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Saving Parents from Wasting Money on Rated R Films for Kids; but Buy their Tickets Instead

As a couple of teenagers under the age of 17 want to head into a rated R movie, they are stopped with being asked if they can “show their ID,” which is a reasonable thing to ask for when it comes to movies with mature features. However, movie theatres have made life a little bit more complicated for parents who simply want to buy tickets for their children to see a rated R movie.  In most movie theatres across the United States of America, parents are unable to simply buy the tickets for their children, but are rather forced to actually attend the film with their children, which brings up a whole world of concern.  Adults in the workforce would rather do work and/or rest for their busy days rather than be forced to see a movie with their children and waste hard-earned money that could be spent on living expenses just to sleep in the theatre or waste hours of their time for content they are simply not interested in. Movie tickets are becoming rather expensive nowadays, and many parents have become fed up with the hassle of being forced to see a film they have no interest in going to only in order to let their children see it, even with the complete understanding of the mature aspects of the film. Though one may argue that anyone ages 21 and up can attend the film and parents do not have to, there are numerous teenagers who do not have older siblings or anyone older that they know in their lives who are willing to come support the movie with them. This petition calls out an alternative to the situation. This petition simply would call out that it would be much better if a parent could have the choice of either attending the film with their children or not. If they do not wish to attend the film, they must sign that they understand the specific thematic elements  listed (examples: graphic violence, sex, use of drugs, etc.) either online or in person at the box office to prove that their children are seeing the movie with parental permission. They can even be offered to watch the trailer just as a reminder of the overall context of the film. This nation lives in a time of understanding and significant progress. Let the movie theatre, a fun place to enjoy time with family, be the next place to do just that. By allowing parents to choose what’s best for their kids without making them waste money, Americans are only another step closer to freedom. 

Leah T.
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