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Petition to Warner Brothers, Viacom, Orange Sky Golden Harvest, Jeremy Nocon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ('90) Special Edition

One the finest movies I've seen as a child was the first live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie released in March 1990. Fans enjoyed it and it amazed me to see their favorite superheroes come to life on the big screen then watched it several times on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray. Since I saw it on DVD, I kinda went curious on the features it has and no others were made for it, so I'm making this petition to ask the company to make a special collector's edition of TMNT (90) with features fans like to see: Deleted/alternate/extended scenes Audio commentary with director Steve Barron Script to Screen Comparison TV spots Partners in Kryme "T-U-R-T-L-E Power" Music Video Hi Tek 3 f/ Ya Kid K "Spin That Wheel" Music Video Interviews with the cast & crew Behind the scenes footage Turtle Costume Tests Production Stills Remembering Jim Henson Lean, Green and On The Screen: A TMNT Retrospective featurette Misc. I know some fans like this movie better than the Michael Bay produced flicks, but who cares what they think? They're nice and this TMNT live-action flick from '90 is one of the best in my books. We all want that movie magic back in this decade, but we'll have to see it to believe it. From all I've learned, it does have elements from both the comics and the cartoon and I think it's very swell for fans like me or you no matter what they say or think around this decade. We all want to know how they've bring the Turtles to life in the first place whether in a special collector's edition, director's cut or extended cut of the movie anyway you'd like. Please sign this petition to get New Line/Warner Bros. to make this happen and we can't be disappointed as shellheads. Sign and share now, dudes and dudettes! #TMNT90

Alex Dillard
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Petition to Netflix, Mark Waters, Daniel Waters, Richelle Mead, Preger Entertainment, Summit Entertainment, Angry Films, Weinstein Company

Get the Vampire Academy Series Back Into Production!

I got into a slump where reading wasn't one of my priorities. With school taking the majority of my attention, and family and friends taking the rest, it seemed I had no time to do one of the things that brought me great joy in the past. When school let out for the Summer, however, I realized I had a seemingly limitless amount of free time and I could practically do anything I wanted.   Obviously, I used the beginning of the Summer to binge-watch Netflix. As I was scrolling through the action/adventure movie category, however, I saw a familiar title, "Vampire Academy". I saw the movie when it came out in 2014, and I knew it was also a book, but I never had time to read it. I watched the movie again, and for some reason, I had a strong inclination to read the novel. I sought it out; It was so interesting that I couldn't put it down. I was hooked, and all the characters began to feel like old friends. As I neared the end of Frostbite, the second book in the series, I began to wonder when the sequel to Vampire Academy would begin production. After dead end after dead end, I came across an article from Movie Pilot, which alerted me of the failed Indiegogo fundraiser to meet the money requirement Preger Entertainment requested. My heart sank at the idea of never seeing Rose and Dimitri's love progress on the big screen, as well as never seeing Queen Lissa eventually take control of the Dhampir and Moroi world. After I shared the movie and the books with my friends, and I broke to them the news of the canceled sequel to Vampire Academy, I saw in their eyes that they were just as broken hearted as I was. We wanted to see Richelle Mead's meritorious work be turned into a film series, and we set out to find a way to help make it possible.  A few ideas were tossed around, and we decided the best choice of action was to create a petition to show production companies how popular and deserving the Vampire Academy series is of being turned into movies. Although we do not have a solution to the problem, we have talked about Preger Entertainment giving the production rights of the film series to another company (such as Summit Entertainment) that is willing to produce all the movies. We also thought about having Netflix take hold of the movie series. More importantly, however, we ask that all the willing actors and production team members are kept; Danila Kozlovsky, Zoey Deutch, Dominic Sherwood, Lucy Fry, Cameron Monaghan, and all the other talented actors are what made Vampire Academy so wonderful.   I, along with many fans of the novels, truly just want the series to be turned into movies. I love the books with all my heart, and I can honestly say the Vampire Academy Novels make one of the best YA series around. The Vampire Academy Series deserves to be produced and turned into a film series.

Christina C.
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Petition to Warner Brothers

Base the fate of the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie franchise on viewer ratings!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a stunning, entertaining, action-packed, artistic, unique twist on an age old story.  Guy Ritchie and an amazing cast managed to turn the famous tale into something refreshing and new.  However, due to poor marketing, problems with the release date and negative critic reviews, the film failed to perform in the box office.  My husband and I are both movie lovers.  We go to movies regularly and anticipate the upcoming releases of films we are interested in.  One day we were walking through Walmart and we passed a King Arthur cardboard cutout.  I turned to my husband and asked him if he knew what it was for; maybe a new video game?  At that point the movie had already been released in theaters and neither my husband or I had heard anything about it.  We'd never seen anything promoting the movie, not even a single preview.  Shortly after, we came across a few negative critic reviews.  Later in the week my parents asked if we'd seen the King Arthur movie.  They raved about it.  A few days later some friends recommended it, then a neighbor, then a co-worker.......  The only reason we saw this movie was because of the phenomenal, awe-inspiring word of mouth recommendations we received.   The fate of a film should not be determined by poor marketing and a few critics that don't represent the overall population, but by viewer demand and popularity.  The ratings for this movie are incredibly positive and the fan base for a movie franchise is large enough to support the production of subsequent films.  We petition Warner Bros. to continue the King Arthur movie franchise; with Guy Ritchie as director and the same incredible cast. We ask that you improve your marketing strategies and promote any upcoming films in a manner that better represents them as the magnificent films they are and could be.  Continue the Legend!      

Kristen Reams
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