017

We, concerned members of the LGBTQA nightlife community, are coming together to protest that Mr. Michael Alig, known offender of horrific violence, has been advertised as a special guest and host of the Halloween edition of Los Angeles-based party Sex Cells. The event is scheduled to take place on October 27, 2017. While Michael Alig is well-known for his contributions to 1990s nightlife culture, he is even more famous for the biopic entitled Party Monster, which details the story of his rise to fame, and descent into darkness, including flagrant and irresponsible drug abuse, eventually culminating in the murder of an innocent young man. (If you are not informed of the specifics, there are more details of these horrific acts in the space below) We feel that having Michael Alig on the bill for this event sends a message to young and impressionable LGBTQA individuals that sensationalizes this act of violence and the drug abuse that led up to it as if these things are acceptable, or even glamorous. As concerned members of the nightlife community, we respectfully ask for the promoter and/or venue to consider our request for Mr. Alig to be removed from the advertising of this event as well as to be excluded from performing, speaking, or otherwise being associated with the event in an official capacity. For us, and for many LGBTQA individuals, nightlife spaces are and always should be safe spaces, and nothing else. They are not places where violence is encouraged or romanticized. We cherish and celebrate the sacred and fleeting nature of life. We believe these safe spaces must be maintained, and that any challenge to the nature of positivity and safety must be kept at bay from our nightclubs in order to protect the posterity of our culture, and the lives of our friends and loved ones. Story behind the violence: Michael Alig was convicted of manslaughter for brutally killing an individual whom he once called his friend. He and another individual resorted to horrific violence and murder when faced with a petty dispute with Angel Melendez in March of 1996. After killing Angel, the two kept his body on ice in a bathtub for several days before eventually deciding to dismember his corpse in order to dispose of the evidence of their crimes. Michael cut off his legs and head, and put them into garbage bags. The rest of Angel's body was placed into a box, which the two disposed of in New York's Hudson River. Michael Alig cited his drug use at the time for the reason of his violence, which earned him a reduced sentence from murder to manslaughter. Though he was released from prison in 2014, his lack of remorse for his actions is well documented in several video interviews that have been recorded in the time since. Furthermore, it has been reported that Michael Alig has continued to use many of the same substances that he blamed for his lack of clarity, and act of murder, in the time since his release.  Conclusion: If, in fact, it was the drugs that caused Mr. Alig to commit this horrible, pre-meditated act of violence and inhumane care for a lifeless body, what is to say that he would not do it again under the influence of the same substances today? Please remove Michael Alig from the event, or cancel the party altogether. PLEASE KEEP OUR NIGHTLIFE SPACES SAFE FOR EVERYONE.

Patrick Waechter
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