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Petition to Rep. Ken Calvert, Army Corps Of Engineers (Army Corps Of Engineers Senior Public Affairs Specialist)

Save The Largest Patriotic Mural In America

At nearly 100,000 sq feet, the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural can be seen by some 300,000 cars that pass by it daily along the 91 freeway in Corona California.  The mural is actually six times the size of Mt. Rushmore! 

How the mural got there is as impressive as It's message, in 1976 it was designed and painted by Corona High School students to be part of the U.S. Bicentennial Celebration, which became the most massive volunteer movement in peacetime history. Over the years the Mural has been damaged, but even though groups like the Boy Scouts have volunteered to repair the 40 year old Icon, the Army Corps of Engineers has turned down all requests solely on the premise of lead paint in the mural.  It's on that claim alone, the Corps has now resolved to strip off the mural in the next few months.  With the Corps failure to put a vintage restoration plan in place, the Mural could be lost forever or even replaced by a different design.

The 10,000 Inspirational comments left here by petitioners along with the resolutions that were passed in support by the five cities that surround the mural, leave no doubt that the public wants the mural preserved as a living part of our communities life, development and to benefit that of present and future generations. This is why, original Mural Artist and creator Ron Kammeyer has teamedup with the Mural Conservancy of L.A. to stop the destruction.  Since 2012, the Mural Conservancy has been restoring the famed 1984 Olympic Freeway Murals in downtown Los Angeles.  Those Murals were covered in heavy graffiti, but are now almost fully restored.  The group believes that compared to other projects, the Bicentennial Mural is child's play .  Both Kammeyer and the Mural Conservancy are being represented by Eric Bjorgum of Karish & Bjorgum PC in Pasadena, California.  Please sign the petition below to show your support for the restoration of the current Bicentennial mural.

Prado Dam
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Petition to Maria Poncel

Oakland Residents: Demand Real Community Benefits!

Thanks to your support, we won about half a million dollars in community benefits from Bay Development for the Malonga Center for the Arts and the affordable housing units there, the re-installation of the Alice Street Mural to Laney College, and a fund for parking mitigation! We now need your help winning meaningful community benefits at the project across the street at 226 13th Street, a 262-unit 100% market-rate development with rents as high as $4,500 per unit.  The City has failed again to secure community givebacks on this major development taking up an entire city block in the heart of our neighborhoods. Please come out to the Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, June 1st at 6pm at City Hall Council Chambers to voice your concerns! ***************************** The Oakland Planning Commission just approved a project at Alice & 14th Street by Bay Development that would take away parking from surrounding businesses, residents, staff and attendees of the City's Malonga Casquelourd Arts Center, cover up a beautiful new $80,000 community mural, and not provide affordable housing or significant family units for existing residents. The development *doubles* the allowed height to 16 stories and reduced parking requirements, which allows the City to ask for community benefits as givebacks.  But the City failed to advocate for the residents.  Since City staff and officials didn't do their jobs to ensure that this market-rate development meets the community's needs, it's up to us, the people of Oakland, to make sure that Bay Development commits to our demands in writing: 1) Finance or fundraise 100% of replacement mural costs. 2) Dedicate the ground floor of the parking garage to Malonga Arts Center staff and patrons, to support the continued flourishing of its many dance and music classes offered to the community, as the heart of the newly designated Black Arts Movement Cultural and Business District. 3) Make at least 15% of the units affordable to families earning less than $64,000, according to the Lake Merritt Specific Area Plan.  That means setting rent at $1,600 or below for at least 18 of the 126 units.  Increase the number of 3-bedroom family units from 2 to 15 so that families can stay in Oakland.  Not creating housing for families hurts our Oakland schools. Bay Development, and all developers, should be working with neighborhoods to meet the community's needs and requests if they want to continue developing in Oakland and benefiting from our public and cultural resources. Bay Development: Show your good faith by signing an MOU with the above items included! Help us raise the $2,200 needed to file a legal challenge to appeal the decision to the City Council!  If the developer doesn't meet our demands, we will publicly challenge the City's failure to meet this neighborhood's needs: Also, join us for a march from the mural to City Hall on Thursday, February 11th gathering at 11:30am to file the appeal! #KeepOaklandCreative #HousingJustice #FairTransitAccess #DevelopmentWithoutDisplacement #SupportMalonga

#KeepOaklandCreative #HousingJustice
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