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Petition to Warner Brothers

Make it clear to WB/DC that they need to stop giving early screenings to critics.

I know this petition probably won't do anything or even remotely stop the Marvelite critics from bashing the new DCEU films but honestly the behive nature of the critics with their pre-release swarm of reviews is really starting to drastically ruin the movie experience for fans. I had no desire to learn anything about Suicide Squad(movie I've been most excited about in years) until I actually saw the movie august 5th. I actively tried to avoid any news and yet I went on yahoo to check my email and boom there it was in my face headlines about the movie already being bashed to death by 'critics'. This honestly sucks, now I can't even go to the cinema and enjoy this movie free of any outside negative influences in my head. It feels like there's just a giant pitt in my stomach, as much as I'm trying to stay neutral and form my own opinion about the movie, I can't help but feel a dark cloud of negativity over my head telling me I should hate the movie and anything I might actually like will be nothing more than my "DC fan bias" rationalizing things. Smh, I get that critics have a job to do but this whole early reviews thing is becoming a very toxic popularity contest that is obliterating the natural process of what a opening weekend movie experience is supposed to be about for average moviegoers. If anything I just hope DC/WB takes this as a clear sign that they need to stop giving "early screenings" to critics at all. Seriously NO EARLY screenings to ANYONE. I get they do it because they hope for "good press" but honestly at this point they're just doing far more harm than good, so just stop it all together. Let everyone including critics see the movie for THE FIRST TIME during the official release date. That way fans can see the movie without any outside critic opinions influencing their experience and critics can see it without any opinions from their colleagues affecting their viewpoints. Everyone can see the movie for the first time at the same time and naturally form their own raw opinions without any outside influences. It's one thing to not like a movie but it just seems absurd to me how many subpar action movies there are out there with at least 50% ratings on rotten tomatoes yet BVS and Suicide Squad can even break 40%? Come on that's clearly a ridiculous over-exaggeration of negativity and further proof of how toxic critics are towards anything involving the new DCEU films. WB needs to shut down this early screenings for their DC films to professional critics nonsense. Don't let them see it a day early, don't let them see it an hour early, make them see it THE SAME TIME as everyone else. Please sign this and help me make this fact CLEAR to WB/DC.

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