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Petition to Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Victor Company of Japan, Ltd., Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox., Warner Bros. Picures, Sony Pictures, Disney , Universal Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer , SONY, Tristar pictures, Dreamworks , Panasonic Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Happy Madison Productions, Miramax , Focus Features LLC, Summit Entertainment, Walt Disney, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Touchstone Pictures, New Line Cinema Productions Inc., Spyglass Entertainment, Bob Iger, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Hasbro, Lucasfilm Ltd., Aardman Animations, Ltd., Gaumont Film Company, Castle Rock Entertainment, Blue Sky Studios, Inc., Fox Searchlight Pictures Inc., Imagine Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures, Davis Entertainment, Bad Robot Productions, Alcon Entertainment, Dimension Films, VIZ Media LLC, Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. JVC, 日本ビクター株式会社, Shout! Factory, Roadshow Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment /, MGM Home Entertainment, Lionsgate , Lionsgate Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment /, Funai Electric Co. Ltd. 船井電機株式会社, HMV Retail Ltd.

To Continue Releasing Movies & TV Shows On VHS Again

The only problem i can think about is that the VHS Tapes Media has been long forgotten and that movies since then have been released on the more current DVD's & Blu-Ray's & also 4K Ultra-HD's along with Digital HD's too, But the main problem in the Home Media Industry in my Opinion is that the VHS Media are no longer available in Stores & that they are not being sold along with the more Current DVD's & Blu-Ray's along with 4K Ultra-HD's & Digital HD's & i think they should be sold together with the Current 4 Movie Format Brands & if the VHS was included again we would have VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray & 4K Ultra-HD & also Digital HD as it should be but until i know that the companys who made the brand in the first place known as JVC would come to their senses and continue to produce video formats for movie studios & to continue releasing movies on VHS again & then & only then would my life be Fully Complete for accomplishing a petition of bringing back this Original Video Format back to the public to continue releasing movies on that Format again would be enough for me but until then i feel that Originalness in home media has not been Fully Completed but by 80% Complete due to DVD Blu-Ray & 4K Ultra-HD being currently, sold but as i said until then when VHS comes back, then & only then would movies being released would feel more Original like by 100% ;)   I would Definitely care so much for the VHS Format to come back again to the Home Media Market but since it is currently not. My Life for Collecting Movies in Home Media Format's feels Incomplete & my Accomplishment is to not only return the Video Format back to the Market but to also have Most of All Movies being Released on that particular Format & especially for having Disney Animated Feature Films to be Released on VHS again & also for having Pixar Animated Features to get caught up again with VHS Tape Release's And that would would make me Very Happy & hopefully for Everyone else who cares about them still very happy :) By that i mean that Movies made by the Walt Disney Animation Studios & Pixar Animation Studios to Release All their Films on VHS to make things feel Original when it comes to Buying Movies.

Johnathon B. Organization
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Petition to Warner Brothers

Base the fate of the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie franchise on viewer ratings!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a stunning, entertaining, action-packed, artistic, unique twist on an age old story.  Guy Ritchie and an amazing cast managed to turn the famous tale into something refreshing and new.  However, due to poor marketing, problems with the release date and negative critic reviews, the film failed to perform in the box office.  My husband and I are both movie lovers.  We go to movies regularly and anticipate the upcoming releases of films we are interested in.  One day we were walking through Walmart and we passed a King Arthur cardboard cutout.  I turned to my husband and asked him if he knew what it was for; maybe a new video game?  At that point the movie had already been released in theaters and neither my husband or I had heard anything about it.  We'd never seen anything promoting the movie, not even a single preview.  Shortly after, we came across a few negative critic reviews.  Later in the week my parents asked if we'd seen the King Arthur movie.  They raved about it.  A few days later some friends recommended it, then a neighbor, then a co-worker.......  The only reason we saw this movie was because of the phenomenal, awe-inspiring word of mouth recommendations we received.   The fate of a film should not be determined by poor marketing and a few critics that don't represent the overall population, but by viewer demand and popularity.  The ratings for this movie are incredibly positive and the fan base for a movie franchise is large enough to support the production of subsequent films.  We petition Warner Bros. to continue the King Arthur movie franchise; with Guy Ritchie as director and the same incredible cast. We ask that you improve your marketing strategies and promote any upcoming films in a manner that better represents them as the magnificent films they are and could be.  Continue the Legend!      

Kristen Reams
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Petition to Julian Lennon, Julia Baird, May Pang

Make new Beatle movie about John and Cynthia Lennon

Disclaimer: This petition is made by fans of Cynthia Lennon and The Beatles. We are not filmmakers, but simply fans with a dream we hope will come true. Thank you. There are some stories that are left untold. Some are forgotten, while others are ignored. In the case of Cynthia Lennon, her story has always been pushed to the side. For years, fans of Cynthia have wanted and waited for her story to be given the attention it deserves. For too long have her fans waited. Until now. The often under appreciated 1st wife of John Lennon was an amazing and brave human being. She experienced one of the greatest privileges: to be a firsthand eyewitness to the birth of the greatest rock n' roll band ever. For 10 years, she was the loving and loyal girlfriend/wife to the most beloved Beatle. She new him before he was a famous rockstar, and was close friends with the other Beatles during their Liverpool days. Although Yoko Ono is often seen as the important wife of John Lennon, Cynthia's role in John's life was just as important, perhaps more. She was his first love, the mother of his eldest son (Julian Lennon), and was close to every member of the band. She was there when they first formed. She was there when they made it big in America. She was there when St. Pepper was created. And it was her tragic breakup with John that lead to the creation of one of the bands most amazing hits, "Hey Jude".  In her autobiographical book, "John", Cynthia highlights pivotal events that happened in John's life, and allows us to see another side to the legendary musician. Unlike other writers, who only knew one side of John, Cynthia knew him better than anyone. In her book, we see both sides to the legend. He was a brilliant musician, but also a broken soul. He had a capacity to love, but also a capacity to hurt others deeply. Yet despite all the suffering she endured by his side, Cynthia never stopped loving John, even after their divorce and his eventual death. Her love for him surpassed whatever anger and hatred she could ever hold against him. This petition is to help make a dream become a reality. Many Cynthia Lennon fans (including myself) have wanted to see her story on the big screen. Many Beatle fans have waited for a proper movie about the beloved Liverpool band. By signing this petition, we can promote and make possible the chance for such a movie to exist. The Beatles are such an important part of culture and music, yet they've never been given a proper film that shows their impact. Cynthia's book is the perfect catalyst for such a movie.  My goal for this petition is to reach as many signatures as possible, and then send this petition into the hands of Julian Lennon, John and Cynthia Lennon's son. More than any other person, Julian has loved and honored his mother for her strength and devotion. To see that so many fans want his mother's story to be told would be very touching for him, and there is no other person who could make this dream a reality more than Julian.  Cynthia's story shares a message that The Beatles sang throughout their career: all you need is love. In her life, Cynthia loved John and she loved her son. Her love is what allowed her to see some of the most amazing events in music history, and her love gave her the strength to continue on with or without her husband. Her love was constant and unconditional, and it reflects the peace that John Lennon always shared to his fans. Please help spread that message of love, and help make Cynthia's story become more than a dream. Thank you! 

Andrea Lopez
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