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Petition to Warner Brothers, Viacom, Orange Sky Golden Harvest

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ('90) Special Edition

One the finest movies I've seen as a child was the first live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie released in March 1990. Fans enjoyed it and it amazed me to see their favorite superheroes come to life on the big screen then watched it several times on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray. Since I saw it on DVD, I kinda went curious on the features it has and no others were made for it, so I'm making this petition to ask the company to make a special collector's edition of TMNT (90) with features fans like to see: Deleted/alternate scenes Audio commentary with director Steve Barron TV spots Partners in Kryme "T-U-R-T-L-E Power" Music Video Hi Tek 3 f/ Ya Kid K "Spin That Wheel" Music Video Interviews with the cast & crew Behind the scenes footage Turtle Costume Tests Production Stills Remembering Jim Henson Misc. I know some fans like this movie better than the Michael Bay produced flicks, but who cares what they think? They're nice and this TMNT live-action flick from '90 is one of the best in my books. We all want that movie magic back in this decade, but we'll have to see it to believe it. From all I've learned, it does have elements from both the comics and the cartoon and I think it's very swell for fans like me or you no matter what they say or think around this decade. We all want to know how they've bring the Turtles to life in the first place whether in a special collector's edition, director's cut or extended cut of the movie anyway you'd like. Please sign this petition to get New Line/Warner Bros. to make this happen and we can't be disappointed as shellheads. Sign and share now, dudes and dudettes! #TMNT90

Alex Dillard
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Petition to Netflix, NBC, Warner Brothers, Hulu Plus, USA, CW

Warner Brothers, Netflix, NBC, CW, USA, Hulu, Amazon, Fans Love Chuck, and Want it Revived!

We, the undersigned, fans of the TV Show Chuck, spurred on by recent interviews done by Zachary Levi via @Hollywoodlife via @eonline &    Want Chuck revived either in 2 hour movies or Mini Seasons. Chuck was a very unique series, Not only was the Acting, Writing, Directing etc. Outstanding. Not only did it blend more genres then any other show, and equally well. But there was, and continues to be, a unique Loyalty among fans, that has continued to grow, in the over 3 years, since it was Cancelled. Thanks to social media & Netflix, Chuck fan base all over the world has grown & continues to do so! A good fit for #Chuck might be your own network, The CW. I did some research and found that Chucks worst season it averaged 4.25 million viewers which would have put it easily in 2nd place only to Flash from your 2014-2015 season! Air it and see your ratings grow! It would work well also on Netflix where the old episodes are creating new fans everyday and would be a great new addition to the growing number of original series on the site, plus it would give it a broad based PG audience show. Most Original shows on Netflix are either Mature for Adults or for little kids, so Chuck would give it a broad based audience. Or on NBC owned Cable Network, USA where it's style of show would make it a great fit! Chucksters fought successfully to keep Chuck on the air and will do so again! Thank you! 

ChuckVS TheMovie
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