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NO MOSQUE IN MUDGEE Mudgee is a small country town 3.5hrs west of Sydney. We have a population of about 12,000 residents and a strong sense of community. The main industries here include wine production, coal mining and tourism. All of which create a wealth of jobs, not just directly but indirectly with the need of specialist trades and businesses to help support the specific industry needs.  Mudgee also has a very well known and proud local food, wine and music following which is a community and tourism stronghold. We eat and drink in the restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, on the allocated footpaths and even close off the streets for local festivals to get together to eat, drink and dance to live music.  With many other events right throught the year, all including the same community and tourist socialization. Mudgee is a very distinct wine region within Australia, having the ability to grow a large selection of high quality wine grape varieties because of it's elevations and climate.Mudgee's wine industry has a very interesting and valuable history not only for the region but for Australia. Tourism is a vibrant and booming industry here in Mudgee with majority of small businesses relying on it for success. People visit Mudgee for it's beautiful countryside, it's bushland adventures, it's township activities, the many high quality restaurants, bars and cafes that use locally produced food and wine and of course the 35+ cellar doors for wine tasting and fun. The subject at hand..... the proposed Mosque..... Many are confused as to why there would be a need to build a Mosque here in Mudgee. I'm sorry but i can't help answer that question. What i can say though is, that, this is the most outrageous idea I've ever heard in my time on this earth. Mudgee has a NEGLIGIBLE muslim population which firstly gives outrage to the thought of a mosque. How can it even be justified? If there were to be a mosque built here in Mudgee or within this region, what would it have to offer? Sure, there would be some profits to be made, namely by the Mid-West Regional Council, the land owner and possibly a handful of other businesses... most will go untouched in that respect. Will the visiting or newly populated muslims bring support to our main industries? Mining? Yes i don't see why not. Tourism? Maybe, this is a tough question to answer as Mudgee has many tourist attractions in and around it's township and it intertwines with many other industries... but let's just say the main attractions are local food, wine and spirits... restaurants, cafes, pubs. Cellardoors, wineries, distilleries. Food and wine go hand in hand in all wine regions. Wine Industry? Absolutely not. Visiting and newly populated muslims WILL NOT support an alcohol producing industry. This filters down the line from the wineries, cellardoors down to the restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars. The impact of this will then filter through to other related and supportive businesses through the change of tourism. Tourism would be greatly affected by it's presence because lets be honest... 98% of Australia wouldn't drive somewhere to see a mosque. Just ask the residents of Young how their tourism is going...?  I ask you to please sign this petition and any other petition related to this issue or similar issues throughout Australia. We appreciate the time you've taken to read this call for help!

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